Pakistani Blogger Killed! …… for criticizing ISI ?

An Islamabad-based blogger and social media activist, Muhammad Bilal Khan, was killed on Sunday night.The 22-year-old Khan, who was with his uncle Ehtesham, was attacked, Khan was killed while his uncle was severely injured in the attack and is currently undergoing treatment.

Khan — who has over 16,000 followers on Twitter, over 48,000 on his YouTube channel and over 22,000 followers on Facebook — is known for criticizing ISI and the government.

The suspect used a dagger to murder Khan, said police, adding that the sound of firing was also heard from the area. Funeral prayers for Khan were offered in Abbottabad.

The late blogger’s phone is in police custody where the record is being accessed. Reacting to the incident the locals said that press freedom in pakistan is null and void if it is against the army and the ISI.

Deceased father however talking to media said my son’s “only fault was that he spoke about the the Prophet (PBUH) and his companions”, he added, saying he was proud of his son.

UP continues in the massacre of sadhus .. Another priest of the temple of Kosi Kalan, now targeted.

In Uttar Pradesh, Hindu priests, temple priests are not taking names of the massacre, and murders are being carried out in different manner from different parts of the state in the manner of Talibani, ISIS, in a brutal manner. This time the target is made of Yogeshwar Lord Sri Krishna’s town, Kosikal of Mathura, where a sensation spread in the area after receiving the body of a sadhu in a temple. The body of the monk went with a sharp weapon.

It appears to him that the killers killed him viciously. On receiving the information about the incident, the police arrived at the spot and took the body into the possession and sent it to the post-mortem. At the same time the case has been investigated. The mamala is situated in a gorgeous garden near the Gopal Nagar (railway line) of the Baldevgunj area. There is a temple in the garden there. In which there was a monk named Kamaldas alias Bhabbo for service worship.

Since Saturday morning people were coming like this everyday in this garden, but when Baba was not seen, people saw him in his cottage, where the body of a sadhu was lying in the blood. People informed the incident to the police. When the police arrived at the spot and looked inside the room, the sadhu was lying dead. The crooks struck with a sharp weapon on their body. Seeing the chance A waradat, it seems that the miscreants killed him with great ruthlessness. A knife has also been recovered from the spot.The reason behind the murder is not yet known. Police is investigating this incident. The people around are being questioned.

18 convicted of PAC in UP but 18 accused of murder of Sub Inspector Amit in Mamta-ruled Bengal were acquitted, he was leftist and his name was Sheikh Aleem, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul etc.

In the case of Meerut’s Hashimpura, 16 soldiers of PAC were sentenced to life imprisonment, so the so-called secular and intellectuals were bleeding. After the punishment was made to the PAC, it was said that this justice has happened, but no one tried to understand the feelings of the PAC soldiers. But now the court acquitted 15 people including Sheikh Alim, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul, who killed sub inspector Amit Chakraborty in Mamta-ruled Bengal.

When the police does his duty, the police are questioned and they get punished, like 16 PAC soldiers got it, but when the police are killed by the criminals, the killers of the policeman are acquitted, But why? According to the news, 18 assassinations of SI Amit Chakraborty, who were sacrificed in the attack by On Duty Leftists, were acquitted by the Siu District District Court. From the court verdict, the deceased SI wife’s wife Putul Chakraborty started crying in the court premises.

SI Amit Chakraborty’s wife said that the murder of her husband was not properly investigated. In connection with the incident, it is said that on December 3, 2014, after the information of the struggle between Trinamool and CPI (M) on 100 days of work in Auliya village of Dubrajpur police station of the district, the then SI Amit Chakraborty reached the spot with the force. During this time the criminals attacked them with a bomb. After being injured in the attack, he was admitted in a private hospital in Durgapur in critical condition.

Amit was killed on July 24, during treatment. The police, who took automatic cognizance, filed a charge against 48 people. Later, chargesheets were deposited in court in the name of 50 people. In the above case, the cases were filed against the other members including the then working president and leader of the Dinarajpur Panchayat Committee Sheikh Alim, Sheikh Ismail, Sheikh Abdul. A total of 21 people were arrested in the case.

During the hearing, two people died and one of them was sent to Juvenile Court as a minor. On Monday, the first Additional District and Divisional Judge of the Siouree District Court ruled 18 people guilty of the verdict. The government counsel told that the accused were acquitted by the court. The deceased police officer’s wife has questioned the investigation. The government counsel also said that the judge has said that the incident has not been properly and accurately investigated.


The massacre of Hindu sadhus is continuing … now the murder of another Mahant, which is a big issue on the society..

The Hindu sadhu, which has been released since last 4 months, is not taking the name of the temple massacre, and after one, the Hindu sadhus are being assassinated in different parts of the country in a ruthless manner. The repetition of the murders of sadhus from Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, has now been repeated in Yogeshwar’s birthplace, Mathura, where the martyrs of Hanuman temple were slaughtered in a cruel manner in the Taliban style.

According to the news, the miscreants of the Hanuman temple in the Chausdar Kosikalam village of Mathura strangled and killed them. In the morning the villagers were informed about the incident and the sensation spread in the village. When the villagers raged about the matter, then the CO calm the villagers by explaining them. Police sends dead body for post-mortem. On the night of Mahant Haridas, who had been serving the Hanuman temple in the village Chowdar, for the past several years, thugs slung and murdered them.

The marks are found on his throat. His dead body was found lying on the stairs of the temple complex. About fifty-year-old Mahant Haridas was a resident of Marab, a village in Tehsil Tappal of Aligarh district. According to the villagers, in the morning to reach the temple to worship the village, Mahant’s dead body was lying on Takht. After which the sensation spread from the incident. On the information of the villagers, the CO umbrella reached with Jagadish Kaliraman Force. The villagers there ruckled to find the killers. The CO explained to the villagers and asked for help in providing clues to reach the killers.He told that the marks were found on the throat of Mahant. He is strangled and murdered. The body has been sent for post-mortem. Action will be taken based on the report..

Dalit youth was frozen with bullets .. The Dalit youth who was nominated in the Muzaffarnagar riots..

Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh was attacked when two masked men riding a bike raided the Dalit Youth Ramdas accused of the Muzaffarnagar riots, shot and killed them in Uttar Pradesh. There was a riot in Kutba during the riots in Muzaffarnagar in 2013. Ramadas was also accused in it. The information of murder has stirred up the police administration. The SP arrived in the village along with police of several police stations and got information about the case. Panic in the area has spread from this sensational incident.

Let us tell you that Ramdas alias Kala, 42, son of village Kuttaba in Shahpur, Muzaffarnagar was sleeping in the courtyard of his house and his family had gone to the fields. Her three children were on the roof of Neha, Vishal and Tinku house. At the same time, the bike rider reached the house of Ramadas, two of the masked, one of whom went to the house and shot a gun at Ramdas’s sleeping in the verandah, which killed him on his spot.

After this, the assassin’s crew escaped from the start and started sitting on the bike. Upon hearing the bullet, three children on the roof came down and made Ramadas look loud and loud, then people were informed about the incident. On the information SP police arrived at the spot with Alok Sharma, CO Budhana Hariram Yadav Fugana and Bhorakalan police station and took information about the incident from the children. CO Hariram Yadav told that the incident has not been given to Tahrir till late evening. The police is investigating the incident. At the same time after the assassination of Dalit youth Ramdas, there has been a situation of tension in the area.



Anita was a very educated girl ..She taught a lot of moral education in the school  … so she dont mind any one views

Anita wrote a lot of education and was posted as a mercurial teacher in a government school and believed in humanity rather than religion. Then one day, in his life, the entry of a person named Nisar Ahmed, who got his name and his identity hidden by becoming a Hindu. Anita fell in love with her and both of them got married. After marriage, Anita came to know that her husband is not a Hindu but a Muslim and then one day Anita’s body was found.

The case is from Bishanpur of Gumla district of Jharkhand. According to the news, Nishar Ahmed, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, Azamgarh, who was trying to commit suicide by raping his wife, has been arrested by Bishnpur Police and sent to jail after presenting it in court. Anita Kumari, daughter of Nandlal Uraon resident of Chhipri village of Bishnapur block, married Nissar in her love affair and got married. Anita was a mercurial teacher in the village’s government school.

The police had recovered the body of Anita, hanging on the 10th of December 2016, hanging in the Karanj tree, located only a short distance from behind the house. In connection with the incident, the mother of the deceased, Mary Devi, lodged a nominated FIR by accusing Anita of suicide on her son-in-law Nisar Ahmed in Bishnpur police station. It is being told that Nisar had concealed his identity and married  to Anita by telling him as a Hindu.

There are two children from these two too. Mary, the mother of the deceased, told that Nissar had married Anita by telling her as a Hindu. Later, after seeing Nisar’s base card and voter ID, it was revealed that he is a Muslim and belongs to UP. Later Nissar used to assert Anita with a variety of charges and used to beat Anita and incite her to commit suicide. Anita’s ATM card also kept near Nissar. Whatever salary was given to Anita in the month Nissar only used to spend it. Nissar married Anita, three girls, and got married.

Neelam was shouted on her father and told him that – “Do you know what love is, if his name is Mohammed Haseen then therev is no any problem ..

When Parents were decided to marry about Neelam, then Neelam screamed that he would marry his own will. Neelam told his father that he loves Mohammed Haseen and will marry him. Neelam’s father explained him a lot but did not accept Neelam and said that you do not know the meaning of love. I will decide my life myself and I have decided that if I will marry then only Mohammed Haseen And then Neelam was married to Mohammad Haseen and now he has been murdered.

The matter is from Prayagraj of Uttar Pradesh, where Neelam Pushkar (28), who was living at Phaphmau-Soram Bypass Road, was killed. On Wednesday, the corpse of the woman was discovered in the rug of her room. The house was locked from the outside. When the neighbors reported the smell, the police took out the lock and broke the dead body. Neelam’s husband MO Hasin is absconding with two children. It is reported that after killing wife Neelam, she ran away locking. Since the corpse has been decayed, it is not clear now that how Neelam was killed.

Please tell that Neelam, daughter of Phaphamau resident Shambhu Pushkar, Hasin had a love match. On Wednesday evening, the house of Neelam was very stinking. When neighbors suspected, then the phaphamau police were informed. When the police broke the lock in the reach of the main gate, the corpse of sapphire wrapped in a blanket in the room was recovered. The zombies went to the road, there were insects in it. Neighbors had seen spouses six days ago. Since then, the house was locked. Sapphire has two children of six and eight years. Husband and child are missing..

Sauraon Police say that only after the post mortem of the body will be cleared. Husband is absconding for children, so the suspicion of murder is on him..

The patience of the policemen is broken … After the death of a woman soldier in Patna, the subordinates ran their own officers and ran away

Those policemen who started saluting their senior officers’ list till now, were attacking him today, they were beaten and beaten. The policemen who used to stand up on their officers yesterday, were punishing them in the hands of their staff and their senior officers. The incident is from Bihar’s capital, Patna where after the death of a female policeman’s dengue, a large number of policemen came on the road and started furiously accusing the officials of harassing them.

Tell that the policeman Savita Pathak died due to the disease of dengue. After Savita’s death, despite being suffering from dengue, the jawans started a ruckus, accusing them of not releasing them. The soldiers said that the duty was made even in the sick state, due to which Savita succumbed to death. The female jawan was originally from Siwan district. The angry female recruits firstly got the DSP of the police line. Targeted Masalehuddin. All entered their house and started ruckus.

Seeing this line DSP went to his office and tried to convince the soldier. He was still in the office that hundreds of soldiers and recruits were gathered there and started sabotage. Break TV, furniture and glass in the office. When the DSP looked back, the soldiers surrounded him and beat him with a stick. When the line DSP’s bodyguard Umesh and the other three saved him, he also suffered injuries. After this, the angry cops entered the house of Sargent Major Ashish Singh, located in the police line and started fury.

Rural SP Anand Kumar arrived on the spot as soon as news of the fire broke out in the police line. SP villagers were just talking about that new sepoys attacked them too. All of a sudden, hundreds of soldiers broke down on SP and beat them. As such, the SSP went inside the police line. They explained to the women constables. They were asked to give their demands in writing. Then, somewhere, the situation came in two o’clock in the afternoon.


13-year-old  girl was implicated in love jihad, Girl was killed

A sensational case of love jihad has emerged from the state of Assam in the North-East of Assam between the incidents of ever increasing love jihad, where Sajid promised to marry a minor Hindu girl and then killed her if she did not eat beef. According to reports from media sources, Sajid implicated the minor in the bluff of love. The minor’s dead came in his words but now in Guwahati, there is a corpse of a minor girl in suspicious circumstances.

At first it was believed that the matter is suicide, but as soon as the investigations were carried out, the matter of murder was revealed. On October 14, the body of the 13-year-old girl was recovered from Deepboal coast. Deepor Bail is located in the southwest of Guwahati City and is only a few kilometers away from the house of the boyfriend of the girl. There were deep marks of injury on the body of the girl. Initially it was believed that the girl has probably committed suicide, but as the investigation of the case progressed, the role of her boyfriend came to light. It is said that the girl was Hindu.She was in a relationship with a girl named Sajid Khan. He was troubling her for a long time.

It has been reported that Sajid forced the girl to eat beef. He wanted the girl to convert to Islam after accepting Islam but the girl did not eat beef, then Sajid raped her earlier and later murdered him. People say that Sajid and his family made plans and killed him and made a form of suicide.


Taliban and ISIS also tremble in the brutal manner of killings committed by Shamsuddin of Kushinagar

Shamsuddin killed his wife by  acid in Samra village. The family members of Shamsuddin also supported him in this plan. After the police, the police sent the body to the post-mortem. Only after the PM report comes the reason for the death of a married woman is clear. After that the police is talking about further action. At the same time, the maternal ones of the deceased say that brother in law of the deceased had a strong intention and had also abused her several times.

25-year-old Nuri Halima was the youngest of Abbas’s two sons and two daughters resident of Mhowoli village in Kushinagar Kotwali police station area. In September 2017, Padrauna was in the Kotwali area only with Samra Bazar Samasuddin. The wife of the deceased, Rukhsana wife Zaheeruddin, has alleged that only after the death of her husband Nouri Halima, she used to beat only for the sake of husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Because of repeated persecution, she also came to the maternal home many times

It is alleged that on October 24, the people of Nuruli Halima’s lawsuit forced her into acid. After that, they reported on the phone in the afternoon. When he reached Gorakhpur Medical College with family members, the doctor referred him to PGI. On his way to Lucknow, he died on the way. He also feared that the in-laws were preparing to burial without postmortem

Rukhsana’s complaint was found in the post mortem house, cousin of Nuri Halima, Irshad Alam, Maternal uncle  Manjar Ali, Uncle Amiruddin and maternal  brother Sarfraj Ahmed also said. These people also told Nuruli Halima to forcibly acid the thing and take her life. It is alleged that in the dowry, there was a demand of one lakh rupees cash, a bike and a gold chain, while Nuri Halima’s brother-in-law was wrongly seen. SSI Jagmohan Rai said that the death of Nuri Halima is being reported due to drinking acid due to the use of toilets cleaning .In the post-mortem report, the reason for death will be clear and further action will be taken.