November 23 – On the “Black Day of the Journalists”, today, in the Philippines , 32 grievously murdered victims of the Philippines have paid homage to tribute

They tried to frighten them by power, terrorists also tried to distract them. But they were soldiers of pen and also convinced to make the public aware of the truth. That is why the bullets were fired upon them. Some of them could have wanted to run away, but one too did not run away from the hands of their other partner and in the end, when their dead bodies were counted, they were in number 32, whereas Delhi’s MLA Somnath Bharti The power was shattered in the item and there was such a shatter in his violent leader-song that he was not worried about public and journalism.

According to him, his talk is paramount but the media personnel were sacrificed but did not bow down to that dictatorship. The journalism society is a mirror, even though the ruthless ruler of the Philippines and Somnath Bharti of Delhi can not understand this, but when someone If there is an incident that leads to the entire society and journalism, then it is very sad. Something similar is like this: Today, on November 23, 2009, 32 innocent media persons were killed in the Philippines.

It was the biggest event in the world to hit so many journalists all over the world. After the killing of journalists, after the Iraqis, the Philippines was declared the world’s most dangerous country in the world, where journalists are the most vulnerable. The incident of this horrendous massacre of journalists took place when Asamal was going to file a nomination for the supporters of Mangundasu on the governor. But protesters opposed the Governor. Journalists were also involved in protests.

After which the supporters of the Assamese Mangudaduta rocked the show and shot them. A total of 57 people were killed in this incident. Due to the same massacre of journalists, the image of the Philippines was very poor at international level and foreign journalists did not even go there. Not only this, the new generation also hesitated to come to the profession of journalism, due to the fact that there is famine of true news. And today the same country is not only struggling with poverty but is also forced to withstand the extinction of terrorism.

Not only that, the Philippines has been declared the second most dangerous country in the world for journalists. Increasingly atrocities on journalists by the Kejriwal government rising towards dictatorship in Delhi and their right hand Somnath Bharti, and later, supporting their unholy party by their whole party somewhere shows that these groups are also the same in India as the Philippines. Wants to create conditions and at the international level the same image.Today, the Sudarshan family reiterates their commitment to bringing their bravery ahead of public opinion, while offering devotional and tears of tribute on this dark day of journalism to all those departed Brave 32 mediapersons.

Islamic country, Suvarna, a Hindu woman journalist who was brutally killed in Bangladesh .

The so-called contractor of humanity are silenced.

Islamic country, Suvarna, a Hindu woman journalist who was brutally killed in Bangladesh . The so-called contractor of humanity are silenced. This silence is telling the fact that there is a Hindu who is dying or otherwise arguably so far on this matter the issue would have begun.

The question is being raised whether the boundaries of so-called secularism are bound only by going outside of India, And there is no class of intellectual name in the country. The question is, where are the many people who went to shake the government in the name of honor of a woman.

Be aware that the Islamist country, after repeated assassination of a woman journalist in Bangladesh, extremists have clearly pointed out that there is no place for at least Hindus in Bangladesh. Even before this, a number of Hindu Hindus and minorities were killed by one of the people who raised their voices. Once again in Bangladesh, a Hindu female journalist has been brutally assassinated on Tuesday.

It is being told that the invaders entered the woman’s house and attacked her with sharp sharp weapons and killed her. Around 10 to 12 attackers came riding on a motorcycle. According to the Bangladeshi police, when Nodi opened the door, the attackers hurled him on the floor and struck him with sharp sharpening on him.

According to Bangladeshi media reports after the murder of a child’s mother and 32-year-old Subarna Nodi, Subarna Nodi was working as a correspondent for a private news channel Ananda TV. Artists, activists and journalists are constantly being victim of fundamentalists in Bangladesh. According to Bangladeshi news channel, some people knocked on the door of Nodi’s house and when Nodi opened the door, the attacker broke down on it.

When Nodi was being taken to the hospital in an injured condition, she died on the way. Ndi, 32, was a resident of Pabna in Bangladesh.