The brave lady of Assam has given a felicitation to Kasim Ali that sentence that she will shout after hearing the rape word .

You will also salute the woman’s shouting For Cassim Ali, women were just a toy, the object of was indulgence .

Qasim Ali was suffering from such thinking that he believed that women are only meant to extinguish the fire of men’s lust.

On that day, Qasim Ali thought of this and went blind in his hunger and went to his house to rape the woman and forcibly raped. But the woman sensed her nefarious intentions and sentenced the rapist Qasim Ali to such a punishment that whoever left the same point remained silent. The woman cut off the cloak of Qasim Ali.

The incident has been done by Daria Bhatiya near the Chandrava area of Nagaon district of Assam. According to the information, Bahashi Darinda Qasim Ali entered the house of the victim when he was alone.

Taking advantage of this situation, Qasim Ali tried to rape the woman. The woman did not want to save herself, but on the head of Qasim Ali, she sat on the ghost of the house and she was determined to rape the woman in any situation. After this, the woman punished him that now Cassim Ali will shudder after hearing the rape words. The woman said that Qasim Ali! You think women are toy, neither is it okay,

After today your life will be replaced by a toy and after today you will not even think of raping any woman. After this, the woman pushed Kasim Ali and cut the Qasim Ali’s private party into self defense with the weapons used in the house.

After listening to the loud noise, local people came to save the woman and grabbed the accused and handed over to the police. Later the police reached the spot and handled the situation.

The accused is currently undergoing treatment at Nagaon Civil Hospital. The person who heard this incident praised the woman’s zeal and saluted the woman.