He became a Muslim by becoming a member of the BJP and this was the reason why this decree came from the mosque.

Zahir Qureshi was a Muslim and even after being a Muslim, he was a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. To become a Muslim’s member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the radical maulanis of the mosque did not come to the notice of the mosque and a decree was issued against the BJP leader Zaheer Qureshi on behalf of the mosque. For the Zahir Qureshi, this decree issued by the mosque has said that he can not enter the mosque.

The case is from Vadodara of Gujarat, where a board is hanging at the gate of a mosque. They have not been allowed to enter the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Muslim leader Zaheer Qureshi. Police said that it is not clear at this moment that who has installed this board. This board was located at the gate of the mosque located in Yakutpura area of ​​Vadodara. It says that Zahir Qureshi, the minority leader of BJP state unit, is not allowed to enter the mosque as per the trustee’s order.

Police commissioner Anupam Singh Gehlot says that the police is investigating the matter that who has put this board here. Qureshi said that some people did not like to take part in one of their meetings with BJP’s Muslim leaders in Delhi. This meeting was called to resolve the Babri dispute. Following the incident, the trustees of Masjid issued a statement. He said that he will continue his efforts for social brotherhood and such orders do not make any difference to him.

7 years old rape done with innocent, killing again .. found dead on the mosque’s roof

On October 7, a body of a child was recovered on the roof of a mosque in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad, which has now been exposed to the sanyanje. The post-mortem report revealed that the body of the girl whose body was recovered from the mosque was first raped and then she was murdered.

The family of the girl lodged a case against Muradnagar police station against four people including local former councilor Ejaz Beg. Police arrested many places to catch the accused, but success has not been successful yet. Two days ago the kidney was abducted from the house itself. After which the family had registered a case of abduction in police. The 7-year-old girl who was living in Muradnagar and another class, had come out of the house on Saturday, but she did not return

After a long time the family members were looking for him, but they could not be found. The last time the girl was seen near a mosque in CCTV nearby. The kidnapping of the girl was given to the police. On Sunday morning when an employee of the mosque reached the roof of the religious place, he saw the child’s body. The baby was covered with a sack. Ghaziabad Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna inspected the opportunity-A-Wardat. They say that the affirmation of death from the child has come from the postmortem report

The girl was strangled and her face was also marked on the face. The girl has been murdered only after her misdeed. Families say that their neighbors have an old political rivalry. The victim’s family has registered a case of murder, kidnapping and rape against four brothers, Ejaz, Naushad, Injar and Afzal. Police Captain Vaibhav Krishna says that many teams are being raided in search of the accused. Also, action is being taken on the basis of evidence and post mortem report.

The father of the deceased girl says that a few years ago, the accused Naushad was standing for election for the post of councilor, but when the family did not vote, he began to feel hostile and had a fight even a few days back. The family alleged that there were those people behind this murder. Currently all the accused are absconding. Naushad is a councilor of the area and the rest are his brothers who live next to the victim’s family.

Imam was burnt alive in front of the mosque. No one else to burn … The sensation spread through the incident of burning the imam .

Once again, sensation has spread in all parts of the country when an Imam was burnt outside the mosque.

As long as someone could understand it, he got burnt to the Imam and went to the hospital. His death. The most sensational aspect in this case is that the attacker is not a man but a woman and he also came in the burqi Imam also talked for a while .. This shows that Imam was already familiar with women.

It may be known that sensation spread across the country at the time when an unknown Burqada woman in the Chennai city of Tamil Nadu killed the Imam by burning it with some flammable material. The police have not been able to recognize the woman till now. The incident occurred in office in front of the large mosque built in Triplicion area of Chennai. Police said that, when the Imam was praying on Monday evening at eight o’clock. Then there were five women, one of whom threw some liquid and set fire on the Imam.

After this the woman fled from there. In critical condition, the Imam was taken to the hospital. Where he died. The deceased’s name is Syed Fajruddin and his age was almost 60 years. They were imams of the large mosque. At around 8 o’clock in the night, the accused woman along with five women reached the office of Fajruddin, wearing a burqa. When other women were talking to Fajruddin, the accused woman threw a chemical on them and set on fire. After that he started running from there. During this, the friend of Imam tried to capture him, but he escaped.

Fazruddin was taken to a medical college hospital where he died after a few hours. The police said that after the prayers, Imam used to meet people every day in his office located on the High Road of Tripiliken. On Monday it was also meeting people like everyday. Only a substance was thrown at them and set on fire.

According to the police, the substance which was thrown over the imam was neither petrol nor kerosene. The doctor has not been able to find out even now. After this, the sample from Imam’s clothes and the spot has been sent to Forensic Lab for the test. 

What sold out? Sting operation was telling its rate, a sensational disclosure about the vote of Muslims

Many people in Bengal believe in their religious master …

You will be listening to its big things on TV It will give it to me, it will do it like I had given a great fame by giving statement. Sudarshan News showed all its exploits in one of its special shows

And now all those things are looking at a single tax stamp when a video of Maulana Barkati started to become viral which was made during a sting. In this video, she is telling her rate to go to a party. A video of Maulana Barkati, considered to be her master by many religious people, is coming out. In this video, he is telling his rate to vote for the party against whom he had announced a war on TV in a manner.

It is a party that the Bharatiya Janata Party and Maulana Barkati have definitely been considered as extremely special for Mamta Banerjee, who was also Imam of Tippu Sultan Masjid of Bengal. Many of its photos are also seen with Mamta Banerjee, but suddenly after its sting, they are now trying to get rid of all this and the question is arising that till now the parties who have voted this are the same Were from? They said, ‘The biggest Imam is money. The BJP has money.

The BJP has money. If he spends money in Bengal, you will see how the votes of Muslims go in favor of the BJP. Nothing comes in free. Maulana Barkati is saying in the sting, ‘Muslim votes can be changed with money. According to the report, Barkati is claiming that the feeling of Muslims in Bengal has changed. Inside the inside, people are beginning to love the BJP. In this sting, Barkati said that if the BJP gives five crore rupees, then it can arrange for five lakh Muslim votes.

Maulana Barkati further said that the BJP is targeting 22 seats in West Bengal. But I am telling that the BJP will win 28 seats in Bengal. If Muslims had not voted for Mamta in the last election, what would she have done? I will remove rallies of Muslims, if BJP gives me money. ‘ 

Terrorists Kill Police Constable Who Was Abducted In J&K, Shoot At Imam In Pulwama Mosque

Another brave son of the soil was abducted and killed in Jammu and Kashmir after terrorists abducted him in Kulgam

Imam of the mosque stolen from bullets in Kashmir
Terror is not a part of anybody, it is now proving itself as terrorism itself. While on one side they are killing patriotic Muslim soldiers, then now the same terrorists have started to target directly the imams of the mosques. This is the same Kashmir where the army and CRPF have been targeted for day-to-day attacks, 
Another brave son of the soil was abducted and killed in Jammu and Kashmir after terrorists abducted him in Kulgam. The deceased has been identified as constable Javaid Ahmad Dar, who was kidnapped on Thursday. 
Before this, in the Islamic terrorists’ Halamo, the Hindu community had left their home and settled and left the world. Now the local people are also coming here on target, in which the terrorists are victims of terrorism, a major of the South Kashmir Imam of the mosque, it should be known that in Pulwama, which is located in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kashmir, the terrorists have carried out a deadly attack on the Imam of the permanent Hanifiya mosque. 
The terrorists fired on Imam, after which they were admitted to the hospital in critical condition. According to the information, the Imam has got several bullets. After the incident the police is investigating the case. According to information received from the media sources, the miscreants have fired indiscriminately on the Maulvi Mohammad Ashraf, 45. Maulvi Ashraf is a resident of Bijbehada and he is employed as a Imam in Parigam’s Masjid. 
It is being told that both the legs of Maulvi Ashraf were foiled in both the legs of Maulvi and his condition severely started to deteriorate. Imam was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after getting the news. Given the condition of Imam, he has been admitted to Srinagar Hospital. Given the condition of Imam, he has been admitted to Srinagar Hospital. 
Following the incident, SSP Mohammad Alam Chowdhary of Pulwama said that the bullet has been shot on the foot of Maulvi, we are investigating the matter, the attackers will be arrested soon.