A girl hanged in the clutches of ISIS sold in 9 countries showing pain for Rohingya ..

ISIS, who is massacrating the Islamic terror group, who is massacring the religious law in the world, has described the victim as being victimized by the victim who was imprisoned by ISIS and then sold it to the countries. The victim Laila Talo Khwahhar, who came out of the clutches of ISIS, has heard from her, everyone is in the hearing. She has heard it in the Mumbai Press Club of Mumbai. She told that she has been sold many times and she has been raped.

Laila Talo Khoudar said that the year 2014 was enjoying summer holidays in the Singhar district and people had gathered to exchange exchanges between friends and relatives. Meanwhile, people in the area came to know about some of the armed people. According to reports, Laila Talo Khader was 26 years old at the time when the ISIS people reached their village on August 3, 2014 in Kocho, Kordoba, during a campaign in northern Iraq.

Their purpose was to kill and displace thousands of people and make slaves. He further said that after receiving information about the people of ISIS coming in his area, he escaped with his two children, husband and family, but the next morning 19 of them were caught, after which his mother, six Brothers and half brothers were killed At the same time, they were made sex slave Laila shared the pain of his two years, eight months and six days, that he was sold in nine countries before escaping from the clutches of ISIS.

During this time they were raped many times. It includes Iraq, Baghdad and Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, he had said that in the way he has been suffering, in very heavy numbers, women are suffering from pain and their life is trapped in the clutches of ISIS. Let us tell you that in those countries where the land sold to Laila, the killers of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar show pain for Rohingyas.

Buddhists murderer Rohingyas  shows rigidity said … – “We do not leave Delhi”

Rohingya invaders who have infiltrated Hindustan by killing Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar have announced that they will not return to Delhi after any circumstances. The murderers of Buddhists and Hindus are stuck in the same way as Rohingya stone that they will remain here and will not leave Delhi. Rohingya Muslims living in Delhi say that they would prefer to die instead of going back.

Let us know that for the first time, Delhi Police has distributed National Verification Form in Rohingya Camps. He is also taking biometric information of the people living here. The Rohingya Muslims are afraid that this move by the police is that somewhere they should be sent back by them. Although verification forms have been filled in the past, but some new sections have been added in this form, due to which the Rohingyas have fear.

Let us know that the first two boxes of the new form have been written in one of the d ‘Ami maan tu bangli bangali’ and the second is written, ‘Akerin ami mianasamar Bengali.’ This means that ‘I am Bengali in Myanmar’. It is feared that due to this selection, the entire battle of their identity will be in danger.Let us know that on the cover of verification of Rohingyas, it has been written that it has been issued by the Embassy of Myanmar.

Police told that the relevant orders have been received from the Home Ministry. Rohingyas living in camps say that, “Police chiefs told us that they would come for our biometric details. He said with great humility that at the moment it will not be used to send us back, but we are not accepting our mind and we will not go back to Delhi in any situation.


Rohingyas are the real murderers of the Buddhists… Rohingyas are selling their own daughters for money .. No claim of any Hindu organization or Buddhists

In Myanmar, there is a sensational disclosure of the Rohingya terrorists who murdered Buddhists and Hindus. According to the news, the number of Rohingya refugees has reached about 10 lakhs in Bangladesh and the refugees coming from Myanmar are selling their young women for bonded wages. No Hindu organization has disclosed this to Rohingyas, but the UN has done it. After this disclosure of the United Nations, once again the world has become cautious about the Rohingyas.

The United Nations Immigration Agency (IOM) said that in the uneasy and frustrating of getting some money, the families are sending their daughters to work in an extremely dangerous environment. IOM says that two-thirds of the women and children who are trapped in this bonded labor, are taking advantage of the assistance from the United Nations in the Cox Market. About 10 percent of the girls and women are also victims of sexual harassment.

IOM says that despite the false promises of work and a better life, they do not seem to be very strict. Some victims are not aware of the dangers associated with them or they have become so disturbed by their circumstances that they do not feel anything harsh and are being sold to their daughters to get the money.


The funding of the terrorists was made in India, the mosque …

NIA discloses From time to time, not only are these voices rising, but there is evidence that terrorism is being promoted under the guise of mosque and madarsas. It is said that mosques and madarsas are made for training, they are made for worship but nothing happens that the mosque and the madarsas come under the scope of doubt.

The suspicion is that terrorist organizations have some hands behind some madarsas and mosques. The allegation is that the money belonging to the terror organizations of these terror organizations is being constructed in the construction of madarsas and mosques, and the country is being pushed into a fire of destruction. Why do not they go from there to terrorists like Mannan when he taught around Lesson of Jankir Terror

The allegations of promoting terror from the mosque proved right when National Investigation Agency (NIA) caught a mosque in the country that was made from money from terrorists. This mosque is being constructed in the Palwal district of Haryana. A mosque named Merkaj is being constructed from the terrorist fund in Utahabad village in Palwal of Haryana. To whom the village named Utah, a youth named Utah, has been arrested by a team of Indian Intelligence Agency (NIA). The original residence of the arrested youth is Utwad village of Mewati area of ​​Palwal district.

The accused accused Marakj Masjid comes to Utwad every Friday. NIA officials are interrogating about the amount of crores of rupees in the construction of the mosque. Two other people have been arrested in this case. Who is mounting #Tausif and #AbdulNaeem for whom #NIA has wandered? And yes any of the terror …. According to NIA sources, Salman was arrested from his residence in Delhi.

Salman was brought to the mosque being built in the village, where information about the money was being deposited in the mosque. It is being said that the money coming from abroad has been spent in the construction of the mosque, that money came from the Arab countries, which is a violation of the rules of the government. The NIA has arrested two other people along with Salman and is associated with their Terror Funding and one is also involved in the involvement of Pakistani nationals.


Baba Ramdev ji talks about the mind of the country … Rohingya and Bangladeshi do not run away if this is going to happen in India Speak country

Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

After the release of the Assam NRC, the world famous Yogguru Swamy Ramdev has also made his statement about the illegal intruders living in the country among the political hoodlums.

Having heard such a statement, the nationalists have jumped with joy and are supporting Swami Ramdev in one note. Swamy Ramdev said that if any illegal intruders belong to any country they should be deported from the country, otherwise they will make 10 and Kashmir full of problems. He has said that people from Rohingya and Bangladesh can not be settled in India

It is known that a big campaign is being organized in Assam with illegal Bangladeshi people. In the draft of National Register Citizens (NRC), about 40 lakh people have been declared illegal. However, these people have a chance to prove their citizenship and have been given a chance. Swamy Ramdev said that such people should be banished from the country as soon as possible, otherwise they will create 10 more Kashmirs.

He said that it is difficult for the government to handle a Kashmir and if these illegal intruders are not stopped then such 10 Kashmiris will be ready and at that time it will be in a very dangerous situation, it is easy to see the prevailing situation in Kashmir. can go. Swamy Ramdev said that Rohingya and Bangladeshi infiltrators are foreign nationals and they camped in India.

They say that if Rohingya is settled here, ten more Kashmiris will be ready in India. Yogguru Ramdev said that around 4 crore people are living illegally throughout the country. Baba Ramdev said that whether he is a Bangladeshi, a Pakistani or a Rohingya, illegal immigrants have always created a major threat to India’s security.

And in that sense all of them should be banished because in the guise of humanity, we can not accept the unity, integrity and security of the country. Baba Ramdev said that the controversy started in Assam with regard to the NRC issue is not taking the name. Some people are saying it in the national interest, then politics of some votes is in agreement. He said that three to four crore foreign nationals are living illegally in India who must be carried out outside the country. 

Rohingya’s protest for justice on crackdown anniversary

Myanmar military crackdown that forced them to flee to camps in Bangladesh.

Thousands of Rohingya refugees staged protests for “justice” today on the first anniversary of a Myanmar military crackdown that forced them to flee to camps in Bangladesh.

About 700,000 of the Muslim minority poured across the border after attacks by the Myanmar military and Buddhist groups that the United Nations has likened to ethnic cleansing.

Thousands held peaceful marches and attended rallies chanting “We want justice from the UN.” At the Kutupalong camp, a giant banner proclaimed: “Never Again: Rohingya Genocide Remembrance Day. 25 August, 2018.” .

Some wore bandanas emblazoned with the slogan “Save Rohingya” while others waved flags.

Other marches and gatherings were planned across what has become the world’s biggest refugee camp, activists told AFP.

Rohingya militants staged attacks on Myanmar police posts on August 25 last year sparking the crackdown in which an unknown number of Rohingya were killed. Many have arrived in the Bangladesh camps with stories of rape, torture and villages burned to the ground.

Myanmar authorities have insisted their forces only targeted radicals.

They have made an agreement with Bangladesh to take back refugees but no progress has been made on returns and the Rohingya insist they will not go back unless their safety is guaranteed.

Mohammad Hossain, a 40-year-old protester at Kutupalong, said “We are here remember to August 25. We want justice.

“We want them to recognise us as Rohingya. We are very sad because we are not in our native land. Everyone wants justice. We are complaining about this to the world.”

Another protester, Noor Kamal, added: “We faced genocide. Last year, August 25, we faced genocide in Myanmar. We want justice for that.” 

Then got a fake passport which was near Moinuddin. What was the discount? These people who got passports to Rohingya? Once again the question on the passport raised .

When Moinuddin’s landlord came to know, he filed a case of forgery in the Rakabganj police station.

Once again the question of the passport department has been raised, as this time, on the basis of bogus evidence, a person named Moinuddin was given a passport, which is expected to be Rohingya. According to the news, Moinuddin, living in West Bengal, got his passport in Agra by putting the original certificate of the original residence. Moinuddin was staying on rent in Chhipitola in Agra. Moinuddin is believed to be Rohingya. 
When Moinuddin’s landlord came to know, he filed a case of forgery in the Rakabganj police station. The police arrested Moinuddin and presented him before the court on Tuesday. From there, he was sent to jail. It has been reported that Moinuddin came to Agra ten years ago. He used to call himself a resident of Kolkata. Although the police believe that he lied. 
The address that he knew in Kolkata is being adapted. She was working as a craftsman in a shoe factory in Chipitila itself. Hire of Suresh Kumar’s house in Katra Gadrien, only by Chipitola. He made the first forgery in forming a base card. 
Moinuddin made his base card in the name of Gopal. After this, he applied Suresh’s house as his home and applied for a passport in the name of Moinuddin. Passport was issued in his name. It was left to reach him. In the meanwhile, Suresh got to know his forgery. Suresh gave Tahrir in Raakabganj police station against him. CO Sadar Udayraj Singh said that Moinuddin was arrested. 

There are many Rohingya’s residence on the border … In the intelligence report, “Every possible attempt is made to infiltrate”

Yet the love of the so-called intellectuals rises for the killers of the Buddhists and Hindus ..

There is a big and sensational news about the Rohingya Muslims who have become a major threat to the security of the country, which is like a mirror to the Rohinga lovers present in the country. This news has raised the ears of security agencies and has issued an alert in the country. 
It has been reported that Rohingya Muslims are sitting on the Indo-Nepal border in large numbers and are trying to infiltrate into India. After this, the security forces have completely alerted the border. Let us tell you that the presence of two dozen Rohingya Muslims in Butwal of Rupnadehi district of Nepal, just 26 km away from the Indo-Nepal border, has raised the worries of security agencies posted on the border. 
In view of the Rohingya Muslims’ intrusion into India, the alert has been increased on the border and every person coming from Nepal is being searched deeply and only after the interrogation he is being allowed to enter India and from the slightest Suspicious people are being returned back from the border. According to the news, on Friday the SSB had returned a Rohingya refugee couple back to Nepal after questioning 
According to the news, on Friday, the SSB had returned a Rohingya refugee couple back to Nepal after questioning. According to the SSB sources, a large number of Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh have reached Nepal’s capital Kathmandu. Nearly two dozen Rohingya Muslims have kept camping at Butwal for illegally entering India. 
They are staying here at various hotels and lodges and want to come to India by crossing the border as soon as possible. Vigilance has been increased on the border as soon as the Rohingya infiltrated. Intelligence agencies have also become cautious. The SSB and police personnel are keeping a close watch on trail routes. 
Most incidents of infiltration from Nepal are only through the paths. Assistant Commandant of SSB Sonauli Nav Kumar Singh said that people coming from Nepal are being examined thoroughly. Monitoring on trail routes has been increased. Doctor Dharmendra Yadav told that all the police stations in the Border area have been alerted and the youth is fully prepared for the security of their country of Hindustan. 

Rohingyas are living in Devbhumi Himachal .. A huge number of information in Shimla

The result of this kindness was that only within a year In every place, the identity of terrorism, ragging and murder was becoming a reality.

Sometimes the place like London, Paris, Berlin was counted among the most beautiful places of the world, and the place was gradually settled by showing kindness and compassion to Syria and Iraq. The result of this kindness was that only within a year In every place, the identity of terrorism, ragging and murder was becoming a reality. In almost all the terrorist incidents in France and the United Kingdom, Allah Almighty, the slogan of Allah Akbar and the refuge of Iraq and Syria They were found who were shown mercy by those countries. 
More recently, Germany has extradited a rapist refugee from Iraq to punish them according to the rule of law. Now more and more are happening in India’s many places and famous cities. Now after getting Rohingya caught with self passport and Aadhaar card, it has got a surprise nowhere in Shimla, the most visited place of Himachal Pradesh, called Devivali, where the Indian people Party is ruled and Shimla is its capital 
According to the information coming from the media report, Rohingyas are being kept in Himachal Pradesh’s capital Shimla, which is completely unaware of the police administration ie its information was not given to the administration and they were sent to Shimla, knowing that even though Only the Rohingya, who ran away from the Buddhists in battle, refused to accept the Government of India as a refugee, but he started to step out of the country. In time given that the plan to create very difficult for India … 
They are being hired in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh’s capital. Rohingyas reached Shimla, but police administration was oblivious. The matter is being investigated after highlighting the case, but the question is, the Rohingya who is considered to be a threat to the internal security of the country, how they reached Shimla. 
Shimla Municipal Corporation has outsourced the cleanliness system in five wards. Under this contract has been given to the NK Construction Company.The company came from Jammu to bring Rohingya to Shimla for garbage collection. These people will go to Shimla from home and take garbage. Before the cleaning work started in Shimla, 12 Rohingya who arrived in the city have found a temporary place to stay. Now these people have gone to Jammu to take the family. A large number of Bangladeshi people are also living in Shimla. These people work as woodwork in under construction buildings. 

Illegal executioner Rohingya was doing so because Priyanka Chopra herself did an illegal job. There, where govetrment is Shiv Sena and BJP

These illegal encroachments are just like Bangla Desi and Rohingya are doing different parts of India

Why is Priyanka Chopra, who is becoming famous as a brand to support all those attacks around the world, was coming out in support of Rohingya, who was threatening India’s peace and security.  
Priyanka Chopra, who is standing for the same Rohingya, has been known to have received the notice from the Shivsena-led Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to issue illegal construction. 
Priyanka Chopra has given this notice in connection with illegal construction in Oshiwara Commercial Complex in West Andheri. In the case of illegal construction, the BMC has given this notice. The owner of this complex is himself Priyanka, whom he has hired for quite a good amount of money, on the news coming from the BMC According to the illegal construction in this illegal building, he has received complaints from five people. 
When this case was investigated, it was found that illegal construction has been done in this complex. According to media sources, according to the news coming from the sources of Priyanka Chopra’s Oshiwara area complains of complains of different people after examining the complex and correct the complaint. 
The karijma Beauty Spa and Salon located in the complex has been made as per need. BMC is also investigating the adjoining Vastu Prinsit Building. 
Priyanka Chopra and her family use this building as an office.
BMC has sent separate notice to the building owner and tenants. Manik Soni, who runs the spa, told the BMC that he had rented this place with Priyanka Chopra and his mother. The BMC has asked to remove all illegal constructions in the building. 
If it does not happen, then one month later, the BMC will break the illegal construction itself. In this case, the face of Priyanka Chopra, who has supported the poor people around the world, has been exposed to illegal propaganda, which they have illegally encroached on the lands of their own country. 
These illegal encroachments are just like Bangla Desi and Rohingya are doing different parts of India. This so-called contradiction of Priyanka Chopra was raised by Sudarshan News, whose link was being sent to you …