For two consecutive years, the rape of two sisters was said to be crying: ‘What is the cry of the family of the family?’

Know where the heart is disintegrating?

Moshiam Ansari and Bulge Ansari, along with two minor sisters, have been raping the knife for a year. When both sisters used to cry, they were threatened if they did not stop crying or told anyone, then the family would cry on the body. This case came up when a minor from both of them gave birth to a child. After this the victim informed about the entire incident with her.

The victim who has given birth to the child is 16 years old and the younger sister is 15 years old. At the same time her younger sister is also pregnant. After the matter came to light, the people of the area were frustrated. The case belongs to a village in Ratnagiri police station area of Jharkhand capital of Jharkhand. Where two villagers have been accused of rape for one year. The case was exposed when a 16-year-old girl gave birth to a child at Kanke Community Hospital. After the matter came to light, the police has arrested one of the accused and is also talking about proper legal action.

It is being told that two youths belonging to Dabang family have targeted two sister sisters of their own village in Ratu. The 16-year-old victim has told that about a year ago, Bulz Ansari, who lived in the Raatu station area, caught hold of the school in order to return home and took a lonely place behind the school and raped her and said that I will marry you. After this, he abused many times by threatening to kill his family members. Similarly, Moshiam Ansari raped a younger sister

Both Bulge and Moiseam are familiar with each other. According to the victim, after the incident, with the entire family reached Raatu station in April this year. On this, the police had sent the Ramu police to settle the matter. The victim and her father had reached the Sadar of Victory. Sadar, while cooperating with the accused, made a leap. With this he kept wandering. The victim said that due to poverty, the people from the police station to the Panchayat were ignored. After this both the victims reached the Nirmal Hridaya.

Both of them were sent to the Sadar Hospital to get abortion. The nurses of the hospital refused to abort and sent a clean heart. Uncle’s heart was not kept after the children’s sale episode was revealed. After this, he reached Nari Niketan, located in Kanke. The child was born there. It is being told that after the birth of the child, two youths had come to buy him in the hospital but the hospital personnel had escaped them.

After reaching the police, the accused people reached the victim’s house in Ratu’s village. After this, the elder sister of the victim was assaulted and threatened after finding her alone in the house. After getting the information, the police arrived. Before that all had run away The younger sister’s police has not taken the statement. She is also admitted to Kanke’s Nari Niketan. She is pregnant. According to the father of the victim, Kanke has made an appeal to the police to get justice by filing case in case of younger sister

The father of the victim says that he is quite poor. He went to the panchayat on the matter but did not get justice, but he could surely get hit with dabongas. At the same time, to prevent defamation, both the girls were admitted to the pure heart, but from there the girls were shifted to Namku and now there is a child in the lap of a child. Meanwhile, taking the incident seriously, the police has arrested an accused while lodging a victim’s statement in the case, while the police is taking the statement of the second victim from Nari Niketan.

Given the seriousness of the matter, the rural SP said that proper legal action will be taken in the matter and the second accused will be arrested soon.