Islamist Conservatives in Pakistan opposing Maharaja Ranjit’s Statue

Pakistan, on the death anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh the legendary Sikh emperor who ruled Punjab around four decades from 1801-39, unveils 8 foot statue of him at Mai Jindan Haveli, which was made for her youngest wife. The Pakistani government took 8 months to complete the 8 foot statue that weights around 250-330 kg. Despite of this generosity many Islamist conservatives are opposing the statue and are not happy which have unfortunately bound the Pakistani government to construct grills around the statue. Is this really make sense? a statue is made to represent the dignity of a person, to showcase it’s historical achievements, and if the statue would have to surround around grills then what is the purpose of making the statue if one can’t give respect.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was born on Nov 13, 1780 Gujranwala, now in Pakistan,also known as “The Lion Of Punjab” when he successfully overthrew Misis from his provinces. His army was the most upgraded and well equipped as he uses the western as well as the Indian traditional methods of weapons, techniques and method to combat. During the second Anglo Sikh war in the Chillianwala, region his army killed the maximum number of British soldiers every recorded in the history of India.

General Bajwa : Pakistan Army doing best to eliminate Terrorism !

“Pakistan doing its best to fight”, says General Bajwa.

Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa while speaking at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London recently said that the country is using all its resources to eliminate terrorism from its soil and is moving towards attaining sustainable peace and stability.

He further said,”We are doing our best, utilising all available sources to wipe out the enemies of peace and prosperity. It is a fact that peace and stability in South Asia was dependent on the resolution of conflicts and disputes in the region”.

General Bajwa appealed that all nations must cooperate with each other to fight terror. While speaking at the event he said, neighbouring nations must come forward and cooperate with each other. We have suffered a lot in the past.

To a surprise, Army Chief General’s comments came a day after the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) directed his country to “swiftly” complete its action plan to curb terror financing within October or face the consequences. For those who dont’t know China helped Pakistan and protected it from FATF ban.

The Muslim population increasing rapidly on Indian borders from Pakistan. More or less the same is also on the Nepal border.

The Muslim population is increasing at the Indian border due to Pakistan, and religious fundamentalism has increased in these border areas very fast. We are not saying this, but this thing has come out in the research of the country’s security BSF. With the growing Muslim population in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan adjacent to the Pakistan border, the worry of the Border Security Force (BSF) has increased due to increasing fundamentalism. According to this report of the BSF, the population of Muslims has not only increased in the area, but with Arabic culture being dominated there has been a lot of fanaticism.

The BSF has also sent this report to the Union Home Ministry. In this study of BSF, it has also been revealed that religious fanaticism has increased at a rapid pace among Muslims of these areas. Now the Muslims here have started giving special attention to Arab traditions rather than Rajasthani traditions. The people of both Hindu and Muslim communities living in this area have accepted that there is no such dialogue between them now. It is known that the population is growing at 20 to 25 percent speed in this area.

Studies conducted in the name of ‘Study of Demographic Patterns in the Border Area of ​​Rajasthan and Its Security Inapply’ have also been revealed that due to the rapid increase of Muslim population, there has been a growing insecurity among the Hindus. It is known that BSF continues to study this type of time from time to time so that security of the border area can be ensured.

However, the number of Muslims is increasing all over the country, but the way their population is increasing in the border area adjacent to Pakistan, not only the BSF, but the whole country needs to be worried. Well, these reports of the BSF have been restricted to Pakistan only, but there has also been reports of increasing community-specific population in such a way that Nepal has been on the border with Nepal.

Slogans of “Pakistan Zindabad” in Lucknow instead of slogans of Jay Shriram resonant in Ayodhya … 

Whereas at this time in a devotional environment, Hindus in India have the jai bhasha of God Shriram, called the soul of India’s culture, while some frenzied have challenged the Hindus in their anti-trafficking and spoken to India’s biggest enemy Pakistan Zindabad After which the atmosphere has become hot and heavy force has been sent on the spot. Here the character of praise is Lucknow Police, who has the situation immediately Handled the situation with Nbala and overwhelming force.

Legal proceedings have been started by marking the culprits and the CCTV footage is being removed. The incident is being reported in Rajajipuram area of ​​Lucknow, where some religious fanatics gathered and made slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. This terrible anti-trafficking work The police teams have been formed in the Taalkota police station and the police teams have been formed to look for the culprits. The MLAs of the Bharatiya Janata Party Has expressed fury over the incident with Thkon and convicts demanded immediate arrest

Heavy tension prevails in the area. Yogiraj is directly considered as a challenge to this miserable event. Where some so-called secular class is raising the question of the presence of saints who are accustomed to Ayodhya, while some frenzied people are completely silent on such anti-trappings. .

November 21 – Birthday hero Yadunath Singh .. 9 Marches with Indian Sinho, 250 Pakistanis, and finally became immortal .. Himalayas are still witness to that greatness.

You will hear a lot of noise nowadays like Tipu Sultan etc. You have also seen attempts to forcibly tear apart all the baseless facts. But the heroism which is still echoing today, he has hardly heard of the Himalaya’s discussion in the Himalayas. Imagine the 9 warriors who knew that the number of enemies in front is around 250, even then they have not decided to skip the inch and kill all and get immortality.

But instead of trying to forcibly glorify a pestilence rather than his true and lively history, it would be considered to hurt the soul of these heroes by the so-called politicians, fake artisans and false historians. If someone says that even a bit of history If there is no tampering, then Yudhunath Singh can bear testimony of the memory of today, which means that on 21st November there is a birthday but hardly this glorious day Od rest are missing someone.

Param Vir Chakra’s hero Jadunath Singh was born on 21 November 1916 in village Khajuri of Shahjahanpur (Uttar Pradesh) district. His father’s name was Veerbal Singh Rathore and mother’s name was Jamana Kanwar. You received education only till class 4 I was deprived of further education due to poverty. On November 21, 1916, Nayak was admitted to Rajput Regiment Fatehgarh in the year 1941 on the day of November 21, Ut joined the regiment’s 1st Btalian .

On 6th February 1948, hundreds of soldiers of the Pakistan army attacked at 6:40 am. At this place, the leader of the picket of 9 soldiers were doing Jodunath Singh. In encounter, four Pickett soldiers were badly injured. The hero wounded The soldiers took the brain gun and began to take a fight with the survivors of 5 survivors. First, the injured gunner’s brain gun again used a bulk of his stan gun and the enemy Not barred from proceeding .

When the other platoon of the Indian army reached the front for help, the Nayak’s 2 bullets had been taken against him, but his nephew was engaged in a fight against the enemy with his stain gun. This super hero had limited number of 9 soldiers in Pickett and limited bullets and grenades Thanks to that, in the injured state of Nausera sector of Jammu Kashmir, hundreds of enemies have done extraordinary work to kill and on the retreat of the enemies .

Before this, only Major Somnath Sharma had got this medal. Today, the Sudarshan family takes a pledge that the hero of the heroes, who repeatedly bow down on his birth anniversary, will always remain immortal for his success.

Sheikh Riazuddin was in the BSF but the betrayer was in his vein-vein .. Pakistan used to leak intelligence, arrested

Sheikh Riazuddin was admitted to the BSF, dressed in uniform of army. When he was recruited in the army, he was expected that he would protect the country, will crush the nefarious intentions of the enemies of the country, but something else was going on in Sheikh’s mind. Was there. Sheik’s vein was full of treachery and it was not for security of the country involved in the BSF but to betray the country. Staying in BSF, he started leaking intelligence from India and leaking intelligence to Pakistan.

Let us tell you that BSF jawan Sheikh Riazuddin alias Riyaz has been arrested by Firozpur police, who has been delivering BSF intelligence to enemy country Pakistan in the BSF. According to Firozpur police, Sheikh Riaz Uddin was sending intelligence information to Pakistan, 2 mobile and 7 SIMs have also been recovered from him, while the investigation has been started.

The case has been filed under the Official Secrets Act, 1923 and National Security Act 1980, for the sending of India’s Secret Information on arrested BSF jawan Sheikh Riaz Uddin. Inspector Ranjit Singh told that the BSF jawan Sheikh Riazuddin is being questioned by the police, Sheikh Riazuddin BSF I was a soldier and posted on the post of operator.


Pakistan did not release Christian woman Aasiya normally    … behind this, a big deal was done.

When the Supreme Court of Pakistan forgave the sentence of Christian woman Aseya Bibi who was awarded death sentence for blasphemy and ordered the release of Aasia Bibi, the decision was appreciated across the world. But after this the fundamentalists started stripping all over Pakistan and threatened to kill Supreme Court judge, Pakistan Army Chief. Alert had to be installed in almost whole of Pakistan

But now the news from Pakistan about Aasia Bibi has come as a surprise to us. The Government of Pakistan has made a new agreement with the fundamentalist Islamic Party to prevent protests against the recent judgment of the Supreme Court in the matter of blasphemy which proves how the Imran Khan government is dancing on the gestures of the fundamentalists. Asia Bibi will not be allowed to leave the country under this agreement with the fundamentalists.However, it has not yet been clear how long the restriction will remain.

Pakistan’s communications minister Fawad Chaudhary has said, “We had two options. The first way was that we used force but when you use force that people can die. This is not an option that any state should choose. We compromised and in agreements you get something in return for something.Under this deal, the Pakistani government will initiate legal process to prevent Asea Bibi from leaving Pakistan. At the same time, the government will not oppose the review petition against this decision.


The training of betrayer from India came from Pakistan, Zahid .. India’s Defense Force was on the target ….

Sensational disclosure has been revealed about the traitor arrested by Khurja of Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. In the turbulence of the security agencies, Zahid has admitted that he had come to Pakistan to take a training from ISI to make a disaster in India. Meerut IB and ATS are also questioning Zadah, who has betrayed Hindustan with all facilities from India. According to sources, the ISI headquarters in Islamabad was given only direct entry after the searching…

For the first time when he came in contact with the ISI, he was given the temptation to pay 50 thousand rupees for an information. The police and several intelligence agencies are questioning the accused ISI agent Zahid alias Ali on remand. In the interrogation, Zahid said in the interrogation that his relative Atikur Rahman, who lived in Karachi in Pakistan, had introduced him to the ISI agent Majid in 2012.

Zahid was told that initially he would get 20 thousand rupees per notice, but over time the amount will also increase. At present he was getting 50 thousand rupees of a notice. In Poंshtachh, Zahid said that he initially did not know anything about the ISI. He was sent back to India in December -2012 after giving three months training at the ISI office in Islamabad. He went to Pakistan in 2014 with a lot of information, but the ISI officials only considered two things to be his work and he One lakh rupees given.

After this he returned to India and started collecting information. Zahid has also told the names of several ISI officials to the police. To avoid the police, he did not use mobile till 2012 when he came to Pakistan in 2012. That is why he went to Pakistan in 2014 with a lot of information in suitcases. Later, his other relatives, Atikur Rahman and Israel, asked to send information from the mobile. Since then, he was sending information from mobile instead of going to Pakistan.

Quisling Zahid questioned another rule in the questioning. He told that he had sent around 19 information to Pakistan, but only 50 thousand rupees were deposited in his account, the rest of the money was not given. Police and investigation agencies searched separately and inquired about their culinary connection. During this time, Zahid has been told to meet many important information, but officials are not commenting anymore. Swat team and Kotwali country police arrested Zahid from Khurja town on Friday night, three days before the police arrested Bhusa intersection.

After all, who are those who live in India, are Hindustan, breathe in the air of Hindustan and get all the comforts from India but sing songs from Pakistan? Even after all this people say that their patriotism is being suspected.

This news of betrayal from Vatan and love of Pakistan has been done by Yogi Adityanath ruled Balia of Uttar Pradesh, where there is a ban on speaking of Jai and Vande Mataram of Bharatmata in an Inter College and if any student does this, then punishment is given to him and Threats are also given. The case is from Gandhi Mohamed Ali Memorial Inter College of Ballia, where for a long time the controversy over the ban of Bharatmata ji and Vande Mataram took place violently on Monday.

After the morning prayer at the school, when some students slogan ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, the other community students attacked them, in which 6 students were injured. According to Additional Superintendent of Police Vijay Pal, in this case, the complaint of 12th student Anuj Narayan Gaur has received and a case has been registered under the IPC section. According to Anuj, he was going out of college with three more students in the afternoon and 20-25 people talked to Zindabad near the school gate and attacked him with sticks and sticks

Student Anuj has told that on October 5, he had told everyone that the action taken on the call of Bharat Mata in the college was taken after which several people of college attacked together. It is reported that after the prayer meeting in the morning, he and some of his companions started slogans of Bharatmata jai after the prayer and after that he went to class.

According to Anuj, when he was going out of school with three boys, about 20-25 people came and attacked Pakistan with slogans, poles and knives, slamming Zindabad outside the college. The police is investigating this whole case and tight security arrangements have been made in the town. But the question arises that after all this is said to be a seditious thought and how long will India continue to infect.


Indian Air Force Day: The Indian Air Force is celebrating 86th Air Force Day

A breathtaking display of sorties by fighter jets, transport aircraft as well as rotary wing aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) marked the 86th anniversary of the IAF. The Air Force Day parade, which took place at Air Force Station Hindan (Ghaziabad) witnessed flypasts by Sukhoi-30, Mig-21, Mig- 29, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Surya Kirans and Sarang helicopters of the IAF.

Meanwhile, President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah wished the IAF on the occasion of the Air Force Day. “On Air Force Day, we proudly honour our air warriors, veterans, and families of the Indian Air Force. They safeguard our skies with courage and commitment. The resilience, tenacity and zeal of our valiant air warriors is a source of pride for every Indian,” said Kovind.

“A grateful nation salutes our valorous air warriors and their families on Air Force Day. They keep our skies safe and are at the forefront of serving humanity in times of disasters. Proud of the Indian Air Force,” said PM Modi.

“On Air Force Day, I extend my greetings to our air force personnel and their families. Their bravery and commitment to serve the motherland is unparalleled. It is because of their dedication and courage that we are among the top air force in the world,” Shah said in a tweet.

Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa, Chief of the Air Staff reviewed the parade that was attended by serving as well as former air warriors. Vintage aircraft of the IAF such as Tiger Moth, Harvard vintage aircraft, Dorniers and Dakotas also took to skies during the two-hour-long ceremony. “The air display will commence with a flag bearing skydivers of famous Akash Ganga Team, who will jump from an An-32 aircraft.  Flypast will comprise of Mi-17 V5 and Rudra helicopters, Dornier, C-130J and C-17 transport aircraft, Jaguar, Bison, MiG-29, Mirage-2000 and SU-30 MKI fighter aircraft,” an IAF press release said.

India’s home-developed Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas also carried out an aerobatic display in front of the audience. The Surya Kiran Aerobatics Team (SKAT), comprising on nine Hawk 132 aircraft and the Helicopter aerobatics team, Sarang enthralled the audience with breathtaking formation aerobatics display.