‘SIKANDAR MAUT KA KAHAR” a message from 34 year old Rapist

On 1st July 2019, the residents of Sastri nagar, Jaipur were outburst upon the streets in anger, humiliation, guilt and pain.The reason was horrific, a man named Sikandar raped a minor 7 year old girl and flew away,  after a long struggle the police were finally able to control the crowd , and immediately  initiate the operation of catching this evil in each and every corner of Rajasthan, after four days of tracking, investigation and interrogation the police caught him, but doesn’t have the slightest  clue what they were gonna hear from him. During the interrogation Sikandar told the police that he had  raped many minor girls and he  is not ashamed upon his doing, he told the police that 8 days before raping that 7 year old girl he had  raped a 4 year girl in the same Sastri nagar, Jaipur.



According to the police investigation it has been found that 12 cases have been filed upon him previously mostly upon the accusation of rape. In 2014 he was sentenced life time imprisonment but somehow got a bail and just after the bail he again tried to rape two minor girls  but some people dare to save those girls and call the police, when the police came to arrest him he attacked them with an Iron rod and flew away.


From his rented apartment the police have founded many children toys with a gun, the 7 year girl admitted that on the point of gun he raped her and after raping left her just outside her home, the same kind of pattern have been recorded by other minor girls who  were unfortunately been attacked by this vicious animal. The police have also founded a copy inside his home in which on the very first page the had written “SIKANDAR MAUTH KA KAHAR” also he have drawn a sketch of himself behind the pages of copy. Currently the condition of the 7 year old girl is stable from outside,but the physiological imprints of the evil would take time to heal.

The 6-year-old child was went  to give  water to 80 years old Jamaluddin in the holy place,  … but the purity was in the child’s heart only.

80-year-old Jamaluddin asked water from that innocent person, then he went to give it water at the sacred place but did not return after that. In fact, Jamaluddin summoned the innocent to demand water, and then rape him with cruelty in a ruthless way, Crushed under the feet of Here the question arises that after all what is the thinking which women understand as a means of eradicating the hunger of their lust and cross all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill their lust?

After all, what kind of thinking is that which is a victim of a bad humanity who is a victim of a mad mentality, where women of your mother’s age are also made, even then there are even innocent young girls? Do people like Jamaluddin deserve to be called human, who has made a living with a 6-year-old girl and crushed her childhood? The matter is of Atta Kothra village of Mewat in Haryana. Police said that the child was playing outside the house with other children in the village. During this time a man asked him to bring a glass of water.

Because the child used to remain near the accused’s house, she knew him. According to the neighbors, the accused often used to share toffee and sweets in children. Police informed that on the day the girl’s parents went to the relatives of Faridabad. During this, the accused was also alone in his house. With the help of the old man, she reached the water, but she did not return. The family returned home at six o’clock in the evening, the child was not in the house. They started searching for the baby in the neighborhood.

During the research, the child in the neighborhood heard the voice of the mother crying and crying for help. The mother reached the accused’s house after listening to her crying voice. Forcibly opened the door and allegedly caught the criminals with their hands. In the case, the victim’s father said, “The wife and I had relatives in the morning. The child was alone in the house. The accused called her from the house and took her home. Raped her. ‘Inspector Sanjay Kumar said that the case has been registered against the accused under section 452, 506 and Poxo Act of IPC. He has confessed his crime, after which he was sent to judicial custody for 15 days.

1 minor child was going on for two years continuously rape .. rapists were 20 in which a leftist leader and father of the girl himself also. 

A sensational news of gang rape was reported in Kannur district of Kerala with a minor girl who will be ashamed of shame as you hear it. According to the news, in Kannur, Kerala, a 16-year-old minor was raped by 20 people for a period of two years. In the rape of the minor himself, the minor and the Communist leader were involved. In this case, 12 people, including a local DYFI leader, have been arrested by the police

A police official said that the arrested persons include the father of the girl. The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) is the youth unit of the ruling CPI (M) in Kerala. Kannur Superintendent of Police Shiv Vikram told PTI that 16 FIRs have been registered in five different police stations and more than 20 accused.

We are interrogating more people. The incident came to light in the first week of December when an accused called the victim’s brother and threatening him demanding Rs 50,000 that he has some objectionable pictures of the girl whom he would post on social media. According to the police, the victim allegedly beaten up the victim’s brother in Palakkad.

The police said that the accused came in contact with class 10th student from the social media and created a fake profile of a woman. On November 19, she took her to a lodge in Parsinikaduv, district, and there were four persons who sexually abused her. Police told that the manager of the Lodge has been arrested for not informing the police about the crime. According to the police, according to the allegations, many other people were raping his father besides the victim girl studying in class 10th.

The girl’s sexual abuse was going on for the last two years. Police said that only 4 new people raped him in the month of November. On behalf of the victim girl, her mother has filed a complaint in police. The mother came to know about this matter through the victim’s brother. According to media reports, the brother says that a video of his sister was being blackmailed by showing it. In the statement given to the police, the girl has told other girls to be sexually exploited. Police say that further investigations are underway in the case.

Ahmad Nabi was rape his mother in the house … daughter tried to give up, she also broke on

After all, what is the thinking that every woman understands as a means of eradicating the hunger’s hunger? After all, what is the thinking that crosses all the limits of poverty in order to fulfill its lust? What kind of thinking is that which is the victim of an ill-gullible mentality, where the mother of your mother’s age is also made, even then there are even innocent young girls? After all, where do these thoughts come from, and is such a person capable of being called human?

The victim of this debatable thinking is a woman of Thakurdwara in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh, along with her sister Anees and Fakhruddin and two others, along with Naik Ahmad, have joined the woman’s house and raped them in a ruthless manner. Did the execution. When the daughter’s daughter came to save her mother, the Ahinda Nabi Ahmad was broken even on that. The accused were absconding after the woman made noise.

After this, the youth of the village on Surjan Nagar Road filed a petition in the court. It said that Ahmad Nabi from his village used to tamper on the way. When he protested, five people, including Ahmad Nabi, Anees and Fakhruddin, entered the house on October 11 and beat them with tear and sabotage. When her mother resisted, the accused locked her room and raped her and then tampered with her.According to the girl, the police negligently in registering the report, after which the police has registered a report of rape and molestation against five on the order of the court.

For 10 years, the  Maulana has been jailed … Praise of all the tireless efforts of Ghaziabad Police..

Nadeem was a maulana to say. He had great respect and people came to him to take up Islamic training. But no one knew who was hidden behind the Islamic Maulana Nadeem. Then one day Maulana Nadeem maled with two innocent brothers studying in the madarsas and crushed her childhood with cruelty under her lungs. Maulana had crushed the childhood of those students who had the responsibility of fostering their future on Maulana Nadeem.

The war is in 2015 and now Maulana, who has been guilty of two innocent brothers, has been given 10 years of imprisonment. On Monday, Poxo Act Court convicted Maulana and also sentenced him to a fine of 50 thousand along with the punishment. Of the money received from the fine, 20-20 thousand of both the victims have been ordered to pay the children.

Ranveer Singh Dagar, Special Administrative Advocate of Poxo Act Court told that two sons (elder son (9) and younger son (7) of a person living in a village in Sahibabad area were studying in Madarsa situated in Sahibabad. It is alleged that Maulana Nadeem of Madarsaa had done wrong with both brothers. On July 9, 2015, Maulana had done wrong with both the brothers.

Maulana threatened both the children that if they told this to anyone, then they would kill the people of their family. Meanwhile, on August 7, 2015, the two brothers who were studying in the madrasa on their leave in two months came to take their father and came home with them. Both the children came to the house and told the father everything. After this, a case has been registered in Sahibabad police station and now Maulana was convicted and sentenced to 10 years.


While crying, she was telling the police … trapped in the love of Shakir’s love, I was distributed to father-in-law and  Brother in Law..

A sensational phenomenon has emerged from Ramnagar in Nainital district of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, knowing that shyness will also be ashamed of shame. A woman has proposed to make an entourage on her father-in-law and sister-in-law. Not only that, he has said that mother-in-law and Jethani have given abortion after taking pregnancy. Police have registered a case in various sections including the allegation of misbehaving on the husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, Brother in Law and Sister- in -law.

According to the news, a woman resident of Mohalla Khatadi of Ramnagar told that the young man Sharik, who lived in the neighborhood, misbehaved with him in a love jaw. He complained to the police, after complaining to the police, Sharik married him on May 20, 2018. The woman has alleged that after this father-in-law Shamsher Ali and Jeth Monis have also pressurized her to make physical relation. The woman says that after this she was assaulted and the father-in-law raped her.

The woman said that her husband Sharik, Saas Jainat and Jethani Arashi beat him and gave him intoxication and signed him in plain paper. Due to pregnancy, her medicines were taken, which led to her abortion. The woman said that after this husband Sharik left her maternal uncle. On October 16, her husband came and took her, and she was repeated with the same story. SSI Kashmir Singh said that on the basis of Tahrir, all the accused have been booked for rape, beatings, abusive abuse.

Devbhumi becoming Polluted day by day …Salman, who is being corrupt, is guilty of another rape..

Another sensational case has emerged from DevBhumi Uttarakhand, which is constantly infected with religious fanatic transition, after a student of Roorkee was abducted and kidnapped and taken to Muzaffarnagar, a young man named Salman misbehaved with him in the hotel. Somehow the girl got out of her clutches and reached Muzaffarnagar Police and informed the family.

The girl’s family reached the Roorkee with her and informed the police. The police has started investigating the families of the families by lodging a case of rape against the accused youth. A young woman resident of Civil Lines Kotwali area reads in a college in Roorkee. According to the news, the student college came last Monday. Meanwhile Salman got Jinna’s identity. The allegation is that the young man sniffed him into a drug and took him to Muzaffarnagar. Here the youth started misbehaving in a hotel hostage.

The girl, in some way, escaped from the clutches of the accused and reached Muzaffarnagar Kotwali on Tuesday. Here the student informed the police about the incident. After this, the Muzaffarnagar police gave information to the family. As soon as the information was received, the students of the school reached Muzaffarnagar and the girl returned to Roorkee late in the evening. Here the relatives of the Civil Lines reached Kotwali and gave Tahrir giving information about the matter to the police.

Kotwali in-charge Amarjeet Singh said that the case has been registered in the other streams including the rape of Salman, a resident of Bhangari Mahavatpur, on Tahrir of the girl’s family. The accused is still absconding and soon the accused will be arrested and sent to jail.


13-year-old  girl was implicated in love jihad, Girl was killed

A sensational case of love jihad has emerged from the state of Assam in the North-East of Assam between the incidents of ever increasing love jihad, where Sajid promised to marry a minor Hindu girl and then killed her if she did not eat beef. According to reports from media sources, Sajid implicated the minor in the bluff of love. The minor’s dead came in his words but now in Guwahati, there is a corpse of a minor girl in suspicious circumstances.

At first it was believed that the matter is suicide, but as soon as the investigations were carried out, the matter of murder was revealed. On October 14, the body of the 13-year-old girl was recovered from Deepboal coast. Deepor Bail is located in the southwest of Guwahati City and is only a few kilometers away from the house of the boyfriend of the girl. There were deep marks of injury on the body of the girl. Initially it was believed that the girl has probably committed suicide, but as the investigation of the case progressed, the role of her boyfriend came to light. It is said that the girl was Hindu.She was in a relationship with a girl named Sajid Khan. He was troubling her for a long time.

It has been reported that Sajid forced the girl to eat beef. He wanted the girl to convert to Islam after accepting Islam but the girl did not eat beef, then Sajid raped her earlier and later murdered him. People say that Sajid and his family made plans and killed him and made a form of suicide.


On the name of the rapist Osman  was silenced as soon as Osman , the women commission of Delhi  became silent….

The image of Delhi women commissioner Swati Maliwal has been made such that it automatically takes cognizance of the incidents of Delhi, not just Delhi but also UP, Bihar, Gujarat and Kashmir. The Delhi women commissioner who talks about women’s self-respect is silent when the school cab driver Usman Khan rape in a Delhi girl with a innocent schoolgirl and tries to put innocent childhood under the feet of her lover.

The question arises that when the Delhi Women Commission can take cognizance of reports outside Delhi, why not the rapist of Delhi, Osman? The matter is of Delhi Karol Bagh area. A cab driver of a well-known private school in Delhi Karol Bagh area committed cruelty to a five-year-old girl studying in a nursery. On the complaint of the girl’s mother, the police arrested Karol Bagh police station and took action against the driver of the driver Osman Khan and lodged a case under Posko and arrested.

On Thursday, he was sent to Tihar Jail in Tihar Hazari court. According to Madhya District Police Officer, 38-year-old Usman Khan is a resident of a bariwadi. He’s married. Usman has been working to bring and take school students to school for the past 12 years. He has eco van. She works to bring children from the nursing studying in a prominent public school located in Karol Bagh to the 12th school.

For the past four months, Usman Khan was working to bring the girl to school and bring home. The mother of the girl said that she had been reluctant to go to school for a few days and was talking about the pain in the private part. On suspicion, when the mother of the girl questioned her strictly on Wednesday, she informed about the abusive act by the cab driver. The child said that while leaving the school from the house, the driver of the cab was sitting near him and used to do wrong things with him. After everybody left home, the cab driver left him home

Well, Delhi Police arrested the rapist Osman, showing the activism, but the surprise is that the Delhi Women Commission did not take any cognizance of the matter. Swati Maliwal, the president of the Delhi Women’s Commission, who is fasting on the Kathua Kand, does not consider taking cognizance of this incident as the name of rapist is Osman?



Rape of Dalit girl in Madarsa .. Only Hindu organizations and police with Dalits..

The childhood of a six-year-old innocent child in a madrassa of Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has crushed by the Havana Darinde Haider. Haider, a young man with a innocent girl in a madrasa in Mehnagar police station area of ​​Azamgarh district, committed the rape incident. The incident took place on Friday about the outrage among the two sects. According to the news received, the angry people tried to destroy the madarsas and set fire to it. The police has filed a case in this case and has been searching for the accused.

The case of Azamgarh is in the area of ​​the Meghnagar police station. It has been reported that the victim child reads in class 2. Madrasah was a bad reason for Zuma on Friday. He went to the madarsa to pick up some things from the shop. Meanwhile, Haidar, son of Madarasa manager Niyaz Haidar, came to see him alone and went away and seduced him and took him along to a madarasa, where he accompanied him to death. The people of the neighborhood came there by listening to the voice of innocent, but by then the accused youth had fled from there told by Baby girl .

On receiving the information, the workers of Hindu organizations also reached and demanded hanging the accused soon. After the incident a situation like communal tension was created in the area. The police arrived at the scene calm down both sides. Police Superintendent Kamlesh Prasad said that the police has registered a case of misbehavior against Madrasa’s manager Haidar’s son under section 376, Poxo Act and SC-ST Act.

On receiving the information, the workers of Hindu organizations also reached and demanded hanging the accused soon. After the incident a situation like communal tension was created in the area. The police arrived at the scene calm down both sides. Police Superintendent Nagar Kamlesh Prasad said that the police has registered a case of misbehavior against Madrasa’s manager Haidar’s son under section 376, Poxo Act and SC-ST Act.