In the war of May 27, 1948, fighting the religious manmasters and sending weapons and ammunition to the soldiers of the Hindus, today the sacrifices were made. 4 volunteers of the Sangh are called “Sacrifice of Kotli.

Often, some so-called fake fake patriotic colors are heard from the people that what the Sangh has done for the country. They are asked about Veer Savarkar ji. But after listening to all of the Sangh’s silence, Shrimad Bhagavat Gita’s theory “Karmanayavadhyavacha, Maa Faleshu Kadakna” means going on the rules like fruitfulness without fruitfulness, and not only with religious thinking but also in the war with China, its sacrifice and sacrifice Votebank’s politics for the country of prime importance, though in India, was more talked about in foreign countries.

This is the reason why the RSS has always been the target of the people who have been teasing with the culture of India and imposing foreign culture. Pakistan has taken hans, Pakistan to fight for the sake of ‘India’, newly launched Pakistan attacked Kashmir only in 1947 Gave. The volunteers of the enraged union of the country’s defense have strongly resisted them. He informed the Indian Army, Government and Jammu and Kashmir’s King Harisinh at the time of these conspiracy. An immortal chapter of this saga was written in Kotli on November 27, 1948, which is currently in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

At the time of the war, some boxes of ammunition thrown by the Indian airplanes went to the enemy army. There was a lot of risk in bringing them up. The commanders appointed there did not want to lose their soldiers, so they contacted the association office. In those days Mr. Chandra Prakash, manager of the local Punjab National Bank was the city councilor in Kotli. He asked the commander how many young people should be? The commander said – work will be done from eight. Chandra Prakash ji said – I am one, I am coming in half an hour with the other seven.

When Chandra Prakash ji told this to the volunteers, then not one or two, 30 youths were presented for it. Nobody wanted to lose this privilege of sacrifice for the country. Chandra Prakash ji trimmed seven with great difficulty; But the rest were stubborn. Therefore, they were returned by giving ‘the command’. All of them left their eight companions from the enlightened eyes. The military commander explained the whole thing to those eight There was a stream between the Indian and the enemy army, against which the stomachs were lying. It was evening.

In spite of the winter, volunteers crossed the drain and tied boxes on their backs. After that he started moving towards his area; But in the water bustle and noise, the enemy soldiers became aware and started firing. Volunteers continued to move forward between this shootout. Meanwhile, Shri Chandra Prakash and Shri Ved Prakash were shot. Without paying attention to it, the remaining six volunteers of the Nala Parkar Sakulal came into their borders and handed over the chest to the Commander.

Now, to bring back their injured colleagues, they crossed the river and reached the enemy border. Until the arrival of them, the lives of both the valiant volunteers were flying. The volunteers tied their dead body on their back and returned. Seeing this, the enemies sharpened the shoot. This led to a volunteer and killed. His body was also tied on the back. By then another bullet gave a damn to the monument of the fourth volunteer. That too the protection of the motherland was sacrificed.

The scene to return to this group was a big leap. Four sacrificial volunteers were tied on the backs of their four injured companions. When they were kept on the pyre, the sky was lifted from the lion of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. The inhabitants of the rain of rain The sacrifice of these volunteers brought color. The enthusiasm of the soldiers increased from the contents of those boxes. Like a hungry lion, he broke down on the enemy. In a very short time the enemies’ feet were crushed and even before the chit of ashes became cold, they started hoisting the tricolor on the hill.

With the army, the morning sun also poured its first ray on the chita and paid tribute to those volunteers. Today, sacrifice sacrifices of the sacrifices of the Coptina are only a small part of the Sangh’s union. All of these have been sacrificed so many. The Sangh has not only sold but the pen and the blunt intellect only brightened one class. Had a habit of taking …, with the sacrifice of the soldiers of Hind, fighting with them for protection of the Nation, those four sacrificed souls who have become immortal forever and forever, commemorate Sudarshan’s family repeatedly on their sacrifice day, repeating the promise of eternal life for their successes.

Karnataka’s iconic leader Ananth Kumar leaves an indelible mark on national politics

After the death of late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, if the Bharatiya Janata Party can be considered as the second biggest blow, then it is the death of life of Union Minister Ananth Kumar Ji after a long battle fought with cancer this morning. Not just the Bharatiya Janata Party, but the whole nation is feeling like a trauma, from Anant Kumar ji’s untimely demise and from his soul to God.

Union minister Ananth Kumar passed away at the age of 59. He was suffering from cancer and breathed his last in Bengaluru on Monday. BJP leader Ananth Kumar used to represent Southern Bengal in the Lok Sabha from 1996. He had two important ministries and he was one of the leaders of the Center’s Narendra Modi Government. After the demise , all the leaders have expressed grief.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in mourning words that the departed was an extraordinary leader and he had come to public life to serve society at an early age. He will always be remembered for good work. PM Modi said that Ananth Kumar was a competent administrator, who took over many ministers. He was very important for the BJP organization. Especially worked in Karnataka for strengthening the party. He used to be always immaculate in his area.

It is worth mentioning that Ananth Kumar was suffering from cancer for a long time and he was undergoing treatment. He was brought to Bangalore in the last days and treatment was going on in a hospital. It is being told that their health was also getting improved, but suddenly the disease became worse and died on Monday morning. In Ananth Kumar’s family, his wife is Tejaswini and daughter Aishwarya and the winner.

The allegation of the struggle of Sabarimala on the Sangh … a lot says the Chief Minister’s statement.

The voice which was raised by Sudarshan News prominently and opposed the court laws in the Divine Laws, now the Congress and the leftists have started to emerge against that voice and have started to say the struggle of the Hindus directly to the Sangh’s struggle. . However, in this case, now the Hindu society is ready to go against any court order, but it is not taking seriously the matter of any political party.

Right now, the matter has come in the statement of the Chief Minister of Kerala in which he has directly blamed the Sangh, the Union. It is known that now the issue of existence and prestige for Hindus has begun in the case of Sabarimala, politics and now it has come to this issue. The very strange statement of Kerala Chief Minister P. Vijayan. He has told the National Self RSS Association RSS behind the protest against the entry of women in Sabarimala temple which has become a highly controversial issue

On Tuesday, Chief Minister Vijayan said that the Kerala government and the police tried to implement the order of the Supreme Court but the RSS has made the Sabarimala Temple a war zone. He said that the RSS spoiled the atmosphere so much that there were things like killing women, attacking police and stone pelting on trains of women journalists who had never been in Kerala. In Sabirimala temple, women from ten to fifty years old were not allowed to go.

The Supreme Court dismissed the ban on the entry of women by believing it was a mistake. After the court order, the doors of the temple were opened last week for five-day worship. However, when some women tried to enter the temple after opening the temple, some organizations and people of the temple protested strongly against it and did not let any women go in for visas.

The Congress has also tried to support this statement of Vijayan somewhere and in Kerala, Congress and other opposition parties say that this decision is not correct and the customs of the temple should not be changed. The RSS people are also protesting against the entry of women in the temple. They also say that the Kerala government will appeal against the court verdict. At the same time the government says that if the Supreme Court has allowed women to enter, then it is the duty of the government to follow that order.

However, because of open interference in the matters of Shriram’s birthplace Ayodhya to the Padmanabhan temple, why not make such decisions in case of any other opinion or religion, Sudarshan News has raised this issue prominently in Bindas Bol and Jansansad ¬†and motivate audience for answer.

The Congress government was laying red carpet for the extremely dangerous Muslim Brotherhood … Rahul Gandhi is comparing RSS to same Muslim Brotherhood ..0

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was recently abroad on his 4-day visit in London

The Congress government was laying red carpet for the extremely dangerous Muslim Brotherhood … Rahul Gandhi is comparing RSS to same Muslim Brotherhood ..

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was recently abroad on his 4-day visit. In London, Rahul Gandhi compared the RSS, which is called the nation’s largest nationalist organization in London, with a large Muslim terrorist group Muslim community, after which the storm that started in the country’s politics has not yet begun to subsist.

Rahul Gandhi, while comparing the two, accused the RSS of tampering with the nature of the country. Rahul Gandhi, who is comparing RSS to the Muslim Brotherhood and saying that the way the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has spread chaos and tampered with the country’s progress, the RSS is doing the same work. You would be surprised that the Prime Minister of the Manmohan Singh government had laid a blind eye to the welcome of the leader of this Muslim Brotherhood, laid the red carpet.

Let us tell you that Congress-led UPA II invited the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood and the then Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to visit India in 2013. During the UPA-II regime, the President of Egypt visited India. Mohammed Mursi became Egyptian President in 2011 after the revolution of Tahrir Square in Egypt. Prior to becoming the President, he was associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Later, he created Freedom and Justice Party in 2011. After working in the Muslim Brotherhood, President Mohammed Mursi was invited not only by the Manmohan Singh government but also red carpet for him. Mohamed Mursi was removed from the presidency after a few months of his trip to India. In place of Mursi, his defense minister Fateh Abdel al-Sisi became Egyptian President.

In place of Mursi, his defense minister Fateh Abdel al-Sisi became Egyptian President. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt in 1928. Many countries of the world have banned the Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization. 

IAS officer goes missing from DM’s job Speak – The future of the country is safe in this party Know who is the IAS officer and where is he?

The former IAS Opp Chaudhary, who has resigned from the post of Collector some time ago,

Many people have seen and changed their parties before coming to the party, but leaving a prestigious job like an IAS and coming into politics is a strange thing. Prior to this, there are many cases of retired officers coming to politics, but if the working officer comes to politics, then once the news comes, it is natural to come to the conclusion of the news.

In the center of this news, the former IS officer Mr. O. P. Chaudhary. Now, OPS Chaudhary, who has joined the BJP in the presence of Amit Shah and Raman Singh, has become the leader of the IAS officer in the political discussion. It is known that while proving the truth of some facts, the former IAS Opp Chaudhary, who has resigned from the post of Collector some time ago, has joined the BJP. He subscribed to the presence of party president Amit Shah in the BJP headquarters in Delhi on Tuesday.

In a few days, O.P. Chaudhary had earlier tweeted the information about resigning from the post of a collector. After this, he also told the reason behind leaving the collector’s job and issuing the video. O .P. Chaudhary gave a lengthy statement in favor of the Bharatiya Janata Party and said that this is the only party that can secure the future of the country.

Prior to this, Mr. OP Chaudhary, who was considered as a sharp-edged IS officer, sent his resignation to the Department of Personnel and Training on August 25. Since then, speculation was on his joining BJP. These speculations broke on Tuesday, when Chaudhary reached Delhi and joined the party in the presence of BJP President Amit Shah and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh. 2005 batch IAS officer OP Chaudhary has been in the limelight even before his work.

Naxal-affected Dantewada district has had a lot of discussion for the revolutionary change brought about in the field of education. OP Chaudhary has also been awarded the Prime Minister’s Award in the year 2011-12 for doing better work in Naxal affected areas. 

Even Rahul Gandhi’s statement on this statement is giving a strong reaction.

After the new interpretation of ISIS, Rahul Gandhi now told RSS that the threat to the country

Once again, the Congress party on the same old path ..

Which was already being evaluated, is now being seen in front. Already, some politicians had said that the form of Gandhi Gandhi temple etc. is limited to only Gujarat and Karnataka elections and that everything is being seen in front.

There was no noise and political storm on Rahul Gandhi’s statement on ISIS, suddenly, he has issued a new statement under his ideology which also aimed at targeting the National Self-Service Association for its nationalist ideology abroad. And the country is told to be dangerous.

Rahul made this statement while addressing the Indian Overseas Congress in Berlin on Thursday. Due to technical disturbances, their address could not be directly broadcasted. While talking to MPs of Indian origin, Rahul said, “At present, the ruling government in India wants to break the country BJP and RSS and want to spread hatred, Congress party will not let this happen.” Rahul said that the strength of India lies in listening to the views of every citizen despite the different sections of religion, society and caste.

Even Rahul Gandhi’s statement on this statement is giving a strong reaction. There was no reason for the Rahul Gandhi’s ISIS statement that there was a possibility of a political hoarse being triggered after giving such a statement against RSS suddenly. 

BJP and SP MPs clashed on the platform.

Know where it is and who was the MP?

Regardless of the demise of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, there is no reaction from Samajwadi Party on the rude and extremely objectionable comments of some anti-social elements and radical religious contractors, but when there was a political statement about Mulayam Singh Yadav, it started there. The ruckus and rumors have gone

This is the case of a program from Delhi’s Parliamentarian Mr Uddin Raj ji, who has been a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is to be known that in the program organized in Delhi, on a balanced comment on Mulayam Singh, socialists started against Bharatiya Janata Party MP Udit Raj. There is a lot of praise for this. Udit Raj, Managed to escape and escape from there. 

The steps taken by Udit Raj are being appreciated all over for the general public and there is no problem to the viewer, but by making the issue of mere statement of the socialists, he has said that the general public Sounds painful. Looking at the ruckus there, they stopped speeching on their own. Then they went out of the venue in the police’s security circle.

Which included Udit Raj Only a statement against Mulayam was suddenly started by the socialists who started the ruckus. Udit Raj said during his speech that he said Mulayam Singh, you vote for the party and not the person. The leader of the SP, present in the program, protested a lot and started the uproar. A while later, many people there started fluttering and started sloganeering against Raj, some people moved towards the BJP MP then the police took them out . 

On social media he was celebrating the death of Atal ji and was doing treacherous lustful things

If the police searched, he was no laugh or loop but someone else

On social media he was celebrating the death of Atal ji and was doing treacherous lustful things. If the police searched, he was no laugh or loop but someone else

It tells the hidden religious mania in something …

This was the time when the entire country was immersed in mourning. Everyone was paying tribute to Atal ji according to their own country; America, like Russia, was sending mourning messages, a country like Israel said that it was his best friend At that time even before the Islamic country Afghanistan, till President Hamid Karzai reached India and presented devotion to Atal ji.

It is to be known that Uttar Pradesh Police filed a lawsuit against two religious people, including a government health worker, for allegedly making the most vicious and objectionable audio clips viral on social media popularly known by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. And have also arrested one accused. After being objectionable audio viral, Hindutva organizations filed protest against the police and demanded strict action in the case.

The Superintendent of Police said that the main accused, Azad Khan, was arrested on Sunday and sent to jail, whereas Haq was being arrested on possible locations for the arrest. Bahraich District Superintendent of Police, Sejaraj told that a youth named Azad Khan, resident of village Bhoptpur in Risia police station area, posted a two-minute objectionable audio social media on Saturday, posting on Vajpayee, viral tax on all his friends and groups. Had given.

The SP said that investigation of the case has been started by social activist Sunil Singh to spread hatred in communities against Azad and Haq resident of Bhoptpur, spoiling communal harmony and register a case under IT Act. Chief Medical Officer Dr. AK Pandey told that after analyzing the FIR, a departmental inquiry against the accused pharmacist will be taken after action. 

The great personality whose departure came in the Indian politics came from “Jai Shri Ram” “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” “Hindutva”

Bow down to that conscientiousness today

This was the time when the power was in the hands of only one party .. Not only did the Prime Minister, the President, the Vice President, the highest office but the head of the village used to belong to the same party. At that time, their number was influenced by the force and the image of their image in the masses on the Indian people, their point of view was considered as a stone racket.

They had so much strength that they took big decisions like partition of the country, which they opted for, afterwards, with all the communal and all the allegations declared by the whole thought. At that time Atalji had given to India a new direction .. There was also a path to the classical Atal ji that they could get pleasure from the pleasure by compromising them with them.

But they decided to land instead of sitting in the air conditioning of the Parliament, in the deserted deserts of Rajasthan, in the snowy plains of the Himalayas, in the forests of Assam and in the rainy areas of the South .. slowly caravans were added with them and in the end today By becoming the same caravan tree today, the Bharatiya Janata Party stands in the form of that which has not only become the world’s largest party of the world. Not only this, there is a rule of rulers of this party on a large territory of India.

Atal ji kept his ideology that even though he had been communal to understand something, but he made the origin of India his identity. Initially they had to add one person but later it would not be wrong to acknowledge their ideology that a large section of the whole India would be alive, for the liberation of Bharat Mata’s Jai, Jai Shri Ram, Vande Mataram That great person is going out of the world today.

Those people who had been linked to communalism, if they had created a national identity, then they were Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji. The nation has lost today, the great hero who fought with a stronger power than the rock and then the country To give the words that are today “proudly say we are Hindus”, such words are made alive 

The word “Congrats from the Union” speaks the word “storm” in its own party.

The Congress leader ,While Rahul Gandhi is often an attacker on the RSS …

Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacks every day and criticizes RSS. In such a situation, if a Congress leader praises RSS and speaks of Congress to learn from RSS, it will hardly be digested.

But a prominent Congress leader has praised Sabh and has inspired Congress workers to learn from the Sangh. Let me tell you that Deepak Babariya, in charge of the Madhya Pradesh Congress, which is considered very close to Congress President Rahul Gandhi, has given such a statement about RSS,

This has made the Congress uncomfortable. Deepak Babaria said that Congress workers should learn discipline from RSS. Actually, Deepak Babaria, who was victim of indiscipline of Congress workers in Vidisha, said this in the conference of the workers.

He said that there is no hesitation in praising the good aspects of the RSS. He also said that Pandey Nehru also used the discipline of the Sangh in a war with China.

After this statement from Deepak Babaria, the Congress came in uncomfortable position. Bhupendra Gupta, Vice President of Media Cell of Pradesh Congress, said on Deepak Babaria’s statement that he is not the right information about RSS and Nehru ji never used RSS. It is clear from Deepak Babaria’s statement that whatever Rahul Gandhi said about RSS, but it is only from within the Congress that such statements come to the RSS itself, which is why the Congress and Rahul Gandhi are also fooled themselves.