Tripura also spoke after Assam- “We need freedom from the Bangladeshi infiltrators”

After the release of NRC draft in Assam, even though opposition political parties have launched an attack, most of the country has supported it, and many states have demanded to issue NRC. One such state has demanded independence from the Bangladeshi infiltrators, where the Left has been ruled by the government for a long time and recently there has been the Government of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

We are talking about Tripura where the local people have demanded to issue NRC in the state. According to the news, a delegation led by Vijay Kumar Harkhwal, President of the Indian Nationalist Party (INPT) of Tripura met the Union Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh in the North Block of the country’s capital, Delhi and requested the NRC to be implemented in the state. He claimed that the Home Minister assured the delegation that the Center would consider their demand.

Mr. Harkhwal said that he told the Home Minister that like in Assam, too many foreigners are living illegally in Tripura and they are being traced back to their country. The AAIPT had said just a few days ago that it is considering filing petition in the Supreme Court regarding this issue. It is notable that the Center has drafted the National Citizen Register in Assam. After finalizing this, the foreigners who are living illegally will be identified and sent back to their country.


Baba Ramdev ji talks about the mind of the country … Rohingya and Bangladeshi do not run away if this is going to happen in India Speak country

Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

After the release of the Assam NRC, the world famous Yogguru Swamy Ramdev has also made his statement about the illegal intruders living in the country among the political hoodlums.

Having heard such a statement, the nationalists have jumped with joy and are supporting Swami Ramdev in one note. Swamy Ramdev said that if any illegal intruders belong to any country they should be deported from the country, otherwise they will make 10 and Kashmir full of problems. He has said that people from Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

It is known that a big campaign is being organized in Assam with illegal Bangladeshi people. In the draft of National Register Citizens (NRC), about 40 lakh people have been declared illegal. However, these people have a chance to prove their citizenship and have been given a chance. Swamy Ramdev said that such people should be banished from the country as soon as possible, otherwise they will create 10 more Kashmirs.

He said that it is difficult for the government to handle a Kashmir and if these illegal intruders are not stopped then such 10 Kashmiris will be ready and at that time it will be in a very dangerous situation, it is easy to see the prevailing situation in Kashmir. can go. Swamy Ramdev said that Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators are foreign nationals and they camped in India.

They say that if Rohingya is settled here, ten more Kashmiris will be ready in India. Yogguru Ramdev said that around 4 crore people are living illegally throughout the country. Baba Ramdev said that whether he is a Bangladeshi, a Pakistani or a Rohingya, illegal immigrants have always created a major threat to India’s security.

And in that sense all of them should be banished because in the guise of humanity, we can not accept the unity, integrity and security of the country. Baba Ramdev said that the controversy started in Assam with regard to the NRC issue is not taking the name. Some people are saying it in the national interest, then politics of some votes is in agreement. He said that three to four crore foreign nationals are living illegally in India who must be carried out outside the country. 

The name of the central power that raised the voice for the first time for the Bangladeshi Hindus was made by Shri Amit Sah. The Divya, which was heard by the Bangladeshi Hindus

Know what the BJP President said.

After the Assam NRC was released, Rajya Sabha MP and Bhartiya Janta Party President Amit Shah has made a big statement in the midst of the scandal surrounding the Bangladeshi intruders.

Amit Shah has said that after the release of the NRC, they want to clear that no Bangladeshi Muslim intruders will not allow the country to stay in the country but it also clears that there is no need to worry about Bangladeshi Hindus because of their respect They will also be given citizenship. BJP President Amit Shah said without any hesitation that we will not allow Bangladeshi intruders to stay in the country, but give full respect to the Hindus who are refugees.

So there is no need to panic about the Hindu refugees with NRC. This statement of BJP President Amit Shah came during a meeting of BJP Working Committee in Uttar Pradesh. Tell us that the BJP Working Committee meeting is held in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh’s largest sub-continent, for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. BJP’s national president Amit Shah, who reached the meeting on Sunday, has promised party leaders to win one seat more than the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Shah told the state party leaders that there is no need to panic with the alliance. You take the plans of Modi and Yogi Government among the masses. BJP President Amit Shah called NRC an issue related to the security of the country and said that the issue of NRC and intruders is not an agenda of BJP but it is an issue related to the security of the country. The BJP’s agenda can not be messed up with the security of the country. Amit Shah said, ‘After all, why did the Congress mark the intruders so long?

We have shown courage to mark the intruders and will take steps to send them back. ‘ He also claimed that the name of any Indian in the NRC will not be left. But also said that Bangladeshi Muslims will not be allowed to remain and Hindus will not be allowed to suffer any problems. 

BJP raised the demand of NRC in Delhi .. Bid- “Ration cards are being made by illegal intruders” stamped on Sudarshan’s claims

NRC seeking full country after Assam NRC ..

After the release of NRC draft in Assam, where the country’s politics is overheated and due to the policies of appeasement, all political parties including Congress and Trinamool are protesting against the NRC in support of the Bangladeshi intruders.

Meanwhile, there is a demand for enforcing the NRC in the national capital of Delhi and it has been said that many Bangladeshi dwellers are living illegally in Delhi and they have a base card and ration card, and the demand has been raised by the BJP. It is known that Sudarshan has always been telling not only to his audience but to the whole country that the Bangladeshi intruders are infecting the national capital and he also has a ration card. Now BJP has stamped on Sudarshan’s claims.

Opposition leader Vijendra Gupta in Delhi Assembly on Monday accused the Arvind Kejriwal government of being a serious threat to illegal Bangladeshi indigenous India, while the Aam Aadmi Party is pursuing a stand against the Center on NRC issue and He is opposing the National Citizen Register which is mess with the security of the country. Vijendra Gupta said that he has demanded discussion on this issue in the assembly under the Dhamnaracharan proposal.

They want the government to pass an offer on this issue. They check illegal ration cards and start the process of expelling illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators from Delhi. Let us know that a five-day session of Delhi Assembly has started from Monday. These issues are being considered to be a confrontation between the government and the opposition. Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly, Vijender Gupta said that the Delhi Police sent 945 illegal Bangladeshi nationals out of the country this year

Recently, an illegal Bangladeshi citizen caught in the state of Uttar Pradesh admitted that there was a connection with one of the terrorist organizations. The Bangladeshi infiltrators also accepted that they used to do ration cards of Bangladeshi intruders, form Aadhar card . When all the government agencies are saying that the most important destination of Bangladesh’s infiltrators in India is Delhi and West Bengal, how can the Kejriwal government refuse this?

He said that the support of the Aam Aadmi Party is with the infiltrators, hence its leaders are opposing the NRC. He said that a large part of Delhi’s crime is an intruder coming from Bangladesh. Delhi Police figures prove this, even then the government is defending illegal Bangladeshi intruders. He said that on average, hundreds of Bangladeshi people are coming to Delhi everyday, that should be tried to stop and the Kejriwal government should also issue an NRC draft in Delhi. 

Challenges to the nation’s power to challenge illegal Bangladeshi people … – “The case of the suspected Bangladeshi case will be fought in the Supreme Court”

He had always cried the cry of poverty .. Suddenly this much resource

For the internal problems of the country, even though they have not raised their voices, but suddenly all of them have become one, they have given a beggar for the suspected Rohingya and Bangla Desai and they have not been allowed to leave the country in any case. is . The so called secular politicians used to attend their meetings and in the party of ‘Iftar’, but this is not being proved as secular in any form by this work.

It is to be known that along with Hindu society, a Muslim organization, notorious for many statements against Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath has directly opposed the government, has rejected the Tal and the current NRC list at the end. Legislative citizens in Assam For the identity of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), the names of more than 4 million citizens were not included in the list, the national president of the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, Maulana Sai

Madani has said in open words that in such a large number, people’s names do not show any big conspiracy somewhere. While giving open statements to the conniving Bangladeshi, the Jamiat has said that the names of the people Their case will be fought. If needed, then the Supreme Court door will be knocked for it.

Talking to reporters at his residence on Monday, Maulana Arshad Madani said that the names of 40 lakh people of Assam are left in the list of NRC, which is a large number, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind has always fought in this matter and This fight will continue even further. 

In the NRC case itself, the statement of Mulayam Singh’s daughter-in-law, nationalist and shocked Akhilesh

Assam is busy with NRC Political gossip

After the release of the National Citizen’s Registrar (NRC) in Assam, the politics of the country has been heated and the opposition is fully attacking the central government with this matter. Somebody is telling the conspiracy of the BJP government against Muslims, then the Chief Minister like Mamata Banerjee is threatening the murder of the civil war, civil war. Meanwhile, the SP’s patron and former UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav’s daughter-in-law has made a statement about the NRC, which has surprised the Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav,

Meanwhile, the NCP public applauded the statement of Mulayam’s daughter-in-law. Among the political assaults on the NRC, daughter-in-law of Mulayam Singh Yadav and SP leader Aparna Yadav, while giving a statement on the NRC, said that those who are legally living in the country There are no problems with them. But, those who are living in India incorrectly, they have all the problems.

Aparna Yadav said that Mamata Banerjee should not support the immigrants living in the country illegally in relation to Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC protesting against it.

They should consider this matter as this matter is not related to politics, but it is a matter related to the security of the country. Aparna Yadav said that all politicians including Mamata should think that politics can not be bigger than the country.

Humanity is its place but the security, unity and integrity of the country is in its place and illegal intruders are a big problem for the country. Let us tell you that Aparna’s statement is different from the statement of party chief Akhilesh Yadav. Akhilesh Yadav tweeted yesterday about the NRC case, in which he had said, “The spirit of accepting everyone, the tolerance and the Vasudhaiva family are the basic values of our culture.

That is why we should make a decision after understanding the human aspect on the issue of citizenship, but neither should it be a compromise with national security nor any narrow political thinking or trivial goal. “With this statement, where Akhilesh Yadav opposes the NRC Aparna Yadav showed Akhilesh Yadav a mirror by giving statement in support of the NRC. 

India is already full of Muslims, need not take it from abroad – Taslima Nasreen

Taslima raised the so-called secularism in the dockyard.

If truth is to see the secularism, then one can see here when a Muslim woman who is born in Baglagadesh is trying to protect India and protect her that protects her.

Some of them are called controversial writers, some are anti-Islam. But what they said touched the hearts of many nationalists. This is the time when many intellectuals in the name of so-called secularism are appealing to open India’s boundaries for Bangladeshi and Rohingya. Knowing the country’s mind, the noted writer Taslima Nasreen has placed her opinion on the issue of the NRC.

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has targeted NRC herself on the issue of secularism, Mamata Banerjee, who has made great advocates in the present time of secularism. Taslima said that there are already so many Muslims in India who can not be considered sufficiently enough, in this environment, it is no longer required by Muslims in neighboring countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh and other Muslims. Not only that they themselves also attacked Mamta Banerjee for not allowing permission to enter West Bengal.

Taslima tweeted, “There is no sympathy for all the homeless Bangla speakers inside Mamta. If they were inside them they would have been there for me and they would have allowed me to come to West Bengal. “It was good to see that Mamata Banerjee has so much sympathy for those who speak 40 lakh Bengali people. He has even said that he will give asylum to the people who will be expelled from Assam. Where was his sympathy when his opponent party made me out of West Bengal. 

On the issue of Bangladeshi Mamata started in the party. 3. Kadavar leaders left the party and said – “nation first”

The rebellion in his own party against the threat of civil war against Mamta.

Trinamool Congress chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s own party, which has threatened to kill blood due to the love of Bangladeshi infiltrators and civil war in the country, has started boasting about Bangladeshi intruders.

On one hand, Mamata Banerjee has come out against the Modi government about the Bangladeshi intruders and threatens to smash the country, bloodshed, and on the other hand, Mamata’s party has begun to rebel against them and three key leaders of Trinamool Congress The party has said that the nation is the first for them. Among those who left the party included the Assam Trinamool Congress President.

According to the news, Assam’s TMC chief Dipen Pathak has resigned from his post. For his resignation, Dipen has blamed Mamata Banerjee, the national president of his own party. He alleged that Mamata Banerjee was spoiling the country’s atmosphere on the issue of NCR, while nothing in reality is the same. He said that this is the first draft of NRC and people are given the full time to register their names.

Dipen Pathak says that for them Mamata Banerjee or Trinamool Congress, but Hindustan matters, that nation will be the first to assume. Dipen Pathak said that the kind of statements the West Bengal Chief Minister is giving to him can cause tension between people of Bengali and Assam who live in Assam. Their years of old relations can be sour. He said that fluttering with the security of the country is not justified for politics but Mamta Banerjee’s statement is going to give the country a fight among the people.

While resigning from his post, Dipen told the media, “Mamta Banerjee is saying that NRC has been introduced to evict Bengali from Assam. I do not agree with this. Because the NRC itself is an ancient tribe of Assam, the names of those people are also excluded. But the government is issuing the form again from August 7th. People can appeal again on 30th. There is no need to attack before that.

Because of this, the atmosphere of Assam can be bad. Apart from Assam TMC chief Deepan Pathak, Digant Saikia and Pradeep Pachoni also left the party. These leaders have said that Mamata Banerjee does not know the real truth of the NRC. He has condemned NRC without any information. Diganta Saikia said that there is a great difference in what Mamata Banerjee is saying and the ground reality of Assam. 

Let us power Bengalis people , will also be freed from the Bangladeshis — BJP

An Assam NRC draft is a going to be a big issue

After the draft of Assam NRC’s draft, where all the opposition parties are attackers on the Modi government and the Bharatiya Janata Party, the BJP is feeling uneasy. After Assam, the Bharatiya Janata Party has declared that if the people of West Bengal assign them the power of the state, then NRC will be implemented in Bengal and Bengal will be forced to flee from Bengal. The BJP says that humanity is in its place but under the guise of this humanity can not be played with the security, unity and integrity of the country.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s West Bengal state president Dilip Ghosh said that if his party comes to power in the state, then in the state like Assam, a national citizen register will be issued. In support of the release of the entire draft of NRC in Assam, he said that some leaders are shedding “Ghadiali tears” because they fear of the end of their ‘vote bank’ politics.

It should be known that the last draft of the much anticipated National Citizen Register (NRC) in Assam was released on Monday. Assam is the only state in the country where the NRC has been issued, in which 28.8 million applicants from the North-East state have 2.8 million people. BJP leader Dilip Ghosh said, “If BJP comes to power in West Bengal, we will implement NRC in the state too.

We will send back the illegal citizens to Bangladesh. There are hard times coming. We will not tolerate any illegal immigrant in West Bengal. ” He said those who support the illegal migrants will also be expelled from the country. Ghosh said, “NRC has been implemented in Assam in compliance with Supreme Court order. It was the Congress which introduced the idea of NRC. Now they are speaking against it. ‘

He said, “Those people whose names are not in the final draft can appeal for amendment, but we will not compromise on the security and integrity of the country and illegal intruders will have to go.” 

All the so-called secular parties remained silent on the threat of Mamata Banerjee’s civil war .. Only then Amit Shah and this reply

Bangladeshi infiltrators love to fight civil war in India: Mamta

After the release of NRC draft of Assam, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been frustrated. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee lost consciousness in the National Register of Citizen (NRC) in Assam and did not name the names of about 40 lakh people, she lost consciousness in the attack on the BJP government and threatened civil war. Mamata Banerjee said that ‘BJP is trying to divide people. It can not be tolerated. If the BJP implemented the NRC, it would become a civil war in the country, there would be bloodshed, gruesome bloodshed

After threatening Mamta Banerjee to blame Bharatmata’s zenith, after the threat of Civil War, where the whole country is questioning Mamta Banerjee, but not a single political party in the country did not have the courage to take it to Mamta Banerjee’s explanation, to a question After all, how can he talk about pushing the country into a civil war? When all the parties were giving silent support to Mamata Banerjee’s threat of bloodshed in the country, at that time she came face to face with Mamta, which often comes.

We are talking about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Following the threat of Mamata Banerjee of the civil war in India, BJP President Amit Shah has given a reproof to Mamta Banerjee. On the civil war, Mamata Banerjee, National President of Bharatiya Janata Party, Amit Shah, expressed her heartfelt condolences and said that Hindustan is seeing the real face of Mamta Banerjee in which she is threatening to loot the holy Bharat due to the Bangladeshi infiltrators are there.

The BJP President said that Hindustan pieces have already been done in the name of religion and once again Mamata Banerjee is threatening the same. Amit Shah said that the nefarious plans of Mamta Banerjee will never be successful.