PM Modi to be the chief guest at eastern economic forum

Under prime minister Narendar Modi’s leadership India’s image as an emerging super power has grown stronger and stronger. And the latest example of this is the invitation to eastern economic forum as chief guest by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Sources Prime Minister Modi has accepted the invitationĀ  and will attend the program which is scheduled to be in September .

Modi and Putin will also take part in the India-Russia Annual summit. Its been known that Modi and Putin held a personal meeting apart from the SCO summit, in the meeting emphasis was given on strengthening of old friendship.

Foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale while addressing the media said that Russia has officially invited Prime Minister Modi in the Eastern Economic Forum. He said Mr. ModiĀ  accepted the invitation and thanked Putin for the invitation. The Two leaders will also take part in India-Russia summit during the same time.

Gokhale also said that India will do special preparation for the summit, taking India-Russia friendship to next level.

The American Disaster on Islamic Land Syria after Russia More than 100 dead in bomb blast..

It seems as if those living in Syria, along with the United States and Europe, Israel has also become a place of power testing. All the terrorists and ordinary citizens of the country are being killed in the bombing of all these days. A few days ago Russia had rained on the skies there, and now America has also given the bomb for the bombs and the dead bodies to answer him. There is no courage to answer the question from the US in this matter.

According to human rights organizations that have full watch on the Syrian war, Islamic militant organization Islamic State militant’s last stronghold targeted at the country’s eastern country, late Al-Jor and killed 80 children in the air strikes by American leadership And women are included. After this attack, the smell of ammunition and smoke spread and a panic broke out.

At least 105 people were killed in an air strike in the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS) terrorists in the past week in Syria’s eastern province late-al-Zor. This organization, which monitors the Syria War, is running its headquarter from London, according to which the number of people who die is not possible only 105, but the death toll can be increased as many people and dead bodies are feared to be buried.

In this case, the Assad government of Syria under the influence of Russia has raised a voice against the US intervention and has demanded from the international community that they make global condemnation of this act of America.

Russia is proving to be the biggest enemy of Muslims. So far, nearly 1 lakh Muslims have committed genocide in Syria.

In the context of the world’s aggressive attitude towards Islamic terror, the name of Israel and Russia is taken prominently. Russia is the answer to what Russia is a major enemy of Islamic extremism. Russia has massacred nearly 1 million Muslims so far in Syria. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shougu said in a forum during a forum in Singapore on Saturday that the Russian army killed about 88 thousand rebels during the three years since the intervention in Syria.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that at least 87,500 rebels have been killed during this campaign. With the release of 1,411 bastions from the occupation of rebels, 95 percent of Syria’s area has been freed. He said that most rebels have been eliminated. According to the UK based human rights organization, which oversees civil war in Syria, about 365,000 people have been killed during the seven-year civil war.

It is significant that in order to support the army of President Bashar al-Assad in September 2015, Russia had joined the Syrian civil war, with an attack on the rebels. Mr. Shoygue said that the Russian Air Force has targeted more than 40 thousand bomb attacks targeting 120,000 targets of rebels. The Russian Defense Minister said that the Syria army occupy 90 percent of the population in Syria. He said that Russia would continue its operations continuously in Syria until it completely expelled the rebels.

China was becoming infamous, while Russia was far ahead of it. Rooks of the world stood up, knowing the status of the present Muslims there.

For the last time China has faced considerable criticism for the situation of Muslims in China. It is being said that China Uyghar is oppressing Muslims and is torturing them. But now the world has come to know about the disclosures that have been made about Russia regarding Tattar Muslims.

There is an article on the French version of the Middle East that is available in French, which states that against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Uyger Muslims in China and Israel is aggressive against the Palestinians, more aggressively against Russia Tatar Muslims Is taking action. Meleclus leader Jair Samdaliev recently said in an interview with Al Jazeera, “It is very likely that on some days Russia will declare Tatar Muslims the most terrible offender,

And then it will be the issue of debate for a new massacre. “Tell you that Masselis was founded in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as a representative body to express the issues of Tatar Muslims and address their grievances to the Ukrainian Central Government, the Crimean provincial government and international institutions. Could This article has written that in 2017,

The United Nations Human Rights Watch Mission in Ukraine issued its first report on the status of human rights in the Crimea, in that report it was concluded that conditions for Tattar Muslims have become very bad under ‘Russian occupation’. That Russian FSB secret police and paramilitary people suppress any dissatisfaction in the Crimea and actively seek any hidden information for the business.

In addition to using the judicial system to implement the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula, they are involved in the killings of secret kidnappings and Crimea Tatar Muslims and Ukrainian activists. According to the Human Rights Watch, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is conducting raids at regular night houses of Tatar Muslims, who express public criticism of Russia’s occupation or online,

Given that many people have been imprisoned for discussing the punishment of torture, torture and imprisonment in the Quran or other Islamic texts. The hostel leader says that the world is not paying attention to Russia, whereas in Russia, the six border areas of atrocities on Tatar Muslims have been crossed.

General Bipin Rawat says that Russia keen to associate with ‘capable’ Indian Army for ‘independent policy-making’ abilities,

The Russian Army is “very keen” on associating with the Indian Army, said Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Sunday while stressing on the independence of Indian policymaking.”Russians are very keen on associating with the Indian Army because we are a very capable Army. We are capable of standing for what is right for us,” General Rawat said at the inaugural General KV Krishna Rao Memorial Lecture at Manekshaw Centre.

“When Russians asked about the American sanctions, my reply was, ‘Yes, we do appreciate that there could be sanctions on us, but we follow an independent policy. You can rest assured. While we may be associating with America in getting some technology, but we follow an independent policy’,” he said.

General Rawat continued saying, “I further told them, ‘While we are talking sanctions and you are questioning on sanctions. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at this juncture are signing the treaty on the purchase of S-400 weapon system in spite of the fact that we may face challenges from America in the future and a USD 5.3 billion deal has been signed between the two countries.”
The Army chief went on to add that India is “looking forward to getting Kamov helicopters”. He added, “We are also looking forward to getting other weapon systems and technologies. We are looking forward to getting space-based systems and technologies to enhance our space capabilities”.General Rawat, who recently undertook a six-day visit to Russia, met the top brass of the Russian Armed Forces and key military formations and establishments. The delegation also visited the Mikhailovskaya Artillery Military Academy, the Headquarters of Western Military District in St. Petersburg and General Staff Academy.

Russia again killed in rainy season .. More than 30 dead bodies

Russia running in its greatest form. another attack by Russia led forces in Syria

Even before this, human rights and the United Nations tried to put pressure on Russia, but with its anti-terror campaign, he had refused to leave even a bit and continued his campaign. However, in this war many civilians were also killed in the occupation of rebels and ISIS. Once again, Russia has shown the form of rowdy form and has killed 30 people and many people are being told that there are many civilians .

It is understood that after the release of a large area of Syria from terrorists and opponents, Russia has now jointly with its joint forces with Syria to target Northern Syria. This time, after a very long silence, when the rebels had become somewhat relieved, suddenly a huge bombardment occurred on them, in which according to one figure, 30 ordinary people have been killed and many others have also been badly wounded.

In the air strikes, a city occupied by insurgents in the north-west of Syria, the insurgents occupied by insurgents and its neighboring province Aleppo was targeted. A large area of Idlib is still in the hands of the rebels, and President Bashar al-Assad has warned that now it is his next goal to liberate the region from the rebels

According to the Syria Observatory for Human Rights, heavy firing took place in south-west of the province on Thursday and heavy bombing was done on its second day. 

10 August: Today, the most powerful country in the world, breaking Russia today,

The world’s most powerful man Vladimir Putin was left behind.

10 August: Today, the most powerful country in the world, breaking Russia today,the Muslim population there declared it a different country “Dagastan” And laid the dead bodies of several Russian soldiers

The world’s most powerful man Vladimir Putin was left behind.

National President of National Organization for Construction, Shri Suresh Chavanke ji has recently taken out the Bharat Bachao Yatra to control the unilateral population, in which he roamed the whole country and highlighted the problems of growing population and the time to come. Was there

National insecurity is also threatened with all basic problems, which was told only and only in this visit. After the same trip, not only did the general public understand the whole thing but after that the rulers of the country also felt that If this is not the case, then the country may have to face the threat of integrity in the future. Then only the voices began to rise in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha and it was raised by Shri Suresh Chavkke As is taking the form of slowly movement which nowWe have to come

Today it is being discussed that the superpower that was the world’s largest power, along with the world’s most powerful person was operated by Vladimir Putin, and that too .. It is not only that, the owner of a huge and powerful army, But after that, a large plot of his country was broken and it was said that he could not live with Russians. He rapidly increased his numbers and said that he wants his new country.

Earlier, as much as he could, he denounced Russians who always wanted to walk with him. He declared them killer and self-tortured. After so many Russians had never seen rancor. Even then there are millions of Muslims in Russia today because Russians have never acted on religious basis nor behaved. More than two million Muslims live and work in Moscow nowadays Are there.

It has now become one of the largest cities of the Muslim people in Europe and some mosques are not enough for such a large population. If seen in history, Chechnya has historically been difficult for Russia for almost 200 years. After the long and bloody campaign of Russia, in 1858, the crushing of Imam Shamil in Chechnya crushed. Russian author Leigh Tolstoy and Lermontauf come to the writers of the 19th century who have discussed this rebellion in their works.

After almost 60 years after the fury of the rebellion, when there was a revolution in Russia, the Muslim-dominated Chechen saw the occasion and then separated from Russia. But this freedom remained for a while, and in 1922 Russia might have gained control over Chechnya on the strength of its military power, but she had to lose many of its junk soldiers. After the Second World War, when the Russian armies were busy, after fighting with other enemy countries, the Muslim-dominated Chechen then separated from Russia after considering it as an opportunity.

Russia also kept self-control and waited for the battle to end, and after the war of world wars ended, Russian leader Stalin repeatedly accused the Chechen separatists, who were betraying the enemy, to cooperate with the enemies, to exile them into Siberia and Central Asian regions. In 1994, Russia sent troops there, but in Muslim-dominated Chechen, they were resisted with bullets.

The desire of a different country in his mind was so born that he directly rushed to the Russian army and fired all the Russian soldiers to death. The condition reached so much that after the death of so many Russian soldiers, pressure on the government Increased and they had to compromise peace with the rebels in 1996. This was said to be the defeat of Russia, which laid the burden of knocking large countries, and he succumbed to the Chechen rebels demanding Islamic countries. . Under the agreement, Chechnya was given autonomy but not full independence

In 1997, Chairman of the Chechen Army, Gen. Aslan Massakhouf was elected the President. But Mascadouf could not control the savage warriors of Chechnya, and there crime and abduction grew. In August 1999, the Chechen rebel migrated to the neighboring Russian Republic of Dagestan and supported the declaration of a separate nation of a Muslim faction, which was being created by combining certain areas of Chechnya and Dagestan. But by then Vladimir Putin had become the Prime Minister in Russia and his government started showing stubbornness.

Not only that, in challenge to the constitution and power of Russia, all these Akhmed Qadirouf declared the president after the controversial election in 2003. After this, the Putin government had a controversial referendum in March 2003. Under this, a new constitution was approved for Chechnya and more autonomy was given to Chechnya. But it was made clear that Chechnya is part of Russia. At this time, many Islamic countries had openly opted for Russia but as soon as Russia came in aggressive fashion, they were limited to the same opposition.

Of course, if the Russian army was not so strong, then the mass attack of all Muslim countries was fixed on Russia. That day was today, i.e. 10 August 1999, when challenging the biggest power of the world, he announced to take a different country. Not only that, the war continues even today, where Russia is losing its soldiers to the days they are coming. The reason is only those who are being caught by many countries … arguably, there is a need to take lessons from all the other countries and those who keep the rest of the country above the country. 

World is shining with the blessings of 2 Biggest Power fight against Islamic terrorism

An auspicious sign is that it is for the world infected with terror.

The two biggest powers of the world, who are fighting Islamic terrorism, which are infecting the world with their own strength, both of them used to have their mindset. The advantage of their mutual differences was that they would pick up the unfortunate terrorist groups play Holi with Blood. 
Their mutual rivalry caused problems for the civilized class of the world and was a cause for happiness for the terrorists .. But US President Donald Trump did his job during his tenure, which could hardly have been thinking of doing anything else. After ending the dispute with North Korea, negotiating relations with Russia is such an accomplishment of Donald Trump, which has hardly been able to do any more. 
It is known that meeting with US President Donald Trump’s Russian and President Vladimir Putin is a topic of discussion in the world today. After the meeting, both have come together in a collective statement in which they have said that there is no problem or problem between the US and Russia now, and both of them together will fight with all the other problems of the world, in which global terrorism is the main priority of Islamic is terrorism. 
After this meeting, it is now believed that both the countries in Iraq and Syria will be able to eliminate the terrorists. Simultaneously, the two great sages talked about strengthening mutual cooperation and mutual relations. The third country in Helsinki was the sight of the world on the visit of these two great sages who finally reached a meaningful result. 
Both of these countries talked about China. Donald Trump, tugging the old leaders of his own country, said that the relationship with Russia was not wrong, it was mistaken and stupid. After this meeting, Putin also pledged to throw both the nations together and bend terror .. 

Syria is slowly becoming the Shiite country. Fear of the Russian army, the occupation of the Shi’a occupies the lands of Sunni

the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria

A war that is changing rapidly has shaken social structure with the picture of the whole world and geography. People who see two super powers fighting domination are not surviving because they are either victims of America or Russia’s bullet. The survivors have come to the target of Israel, Iran or Turkey. In total, the country of the corpses is changing rapidly in Syria, social structure. 
In this country, Christians and Shias are gradually being occupied, because in Sunnis, mostly because of being a supporter of ISIS, terrorists are seen. It is worth noting that in this assertion of the United States and Russia, so far five million people have been killed in Syria, mostly Sunni Muslims. Those who survived the demonstration of the power of the US and Russian forces, take refuge in foreign countries. 
The United Nations Refugee Committee itself says that due to this horrible war, so far, 320,000 people have been displaced due to the increase in violence in Southwestern Syria, while 7,50,000 other people are at risk of being victim of violence. Most people in the social structure of Syria are Sunni Arab Muslims. 
At this time, the Russian-backed ruler of Assad is moving forward to recapture mostly Sunni rebel areas in the north and south-west of Syria, they can be further worn. 
Meanwhile, the State of Assad is becoming more communal in the form of Alouit (their sect), Shia and Christian minority have started taking away the property left by Sunni runners. For this, Shi’a Muslim’s patience will also be considered as Sunni Muslims have mostly caught the path of crime and terrorism, which led them to the target of the Syrian government, and has now come to the target of superpower like the US and Russia. ..
Because of this, he had to live a nomadic life and now he has to leave his country and run away. However, wherever he is in asylum and in the country, he is doing exactly what he used to do in Syria. The flood of terrorist incidents has come in Europe. Over 80 percent of Syria’s Muslims, 10 to 20 percent of the Sunni Muslims dominate Shi’a Muslims, and even the higher officials are mostly Shia, because they taught instead of terror and wrote attention to making themselves more so.