On the hanging of Assam, Moinul Haq hangs hanging, who drunk the body of a 58-year-old teacher and killed him by defeating the executionersWelcome to the court decision of Assam

Seeing the severe punishment of the rapists, the nation jumped at the time when the court saw a dilemma of Assam as a miracle of death. At that time, shadow dread was giving a message to the criminal on the face of that criminal, and the message was that the victory of justice was relaxed and the body of the teacher whose body was screwed badly, Salimuddin and Moinul Haq had Assam. This cardiovascular event …

It was known that the common people had come out of the time that justice was won when a court in Assam had executed one person in the case of rape and murder and sentenced to life imprisonment for the other person. Both of them had murdered a school teacher after raping last year. District and Sessions Court of Hoshii District awarded death sentence to Moinul Haque and Salimuddin was sentenced to life imprisonment for non-bailable.

The court convicted both of them on May 31, 2017 for the incident in Jamunamukh area of the district. Advocate Amarjyoti Saikia, the advocate of the victim’s teacher, said, “The court considered this case as the case of the rare case and sentenced to death.” When the 58-year-old teacher was going to school, both of them had done their rituals only. After this they killed him and threw his dead body into Kopili river. The body of the teacher of the deceased was recovered from the river.

In this matter, along with social media, Sudarshan News contributed a lot in raising the voice of justice while other major news agencies played the self-taught theory of secularism.