AIIMS Doctors to stay off strike on Monday.

AIIMS Delhi doctors have announced that they will withdraw their strike for Monday. The doctors cited patient care for calling off the strike. However the protest will continue to support Kolkata doctors.

In a press release, the AIIMS Delhi doctors said, “Keeping patient care in the center, hospital services would not be disrupted and shall continue as usual for now. In case the lock-jam does not end, we will be forced to resort to escalation of the protest.”

The press release also mentioned that the doctors were hopeful that the Bengal government would accept all the demands of the junior doctors in Kolkata and end the logjam as soon as possible.

The doctors said, “We remain dedicated to the primary reason why we entered this profession in the first place, to serve humanity to our fullest potential. Yet the question for our dignity and security remains.”

The doctors however said that they will not allow the disinterested attitude of authorities to undermine them and that they will continue to fight.

It is the patients who are suffering the most, while talking to sudarshan news patients said they have come in a hope to get them cured but the doctors are on stike and their is no one to attend them.

While in kolkata, the junior doctors agreed to meet Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee but demanded that the meeting be held in the open. Strikes are being held by doctors in West Bengal and other Indian states after two doctors died in Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital (NRSMCH) when attacked by the family members of the patients.


This time is the target of Bollywood’s Sikh religion? Sikhs Protest on the streets against Shahrukh’s film

Through the many films, the joke of Hindu civilization and culture has made Bollywood a target of Sikh religion. Let me tell you that Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s forthcoming film “Zero” has been caught in controversy. The Sikh community has expressed objection to Shahrukh Khan’s Zero film and said that the religious sentiments of the Sikhs have been hurt in one scene of the film. Kanwaljit Singh of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh said that in one scene of the film, Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing a saber which is not proper.

He warned the filmmakers and said that if this scene is not removed from the film, then the whole Sikh community would strongly oppose it. Ajit Singh, Jaswant Singh and Paramjit Singh of the renowned Gurudwara Bano Sahab Committee of Kanpur said that the posters of the film, in which Shahrukh is seen wearing a saber, is objectionable. Kanwaljeet Singh Patshak Khalsa Dal said that in Zero, Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing a saber. It is against the Sikh community.

Kanwaljeet said that Saber can wear only that which is . In this film, Shahrukh has been shown wearing bare head saber, which is hurting our religious sentiments. He said that our demand from the producers of the film is that this scene should be removed from the film or else the Sikh community will be bound to take legal action and performance against it.

Let me tell you that Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Zero’ has been released and the longtime trailer has been released. It is now to see if the disputed scene will be removed from the film after getting a warning from the Sikh community. The film has so far come only in the trailer, where Shahrukh Khan has been shown wearing saber in the objectionable scene. Since watching the trailer, the Sikh community is opposing it.


Why did sentenced death was not given to a woman ?

In Pakistan, what radicalism dominates is this happening in Pakistan. The whole Pakistan is so boiling at this time and is stirred on the streets that why a Christian woman was not given the death sentence. Tell you that Christian woman Aasia Bibi has been acquitted by a Pakistani court for blasphemy and has forgiven her for her death sentence. After this, there is a tremendous ruckus in Pakistan, and Pakistani fundamentalists want Aasia Bibi to be sentenced to death in any situation.

On the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to forgive Asiya Bibi, activists of ‘Tehrik-e-Labbak Pakistan’ (TLP) came to the streets on other cities including Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi and jammed several roads. There are also reports of clashes with firearms and security forces in many places. According to Pakistani TV Geo, Section 144 was imposed from October 31 to November 10, when the security arrangements in Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan were deteriorating.

When Aseiya Bibi was acquitted in the blasphemy case, Pakistan’s Army Chief Kamar Javed Bajwa is being described as non-Muslim and is being provoked to rebel against the army. Apart from this, threats are being made to kill the Supreme Court judges of Pakistan. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, in its historic judgment, acquitted the execution of the Christian woman Aishiya Bibi, convicted of blasphemy, and acquitted her, after which the protest began in the country.

In 2010, the mother of four children, Aasia Bibi, was convicted for insulting Islam during a dispute with her neighbors. He always told himself innocent. A three-member bench of the apex court led by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saquib Nisar, ruled on Wednesday. Nissar said in the verdict, “In view of the evidence presented on behalf of prosecution in the alleged blasphemy case from the petitioner, it is clear that prosecution has failed to prove its case.

He said that if Aasia Bibi is not desired in other cases, he can be immediately released from Shekhupura jail near Lahore. The Pakistani fundamentalists are not able to forgive Aisi Bibi’s release and forgive the death penalty. Whereas the extremists are threatening to kill the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, on one side, while Pakistan Army Chief Kamar Javed Vajwa is being persuaded to rebel against Pakistani Army Chief by calling Pakistani soldiers as non-Muslims.


The country boiled on the auspicious night of the Islamic Conference …

Police had to stop the public from attacking the conference The world would be vocal against religious fanaticism …

 In the past few years, the way religious extremism has grown in the world, people have been forced to think that if this fanaticism is not stopped in time, then the situation is going to be very frightening.

These fears of increasing transition of religious extremism are not in vain because the whole world is aware of the condition of Syria, Libya, what is the situation there. In view of this, recently the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Andre Babis had said that to save the civilization of Europe, it would have to stop the Islamic infiltration. The Taj case is from the US, where local people land on the streets after getting the news of the Islamic Conference.

And the opposition to the conference started by saying that this conference is going to promote Sharia law, which they do not accept.

With the presence of the armed Black Panther, the 55th conference of the Islamic Society of America went on a rampage on Saturday. The police had to come forward to defend the middle. The organizers of the conference had news that some local people could create a ruckus outside the organizing venue, George R Brown Convention Center.

After this he informed the police. As soon as the Islamic Conference started, the local people started protesting and tried to enter inside, after which the police arrested three agitators in the fear of peace breach. Let me tell you that the three-day conference began on Saturday, after which around one hundred people from Texas Patriot Network began gathering at the Convention Center from morning. Among them were the people of white extremists too. These people were sloganeering ‘Nazi back home’.

The people of this group said that they want to say only one thing to the Muslim community that those who are in America, they become American citizens one day and they have to abdicate the laws and obey the US laws and regulations. is. Black Panther spokesman Crystal Muhammad has said that according to the first chapter of the American Constitution, all religions have the right to speak their words, on which the agitators say that the constitution of Islamic law will be imposed on Sharia. 

Seeing Veer Savarkar in books, the student group of that group can again show up in 2019 elections, Janeu

Veer Savarkar will replace Nehru in book

The political party, which tells its national president Janayoghari Hindu, wants to fight the next general elections, but the student organization of the same political party has flared up after seeing the martyr Veer Savarkar, the immortal freedom fighter of the freedom movement in the books. Yes, Hmm is talking about the country’s main opposition political party Congress student NSUI of Congress. Let us tell you that when the involvement of Veer Savarkar in Goa’s course, NSUI has accused Goa government of saffronisation of education. 
Let us know that Congress student wing National Students Union of India (NSUI) said on Wednesday that the photo of Jawaharlal Nehru was removed from the tenth grade social science book. Instead of Nehru’s photo, now the photo of Vinayak Savarkar, who is the originator of Hindu Rashtra, and fought for freedom, has been photographed. NSUI Goa Chief, Ahraj Mulla said, “It is very sad that the BJP removed Nehru’s photo from the text book and took photographs of Savarkar. 
Mulla said that BJP is trying to “change history”. Tomorrow, he will remove Mahatma Gandhi’s photographs and ask questions about what Congress has done in 60 years. They have to decide that they do not change history. Our ancestors have given us this. India and the Contemporary World 2-Democratic Politics, History and Political Science book. The last version has a photo of Sevagram Ashram at page number 68 on 1935. It contains Nehru’s photographs with Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Azad. 
It contains Nehru’s photographs with Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Azad. Nehru’s photograph has now been replaced with a photograph of Savarkar. NSUI says that to give Savarkar place in books is to saffron education. NSUI believes that the Goa government is working on the agenda of the Sangh and under one conspiracy, Savarkar has been given a place in the school curriculum so that the agenda of the Hindu nationalism of the organization can be implemented. NSUI has said that the Goa government will have to remove Savarkar from the book, otherwise NSUI will perform. 

If reservation is given to the Marathas, Muslims will also have two reservations – Congress … Hindu organizations are angry

Once again, the demand of reservation on the issue of Congress which can create in the society is a stir.

Once again, the demand of reservation on the issue of Congress which can create in the society is a stir. 
Once again, on all those issues and matters, it seems that the Congress party which had adopted before the elections of Gujarat and Karnataka … for the sake of Hindus, even though Rahul Gandhi has increased his vote by showing his Janeu but now The demand that has come out is very shocking and overwhelming. These statements and these demands have been done not by any ordinary leader, but directly by a Congress legislator who is politically hot 
At the moment, the apathy of the politicians is telling them that they are following the principles of secularism, otherwise if there was a Hindu in this word, then perhaps the whole mass would have been wrong. It is to be known that immediately after the Maratha movement, when the state government was able to establish peace in such a society, suddenly a legislator of the Congress has wished to re-issue the issue by launching a new demand. 
More recently, Rahul Gandhi had said that in the coming elections, he will do anything to defeat Modi, then even some people are watching this statement by joining him. Even though the ongoing movement on demand for reservation in jobs and education for people of Maratha community in Maharashtra has ended on Wednesday, but the issue is not taking the name of the ongoing political process. After suppressing the demand for this Maratha reservation, another demand of the Congress legislator of Maharashtra has worked to increase the problems of the BJP government. 
Congress MLA Amin Patel said that we want reservations for Dangar society and Maratha community as well as Muslims. Muslims are socially and economically backward and they fall under the SBCA (special category). He repeated this statement, after which many people of the Muslim community also supported it. On this matter, till now no statement from the Central Command of the Congress proves that they have no objection to this statement. 
In this case, Hindu organizations are angry and they have accused the Congress of coming to its real form and old form. 

The effigy of a journalist who burnt the Congress, criticizing the Modi government on the issue of respect for the media .. Just do not like some words against you A double form of Congress came in front …

The double face of the Congress Party came out once again when Congress party leaders threw the effigy of a portal journalist in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh

The double face of the Congress Party came out once again when Congress party leaders threw the effigy of a portal journalist in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh and sought his arrest because he had written a few words against the big leader of the Congress. This is the same Congress that continues to attack the Modi government, that the voice of media is being suppressed in the Modi Government. But when the same media coverage against the Congress leader, the Congress raided the road and gave a damn for his arrest. 
Let us tell you that an emergency meeting of National Congress, Youth Congress, Seva Dal Congress, Mahila Congress and all Congress workers was organized at Badayun Congress office. After the meeting, the workers burnt the effigy of a news portal from the city and demanded action against them. It is alleged that the said journalist wrote on his web portal against Congress leader and All India Congress Committee member Yogendra Pal Singh Tomar. 
This created anger in the Congressmen. On the other hand, the District Census committee, while expressing anger against the journalist on the order of the High Command combusted his effigy today. 
Addressing the office-bearers present in the meeting, Congress General Secretary Omkar Singh said that a fake journalist from Portal News organized a complaint against Yogendra Pal Singh Tomar, a member of Akhil Bharatiya Congress Committee, which gave the biggest tax on the Agra division, Python of Aligarh Using the words like, the Akhil Bharatiya Congress Committee has a mandate. 
A defamation case will be registered against this journalist and a report will be filed under the sections of IT and Social Media in association with the Senior Superintendent of Police. PCC member Piyush Ranjan, Shan Mohammed, Chhota Lal Bhuri, Atif Khan etc demanded action against Bodopala Gautam, who has been running a fake journalist portal news. 
Youth Congress President Shafi Ahmed said that a case of defamation will be filed against this journalist. Congressmen have demanded action against the legal notice given by the All India Congress Committee member Yogendra Pal Singh Tomar.
Chairman of the disciplinary committee Premlata, Youth Congress vice president Rafat Ali Khan, former minority department chairman Vafati Mian, minority department vice chairman Babu Chowdhury, District Congress Committee general secretary Veer Pal Singh Yadav, Youth Congress general secretary Jamshed Turk, Sajid, Aman Somvir Singh, Rajiv, Anas, Yogesh Sharma, Nazim Chaudhary, Shahanshah, Nadeem Ansari, Raju, Aman Farooqi, Ashu Sahu, Shahrukh Farooq