The first statement came from the famous lawyer Farah Faiz after coming to the asylum of Satya Sanatan

Know what is said by Farah Faiz

Farhad Faiz has finally accepted Satya Sanan as the Supreme Court advocate against the Supreme Court’s advocate and the three divorces, who have been badly beaten by Maulana in front of the live camera and now the path of Hindutva has gone. After answering the Maulana in his language, Farah Faiz, who came to the national level, has now become a Hindu and the new name has become Lakshmi.

After coming back to his house, there are many more such cases which are likely to come up because he himself called the former Kshatriyya, which can become inspiration for many others. It is known that Farah Faiz, which has become a new symbol of women power, has now begun to fight against Laxmi and Deobandi ulama. Farah Faiz At present, Lakshmi, along with Islamic scholars, maulanas and clerics, is said to be the fatwas to issue the fatwa to the Deobandi scholars.

Shortly after this, the Deobandi Ulemas took a stand against Farah and demanded action against the government with Lakhmai’s apology. This grandfather of Deobandi Ulemao could not suppress Farah in any situation, and after this, Farah has also openly opted against the Ulemas. He made sharp comments about ulema and Darul Uloom Deoband

According to media reports, taking objection to the name of the Shariyat court, it is difficult not to work, but to name it. Darulkja’s name has been advised to be a Midiensation Center. Darulkja is a social organization and no social organization has the right to establish a court in front of the organization’s name. According to Farah alias Lakshmi, Muslim society is ready to accept the law being made by the government. Society has no objection,

But the contractor and fundamentalists of society do not want the Muslim community to be free from their clutches. The thinking of the Muslims should not be developed so that they can work in the development of the country. 

Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali.

He was married but after that whatever happened he could not even think Know everything that happened in this true event.

Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, who was a woman of the army, was married to Major Anjali. He was married but after that whatever happened he could not even think Know everything that happened in this true event.

He was lying behind a woman Major of the Indian Army for a long time. He used to make every effort to marry the woman Major in any form, but perhaps the woman major knew everything that many other girls did not know and went away in that endless period of torture from where she got out It is almost impossible to come back .. As a result, the woman’s Majesty had kept a watchful one step.

Be aware that this incident is Raipur in Chhattisgarh region. Here a Muslim youth had spent a long time following the name of Anjali Jain, a woman named Major, but the woman Major, thinking her intentions at the right time, laid the condition of adopting Hindutva cleanly.

For a long time, Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui, after being in prostitution, gave the opportunity to become a Hindu by reducing the likelihood of the occasion and the loss of his own profit, and kept his name Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui with Aryan Arya and in the Arya Samaj temple. He had adopted Hindu religion by purifying it.

At that time, the woman, Major Anjali married her, but after marriage, she has decided to go with her family, leaving the Hindus made up of Hindus, Aryan aka Mohammed Ibrahim Siddiqui. Aryan Arya had accepted Hindutva in Raipur on February 23, 2018. Even till this matter went to the court, but after the marriage, Anjali appeared before Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice AM Khanvilkar and DC Chandrachud’s bench and said that he was his mother – wants to be with the father.

Given the desire of Anjali, the court granted him permission. In the last hearing, the court had directed Dattatreya’s DSP to present Anjali’s parents to the court. After the decision of the Chhattisgarh court, Aryan Arya had approached the Supreme Court, where once again he had to eat his mouth. 

August 18 – Birthday of great Hindu warrior Bajirao Peshwa The fake cartoon that came before it to defame them, then the contractor gave the film to the world.

Dancing singers who might have their own 2 Generally, you can not remember correctly.

Do the so-called stars get drunk in wine at night, they will tell us our true history. Describe the glory of the sun, should there be courage in the Zero Watt bulb? Can fake combat and false screen action match the real battle skills of those heroes?

Did the so-called star supporters see the heroic heroism of the fake parallel to be the real war of those brave warriors whose witnesses were themselves gods?

If not, you must also know that beyond the boundaries of those who have made a film about the Bajirao of the Marathas, the bravery, the battle, the sacrificial sacrifice, the sacrifice, the pride of the nation, who have given them a sense of humor on their motherland. To teach the separation of the head and not to the country taking the heads of the soldiers of their country to lure and dance to the values of Hindutva Never ever ridicule your films with your statements …

Today we are telling you about the great warrior Bajirao who had not only buried the Mughals on his sword in the land of India for the establishment of the Hindu Empire, but also forced the Portuguese to repent upon coming to India. A 2 Imagine the character and skill of that greatest warrior from the hour’s film, perhaps it would be foolish to be too stupid, even through those dancing singers who might have their own 2 Generally, you can not remember correctly.

Let us know that about the great warrior Bajirao, whose real estimate of bravery is probably not a matter of my own or anybody’s possessions, and the great warrior whose history is not respected by those so-called historians who are known for their sycophancy. The historians who had sold their pen and intellect only in one house. Bajirao was the great general of the Maratha empire. He was the eldest son of Balaji Vishwanath and Radhabai.

After the death of Balaji Vishwanath, King Shahu appointed him his second Peshwa (1720-1740 CE). Bajirao I was also known as ‘Bajirao Ballal’ and ‘Thorele Bajirao’. Bajirao I tried to spread the ideology of ‘Hindu Pada Pardhahi’ to expand the glory of the Hindu nation. Not only this, Bajirao I was a great politician and qualified commander.

He exhorted King Shahu to take advantage of the situation of the Mughal empire, saying, “Come, let us strike on the hollow stem of this old tree, the branches will fall on themselves. By our efforts Krishna, the signatory of Hinduism, From the river till the arrest, Shahu said: “Certainly you will plow it across the Himalayas. Of course you deserve the right father

King Shahu had separated himself from Raj-kaj and had done the work of the administration of the Maratha empire, Peshwa Bajirao first .. Not only that Bajirao I was considered the best in all nine Peshwas. Bajirao I had seen with his vision that the Mughal Empire was going to be disintegrated. That is why he had planned to establish ‘Hindu Padshahi’ in place of Mughal Empire with the help of Hindu Rajas outside the Maharashtra region.

For this purpose, he sent the Maratha forces to northern India, which would be the last strike on the root of the decadent Mughal empire. He invaded Malwa in 1723 AD and in 1724 AD, with the help of local Hindus, he won Gujarat. Bajirao I was not only a qualified soldier but a prudent politician. He experienced that the end of the Mughal empire is near and by getting the sympathy of the Hindu heroes, this situation can be well utilized to increase the power of the Marathas.

Due to being courageous and imaginative, he certainly created the policy of Maratha imperialism, which was first started by Peshwa. He initiated the policy of spreading across Narmada with the aim of striking at the center of the royal power. Therefore, he proposed to his master Shahu – “We should hurt the tree trunk, the branches will fall on their own.” Thus the flag of Marathas should be hoisted from Krishna to Sindhu. Many of Bajirao’s supporters did not support this policy.

He explained to him that it is proper to strengthen the Maratha power in the South before starting the victory in the North. But he persuaded his master to accept his qualification of northern expansion with strength and enthusiasm. In order to bring Hindu heroes together in one place and for their support, Bajirao preached the ‘Hindu Padshahi’ model.

By taking advantage of the civil war in Gujarat, the Marathas have established their rights in that prosperous province. Bajirao I first took the iron from the Nizam Nizamulmulk of the Deccan, which was creating division by the differences between the Marathas. On March 7, 1728, the Nizam suffered a severe defeat in the battle of Palkheda and was forced to join the ‘Mugi Shivangon’

Bajirao I had raided Delhi on March 29, 1737 for the demonstration of Maratha power. During his three-day stay in Delhi, Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah was ready to leave Delhi. In this way Bajirao was the first successful in attempts to prove the supremacy of Maratha power in North India. He had succeeded in snatching Basi and Salacit provinces from the Portuguese.

After Shivaji, Bajirao was the second such Maratha general in the first, who adopted the guerrilla war system. He is also known as ‘Ladaku Peshwa’. Today, Sudarshan family, repeatedly submitting to him the birth anniversary of that Veer sacrificial person, repeats the promise of eternal life forever in true form. 

When the arrest of the Kanwadis was being done in Delhi then the attack was being done at Haridwar on the same day. That too with sharp weapons All the news against the lunatics to press the same news

The idea behind the hide behind this news will be the idea.

This is an incident at that time when pictures of one or two places were being shown to the people of the country during the Kawad Yatra, but it was being concealed under the guise of the truth which was showing the society that a mirror in which a lot of fanaticism Was getting ..

This misfortune was not happening in any ordinary place but it was happening in Haridwar that had long ago been giving message of being alert to fundamentalism, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji in his Bindas Bol from the edge of the Ganga. In order to save the real fundamentalists, the Kanvindas were also convicted and organized and attacked all over India

It is known that the news that was pressed has brought a very simple and slight thing as a pretext, and some fundamentalists have faced a case of strikes with sharp weapons with striped weapons. At the same time, some local youths who came to save the colonists also attacked the accused. Not only here, along with a local youth, they started attacking the house and attacking them with sharp weapons

The police has registered a suit against Yakub alias Kala, Matlub, Hussain, Yakub son Mangata and Monu son Kayum resident, Bahadarpur Khadar and dozens of unknown people. In this case, Kotwal of local police station Amarchand Sharma told that the matter is being investigated by lodging a case based on Tahrir.

Satish son Vinod, resident of Bahadpur Khadar village of Laksar Kotwali, gave Tahrir to the police and said that on August 8, a team of Kanvadis going to take Kawnad from the vehicle was coming to stay in the village temple. During this time, the cable line passing over the path due to the carriage on the Kaunvad vehicle was pulled out. It is alleged that more than two dozen people from other communities brought sticks and sharp weapons in their hands and attacked the Kanvadis.

According to Satish, some people of this village and some people tried to intervene. The accusations against him were overwhelmed and they began to beat him. When he came home to save his life, the assailant also entered the house and started assault with him. An attacker tried to attack him with sharp weapons. On the basis of Tahrir, the police has registered a case against accused Yakub alias Kala, Matlub Hussain and Yakub son Mangata and Monu Sukkhan Kiyum resident of Bahadpur Khadar and dozens of unknown people. 

Many IAS officers out of Kashmir were believed to be Sanjivani for secularism. But everyone was shocked to hear this statement of top Shah Faisal

Know what is his thinking after going to the top post like IAS?

For the past some time, the fast growing number of Kashmiris in the army and police was declared for the country’s secularism. Sanjivani. With this, the number of Kashmiris in the IAS, which is also known as the most prestigious examination in the country, suddenly grew rapidly. It was the most publicity of the people that Kashmiris have a passion to join the mainstream of the country, due to which they have now come out of the path of terror. On the path of writing the studies

It is to be known that a petition challenging the nature of the country’s integrity, which is known as Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir, is to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday. But it was against its hearing just before its hearing. First of all, the Kashmiri separatist organizations raised their voice against it, as well as the National Conference has raised voice in support of the article.

Surprisingly, there is no one else who has given this statement, but has been a topper of the UPSC Civil Services Examination of 2010 batch and is currently in the US to participate in the Mid-career Postgraduate Courses. But everyone was surprised when Shah Rukh Khan, a Kashmiri-based IAS officer who had broken all rules and regulations, has also advocated Article 35A.

In a way, IAS officer Shah Faisal warned that the cancellation of Article 35A of the Constitution will end the relationship of Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of the country. In a tweet, he said, “I will compare paragraph 35A with affirmation. If you end it then the relationship will end. After that nothing will remain for discussion. ‘ He said that the merger of Jammu and Kashmir was done before the implementation of the Constitution of India. They said, ‘Yes, those who say that the merger still persists,

They forget that the merger was like ‘Stopped’ because the Constitution was not implemented at that time. ‘ He said, “If the marriage is terminated then what can be done is to prevent two people.” 

August 3 -Emansipation Day, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who came out of Kerala, Flag of Religion flooded the whole world Sudarshan News bow down on his Nirvana day to Swami Chinmayanand, who sacrificed life for religion.

Emansipation Day of Swami Chinmayanand Sarswati ji

August 3 -Emansipation Day, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who came out of Kerala, Flag of Religion flooded the whole world

Sudarshan News bow down on his Nirvana day to Swami Chinmayanand, who sacrificed life for religion.

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati, who spread the message of Hindutva, was born on May 8, 1916, in Ernakulam Kerala. Swami Ji was a famous spiritual thinker of India and a world famous scholar of Vedanta philosophy. Their original name was ‘Balkrishna Menon’. He traveled all over India and saw many misconceptions about religion in the country. To get rid of them, Swami Chinmayanand ji started the ‘Gita Jnan-Yagna’ and established ‘Chinmaya Mission’ in 1953.

The discourses of Swami Chinmayanand were very rational and inspirational. A lot of people gathered to listen to them. Swamiji trained hundreds of gentlemen and Brahmachari, established thousands of Swadhyayas Mandals, and also started many social service initiatives. He wrote explanations on more than 35 books of Upanishad, Geeta and Adi Shankaracharya. His commentary on ‘Geeta’ is considered best.

Birth and education

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati was born on May 8, 1916 in Ernakulam, Kerala. His childhood name was ‘Balkrishna Menon’. His Father was a judge in the Justice Department. Balkrishna’s early education took place at the local school ‘Shriram Verma Byas School’ at the age of five. His main language was English. Balkrishna’s intellect was intense and he was smart at reading. They were counted among the ideal students. For further education, Valkrishna Menon took admission in ‘Maharaja College’.

He was a science student in college. Biology, botany and chemistry were his subjects. After passing the interval from here, his father transferred to Trichur. Here he left the science subject and took the subject of art. Later, for higher education, he took admission in ‘Lucknow University’ in 1940. Here he studied law and English literature. Balakrishna Menon, with diverse interests, was also involved in studies at the university level as well as in other activities.

In 1942 he joined the National Movement of Independence and he had to stay in prison several months. After receiving a bachelor’s degree, he got a job as a journalist in the National Herald of New Delhi and started writing on various subjects. Regardless of the commercial performance, Menon was dissatisfied with his immediate life and was surrounded by eternal questions about the real meaning of life and death and spirituality.

Philosophy studies

In order to find answers to your questions, Balakrishna Menon started an in-depth study of both Indian and European philosophies. Impressed by Swami Shivananda’s writing, Menon abandoned worldly life and joined Shivanand’s ashram in 1949. There he was named “Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati”, which means “a person full of joy of full consciousness

During the next eight years, he spent time studying ancient philosophical literature and records in the director of Vedanta Guru Swami Tapovan. During this time Chinmayananda realized that the purpose of his life was to spread the message of Vedanta and bring spiritual renaissance to India.


Starting from Pune, Chinmayanand Saraswati started to offer knowledge-sacrifice in all the major cities. Initially the priestly class opposed the free spread of the holy knowledge of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, because at that time this knowledge was safe for the Brahmins. Every person had access to Chinmayanand. They meet men and women in satsangs (religious meetings) and give them spiritual guidance.

He emphasized that the purpose of Vedanta is to make it more happier and satisfying in the daily life of a person, which instructs the person from within to self-spiritual awareness. With the help of examples of daily life, he used to explain the esoteric philosophy in a general and rational way.

Establishment of Chinmay Mission

Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati founded the ‘Chinmay Mission’, which is engaged in spreading the knowledge of Vedanta all over the world. In addition, this institution also oversees the activities of many cultural, educational and social work. Chinmayanand Saraswati represented Hinduism in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1993. A century ago Swami Vivekananda received this honor.


Today, on 3 rd August 1993, due to a heart attack in San Diego in California, Swami Chinmayanand Saraswati received the Mahasamadhi and became free from worldly life.

Today, on this day of his Nirvana, Sudarshan News repeatedly welcomed and congratulated the great Vivegnant who worked for Vedic religion. 

Regardless of whether the electoral issue will be onion, oil, electricity, water, but Pakistan is being contested in the name of Islam and Kashmir. Know some special points of elections in Pakistan.

There is no reason for anybody with words like secularism and secular.

These different countries have different agendas. The issues of elections in secular countries ie secular countries are roads, gutter, oil, electricity, water etc. On which many governments have seen and deteriorated, the government which wants to show in those countries, is seen by most people and accordingly The ideas are presented in the society as well. 
But where the boundaries of secularism begin, there is everything that is completely new to the people of the secular and never seen and is like the thought. Even though the boundaries of so-called secularism break out of India’s boundaries. Whether they are Islamic country in the east of India or the Islamic country in the west of India is Pakistan. There is no reason for anybody with words like secularism and secular. 
The people there do not believe in their religion and religious beliefs and do not even everyone else around them. Something similar is happening to see that Pakistan is like a stigma next to India. Because of the historic mistake of Indian politicians, many In Pakistan, which has become a pain of centuries, today is a big thruster of the election campaign and the maximum votes will be cast in this case, in which case it is Kashmir or Islam. 
Pakistani leaders openly tell the terrorists who are fighting terrorists by lifting arms through the Indian army in Kashmir and in their speeches, they are giving statements about the occupation of Kashmir by the occupation of Kashmir and their involvement in Pakistan. The matter here is not only of Kashmir, 
Many Pakistanis, in their statements, have blamed the campaign against the Rohingya fighters of Buddhists in Myanmar and won the hearts of the people there, and many have threatened to teach their lessons not only to India but to Israel as a Muslim, People are praising the people by singing the slogan “Ekta Zindabad” 
For example, on the last day of elections in Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif, the current head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), promised people that if his party’s government was formed then they would merge Kashmir in the country .. Such an atmosphere Will prepare that Kashmir’s population themselves to be ready to join Pakistan. Just like Eastern and Western Germany had merged together. 
Before this, they had said that they believed that it would be quite like the wall of Berlin (the capital of Germany) (when the East and West Germany merged on October 3, 1990). They also accused India of being inhumanly from the Kashmiris. They are oppressing them. Not only this, the emerging leader of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto has also named Israel with Kashmir and Gaza Strip in many of his statements.
Imran Khan, who came to the discussion with former cricketer and his wife Rehman Khan, who could be considered as the most powerful candidate in Pakistan’s path to become a Wazir-e-Azam, also took the name of Kashmir in this matter and repeatedly refuted his image in a radical society. Along with this, the miscreant terrorist Hafeez Saeed was also trying to take down his candidature in Pakistan, in whose open words Pakistan does not even burden T was also told to do Islamicization.  
At the moment, some leaders raise local issues, but they do not exist anywhere in this election, and the main battle is to be between the same fanaticism. 

16th July- Repentance is repeated on birthdays; Vandanay Devvavalya Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati ji who protects religion till the last breathe

He was forgetting that his fight was from religion .. It is known that it is universal that the title of Shankaracharya is considered the highest post of Hindutva

Those symbols were for the protection of religion, that was the inspiration for every god protector who has dedicated his life to the truth. The enemies are so powerful but they have to kneel before the truth, to see it and to know that it is worshipable The biography of Gurudev can be read.
There was a fight of truth in front of falsehood in which even the number of false people had to kneel even after the greater number of them. The identity of eternal purity was that the Guru had tried to defame Sanatan by mischief by mischief in every way. He was forgetting that his fight was from religion .. It is known that it is universal that the title of Shankaracharya is considered the highest post of Hindutva. This is the post which is seen after God as another reciprocable form. 
Due to many types of rituals and puja etc., Shankaracharya is often confined to temple-monastery. One of the four main benches of Shankaracharya is Kanchi highly reputed. Shri Jayendra Saraswati, the Devlokvas Shankaracharya, broke these traditions and went into poor habitations, and because of this, he had escaped from poor conversion. His image in this later began to accuse the devotees of conversion because Their pulses were not to be melted in any case and was destroyed in any moment due to Pujya Shankaracharya.  
In this way, Pujya Shankaracharya ji made his image quite different from other passive people. He used to take great interest in the activities of the Hindu organization. Although, due to this, he suffered the tortures of the jail facing many false accusations, but the creators of the conspiracy against him also tortured him. God judged them and punished the culprits. The name of childhood of Sri Jainendra Saraswati was named Subrahmanyam. 
He was born on July 16, 1935 in the house of Shri Mahadev Aiyar in the town of Irulniki in Tamil Nadu. Dad sent him to Kamakoti Math for studying the Vedas in his nine years of age. There he studied Rig Veda and other texts for six years. Chandrasekharendra Saraswati, the 68th Acharya of the Math, saw his talent and asked him to read the Upanishad. Probably he was looking at his future successor in Subrahmanyam, which later proved to be correct also 
Later on, he traveled to many pilgrimages with his father. They went to Tirumala for the visit of Lord Venkateswara and there they shaved their head. March 22, 1954 was the important day of his life, when he assumed his sannyas. Standing in water in the sacred pond, he chanted the question of mantra and lifted Yajnopop and separated himself from worldly life. After this, he came out of the pond after wearing his saffron cloth provided by his master Swami Chandrasekharendra Saraswati. 
From this country, he also knew and learned the corruption of religion in India. After this, for 15 years, they studied Vedas, grammar, and jurisprudence. Seeing his intense sadhana, the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetha Swami Chandrasekharendra Saraswati declared him his successor and named him Jayendra Saraswati. Now most of his time was spent in pooja; But seeing the country and the state of religion, sometimes his mind became very restless. 
They thought that there is a crisis on the Hindu society; But most of the people of the Hindu society were busy in their despicable selfish interests. To consider these problems, they once left the monastery and went to solitary for a few days. After returning from there, they handed over the work of rituals and rituals to their heirs and started their service in the poor Hindustani localities. He felt that through this medium the mind of poor, uneducated and well-known Hindus can be won. 
They opened hundreds of schools and hospitals in collaboration with the monastery and devotees. 
With this, Hindus awake and become organized in Tamil Nadu. The conversion activities were stopped; But do not know why the rulers and some electoral parties in it seemed to be averse to him in the path of their power. He deliberately put him in jail and it is a pity that the so-called secular media also did not have the proof Cheating according to habit and nature ..
But he had left everything on God with calmness, after which all the charges against him were proved false in the court. The public also recognized all those conspirators and ousted them from power and the destruction of all the people involved in this conspiracy happened, whose witness became a world. 
After all, the Shankaracharya of the holy Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth, which protects religion till the last breath, has passed away on 28 February 2018 at the age of 83. Today, on his holy birthday, the Sudarshan family, after repeatedly submitting him, takes a vow to keep his holy veneration forever eternally.

It would be better to remember your glorious ancestors, what does Lenin and Stalin do to you? Welcome to this statement by Bipel Dev

Shri Biplab Dev ji has given a revelation that is a motivation source for the nation and a controversy for some people

The famous Chief Minister of Tripura, Shri Biplab Dev ji has given a revelation that is a motivation source for the nation and a controversy for some people. Although Mr. Biplab Dev ji said that many people have a politics, therefore their ruckus is natural 
To return to the glorious history of your country, this statement may be a matter of contention for some but for the nationalists, it is a motto. It is known that after insulting Mother India and ridiculing Vande Mataram, Russians and others Tripura Chief Minister Shri Biplab Dev ji has given a great statement, while announcing the practice of honoring many foreigners. 
It is very clear that Shri Biplab Dev ji would be better that we should remember our glorious ancestors and not those who have no relation with India far away. Chief Minister, the name of Agartala airport named after Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Arrived at the event organized in the celebration of Bipalav Deb thanked the PM for keeping the name of Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya, the last ruler of the Tripura monarchy. 
He said, “Manikya ruler was a king who loved democracy. In Tripura, there was no oppressive regime like the Jar of Russia. “Mr. Biplab Deb ji asked people from the forum from the stage,” It was tried that people forget our rulers and remember Stalin and Lenin. Who knows who they are? Does a native know about them ? What will happen to them ? ‘ 

On the mercy of the orphan Muslim girl was adopted by the secular Ravi Kant .. But they did not know that there is a great disaster

He was a Hindu, he did not even let himself be beaten around the ideology of Hinduism.

Ravi Kant had never once got the feeling of Hindu Muslims in his life. Even though he was a Hindu, he did not even let himself be beaten around the ideology of Hinduism.
He was determined to do a noble task in which he felt that the secular forces would give him good praise and in the intellectual class he would be known as humanity’s messiah. But their estimation got demolished and they just got to lose their lives. Today they are battling with life and death … every day with the threat of death, they also become a threat to the whole family .. In Hyderabad, a person was badly injured by some people by knocking 16 times.
The victim’s suffering is so much that she adopted the orphan Muslim girl. The girl had lost her parents in the Hyderabad blasts in 2007. The man who adopted the child has been identified as Paralal Ravikant, one of the victims escaped the life of Ravi Kant in this attack and is now in Osmania Hospital. He is undergoing treatment.
It is being told that the attack on him happened on June one. According to reports, the child got a baby near Gokul Chat Center near the blasted place, only during the Hyderabad Blast. Ravikant had brought the girl home and she was nurturing it since 2007. He told that no one was asking the girl at that time that’s why she brought her to her house. When she brought the girl to her house, her family was getting threats and she was being tortured. 
The girl named Sania, who is now studying in the 8th The family that raised the child said that when he brought the girl home, the people of both the Hindu and Muslim communities had opposed this. Papalal works for making idols in a temple. Papalal said that Sania Fatima had lost her parents in 2007. Someone was not adopting him so we had brought our house. Sania’s arrival came to our home with happiness. 
Even after so many attacks, Ravikant says that we do not believe in Hindu Muslims, we believe in humanity. She is my eldest daughter and she will not leave her anymore, whatever she is. Papalal’s family is giving good education to the girl, so that she can stand on her feet. At present, the so-called secular forces in the whole of the matter, the film world and the famous intellectual class in tweet is in the mood of silence …