National Investigation Agency Bill Got Approval in Lok Sabha

Giving more power to the National Investigation Agency, today in Lok Sabha National Investigation Agency Bill was approved to tackle the terror cases in India as well as abroad.

this would allow NIA not only to probe cyber crimes and human trafficking but also will allow the NIA to designate an individual suspected to have terror links as a terrorist under the amendment to schedule 4 of the UAPA, before which the only organisations were designated as ‘terrorist organisations’.

After the Mumbai terror attack that killed around 66 lives the NIA was founded in 2009, but due to the lack of certain powers were unable to function properly or independently, until 2017 when the Union Home Ministry have been  considering the two laws to give more power to the NIA to interact with raw challenges,

While presenting the bill Amit Shah in the Lok Sabha addressed that the Modi Government would not misuse this law at any cost neither would use to target other religion, he also ensure that the terrorism will be finished irrespective to the religion of the accused. He also accused the Congress-led UPA government for repealing the anti-terror act POTA as to allegedly misuse and save its vote bank.

Intelligence agencies look at those who attended the meeting, called ‘Darshe-E-Quran’ … after what is being taught there?

In order to spread panic in the name of religion, Islamic fundamentalists are adopting new methods in order to create slaughter. By doing regular meetings, by giving coaching in a way, terrorism is spreading religious fanaticism. The Darsh-e-Qur’an and Al-Ehidid, a banned outfit, organized a series of meetings to blast Hindustan. The information about the involvement of the youth in them has led to the sleeping of intelligence agencies.

In the meetings of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 35 Muslim youth have participated in their meetings. The country’s security agency is conducting confidential monitoring of each of its strides. The technology has been used for scribbling. Scanning of every foot print is being done. There are such youths on radar who are doing technical studies and have attended three meetings of Dar-e-Quran. Prior to this, people trained from the meetings of Dar-e-Quran are associated with Islamic militant groups and have tried to create a catastrophe in India.

Founder of Indian Mujahideen (IM) Abu Faizal was a medical student in Indore. Due to attending the meeting of the Dar-e-Qur’an, Abu Faisal was arrested as a SIMI terrorist. After getting bail, Abu created the Terror Group IM. It looted the bank with bomb blasts in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Orissa, UP and MP. The meetings of al-‘A-hadid’s meetings in Ratlam followed and Imran set up the Terror group of ISS along with Al-Sufah. Hindu leaders murdered leaders of organizations

The Delhi IB team made Imran’s confidential statement and detained members of the Terror group. Ehateam Siddi of Mumbai set up a SIMI network in Malwa. Meetings took place in Indore, Ujjain, Khandwa and made a train blast in Mumbai. Now once again the religious fanatics are holding these meetings, then the ears of the security agencies have stood.


The funding of the terrorists was made in India, the mosque …

NIA discloses From time to time, not only are these voices rising, but there is evidence that terrorism is being promoted under the guise of mosque and madarsas. It is said that mosques and madarsas are made for training, they are made for worship but nothing happens that the mosque and the madarsas come under the scope of doubt.

The suspicion is that terrorist organizations have some hands behind some madarsas and mosques. The allegation is that the money belonging to the terror organizations of these terror organizations is being constructed in the construction of madarsas and mosques, and the country is being pushed into a fire of destruction. Why do not they go from there to terrorists like Mannan when he taught around Lesson of Jankir Terror

The allegations of promoting terror from the mosque proved right when National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught a mosque in the country that was made from money from terrorists. This mosque is being constructed in the Palwal district of Haryana. A mosque named Merkaj is being constructed from the terrorist fund in Utahabad village in Palwal of Haryana. To whom the village named Utah, a youth named Utah, has been arrested by a team of Indian Intelligence Agency (NIA). The original residence of the arrested youth is Utwad village of Mewati area of ​​Palwal district.

The accused accused Marakj Masjid comes to Utwad every Friday. NIA officials are interrogating about the amount of crores of rupees in the construction of the mosque. Two other people have been arrested in this case. Who is mounting #Tausif and #AbdulNaeem for whom #NIA has wandered? And yes any of the terror …. According to NIA sources, Salman was arrested from his residence in Delhi.

Salman was brought to the mosque being built in the village, where information about the money was being deposited in the mosque. It is being said that the money coming from abroad has been spent in the construction of the mosque, that money came from the Arab countries, which is a violation of the rules of the government. The NIA has arrested two other people along with Salman and is associated with their Terror Funding and one is also involved in the involvement of Pakistani nationals.


By showing the world, Gauri was shedding for Lankesh and Kumburgi tears but behind the back were preparing for the killing of Modi

Know who are the fake human rights who were plotting to kill the prime minister.

These are the same people who had created a climate with great tears on the death of Kumburgi, Gauri Lankesh and Dabholkar and gave the country a new word intolerance which became a national issue rather than a national issue.

No one thought that their face was only for show and inside it was going on in any such big plan which not only the country but shook the whole world .. On the target were the world’s top popular leaders One of the Prime Ministers of India, Shri Narendra Modi … their conspiracy had been successful so long, even if there was a lot of relaxation in the security arrangements .. the most ego thing is that The Maoists used to call themselves human rights activists but were focused on only one task

These works included open support of Naxalites and legal action against the soldiers of the country etc. Now the same has come in the clutches of the law, along with the whole evidence. Maharashtra Police has accused Maoist ideologue Varvar Rao of allegedly involved in the conspiracy to kill PM Narendra Modi. Varwar Rao’s family members gave this information.

Pune police had recovered a letter mentioning the conspiracy of killing Modi in a house of five people allegedly allegedly involved in five people in June. These five people were arrested in the case related to Bhima Koregaon violence. To mention the need for eight crore rupees to buy an M-4 rifle and four lakh cycle cartridges to execute the plot. It is being said that Varwar Rao’s name is included in this letter. It is mentioned in the letter that the Maoists are planning a ‘another Rajiv Gandhi assassination’.

Although he accepted acceptance of the identity of Surendra Gadlingling and Wilson. “Rao had said while cleansing,” I do not deny being identified by those who have been arrested by Pune Police. ” Other arrests have been done by Gautam Navlakha, who has been working as a consultant editor in English magazine Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) I saw cases of mud fluttering often.

He has also been deeply involved with Kashmir and Navlakha has also worked as Secretary of the PUDR and also has worked as the Convenor of the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir. In their work, most of the soldiers were called bad and the criminals were lobbying with the terrorists and Naxalites.

Apart from this, Sudha Bhardwaj, who called herself a human rights activist, was detained from Faridabad

The team of the Maharashtra Police presented him in a permanent court. The court also approved transit remand for the police as Sudhardh Bhardwaj was taken to Maharashtra. The raid was carried out at Sudhar Bhardwaj’s house in Badarpur. Her daughter Anur Bhardwaj has also been detained. Naxal love can also be seen in these words. In this case Arun Ferreira has also been arrested from Pune.

Another so-called activist Vernon Gonzalvis has also been arrested from Mumbai. At the same time, the Steen Swagami has been arrested from Ranchi. In Goa, activist Anand Telutumbattade’s house was also raided, but his arrest has not yet taken place. Being told that Anand is not currently in Goa. 

The nation getting infected … 2 ISIS terrorists arrested in Hyderabad. On August 15 there is the program of Suresh Chavanke ji

The terrorists were going to execute the big event …

Sometimes Rohingya is a Bangladeshi intruder. There is also a class in the Hindustan which stands in support of these havoc hollowing the country. This is the reason that these jihadi frenzied invasions are growing steadily and they are infecting Hindus. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested two suspected terrorists operating from Hyderabad, ISIS.

Let us know that on August 15 in Hyderabad, there is also the program of Sudarshan TV Chairman Shri Suresh Chavankeji. In this way, arrests of two ISIS terrorists in Hyderabad raises big questions because after the information about the program of Mr. Suresh ji, it was tweeted with Owaisi’s Twitter Twitter handle that Suresh ji was not allowed to come to Hyderabad.

According to the information, one of the arrested terrorists has been identified as 24-year-old Mohammad Abdullah Basit, who is a computer diploma holder. At the same time, the name of the other is being described as Abdul Kadir, 19. Both are residents of Hyderabad. According to the NIA, bombs were recovered from Bashat near the place. The accused was about to make a bomb and carry out the terror strike in the country.

The senior officer of the NIA said that the accused were involved in terrorist activities. According to the information, Basit was ready to go to the ISI base in 2016, but this plan could not succeed. The investigating agency had received information that Abdullah Basit and Adnan Hassan are constantly in touch with each other.

And are plotting to carry out the terror strike at the behest of ISIS. Explain that Adnan Hassan was arrested in 2016 for the recruitment and training of Indian Muslim youths for ISIS. Since then, the case is going on till now.