In India there was a class where rape being taught to children

Know where is this school?

Every guardian sends his children to school with the thought that their child will go to school and read, get good education, and move forward. For this, the children’s parents read as much as possible, expensive to expensive schools, with the hope that there will be no shortage of development of their child.

Our country is, however, a country that believes in tradition where the teacher is considered more than the parent. The teacher has been considered as the creator of children’s future but just think that in the expensive schools where the parents send expensive children to their children, the children should be taught to rape instead of human values, what will they be called?

The incident is in Jabalpur of Madhya Pradesh, where a missionary school was being taught to children how to do sex, how should the girl be celebrated for physical relations. According to the news, a Christian missionary in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh was arrested on the charge of giving sex education to children and looting of children by Librarian Police. She is accused of teaching her class five things like “how to do, how to rape, and how to do sexism”.

When the children informed the family about this, the parents of the children collectively complained to the police station after which the arrest took place.

According to the information received, two children in class 5 of the missionary school told you that their librarian was teaching them all these things and told them to not tell anyone about this. After this, the parents of the children complained of abusive behavior of the librarian in Clapas from the management of the school

When the school’s principal got information, they asked the librarian. When asked, he confessed the mistake The librarian was dismissed immediately from the school. After this the parents of the parents arrested the complainant Dedeker Librarian in the police.