Bhim Army chief Ravana used to rape a dalit girl every night in Rawan district

Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.

Bhim Army chief Ravana used to rape a dalit girl every night in Rawan district

Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.Everybody is stunned to see Adil’s reputation.

At present, in Uttar Pradesh, in Hindu society, the biggest contribution of any organization to open the poison of caste and caste among them is that the organization named after the so-called Dalit Bhim Army. The same Bhim Army, whose leader is Chandrashekhar alias Ravana and has been imprisoned under jail under Rasuka for a long time.

Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh is the center of Bhima Army. Bhim Army, who did great talks for the upliftment of the dalits, has challenged in his hometown Saharanpur, a boisterous Adid, who raped a Dalit girl with cruelty on the day of restoration. It is necessary to mention the Bhima army here because the caste in the Bhima Army Hindu society raises the anger of Dalit Muslim unity

But the rituals of a dalit girl on the sanctum sanctorum of brother-sister relationship, when the rape of Adil is condemned, Bhima army takes silence. According to the news, misbehaving the dalit girl, who had taken a fodder in the farm of Badgaon in Saharanpur, was dragged into sugarcane field and made her aborted overnight. The accused torn off the maiden’s clothes

The victim came home only in torn clothes, and the family was stirred. It was told that the police had registered a case of sedition earlier in this case but in the medical case the rap was confirmed then the case was registered in misdeeds. This incident of rape was on Sundays on Sunday when the Dalit youth, a resident of the Badgaon police station area, went to the forest to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

It is alleged that in the forest, he was dragged into the field of sugarcane, Adil, a farmer of the Muslim community of the same village, and raped her by making a night hostage. Adil’s ignorance can be judged from the fact that Adil torn apart the victim’s clothes. In the morning, the young man escaped leaving him in a disgraceful condition. In some way the woman reached home in a semi-displaced state with torn clothes. In this condition, the family remained silent after seeing the young woman.

There was a ruckus in the house The relatives of the victim said that on Tahrir, the police filed a case in this serious case, submitting the case in tampering, but after confirming the misdemeanor in the police, the police filed it in the sections of misbehavior. Station Officer Sanjeev Kumar said that the accused is absconding. The report has been registered against him. Dabish is being searched for the accused. 

Lady Don Rano of Saharanpur, who was arrested after Bashiran of Delhi, was rewarded with 50 thousand rupees.

Know Who’s Lady Don Rano?

Lady Don Rano of Saharanpur, who was arrested after Bashiran of Delhi, was rewarded with 50 thousand rupees.Where exactly are the roots of crime

Know Who’s Lady Don Rano?

The direct example of how the transition of religious fanaticism is spreading in the country is that Lady Don Rano, arrested in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The same rano that was wanted in many cases of murder robbery.

Let us tell you that during the Camping in Saharanpur, on Monday night, the wife of fifty thousand wrestler Wajid Kala was caught by the police, but the police are escaping from disclosing about rano and kept in a secret place. is. It is believed that through him the police is in the process of targeting many big miscreants, and through them some big names are also being revealed. It should be known that a big badass Bashiran was also arrested from Delhi in recently .

According to the information, people have fired and fired on a fugitive who fired at Farid’s house in village Tumathethera, and the people have given the scourge to the police, while the other was killed. The police has questioned a large number of miscreants and has received many important inputs, but the police is still fully secrecy of the 50 thousand winner Jasmin alias Rano, wife of Kaala’s wife.

The police caught Rano from the field of sugarcane only during Kambing. According to the sources, some officers of the police are continuously interrogating him and the police have received a lot of information. It is believed that Rano is preparing to use the police as a weapon. Through him the police will target big prizes and other big miscreants. Some names have also been received by the police. He is also being questioned about Wajid Kala but now the police is keeping the matter completely confidential.

According to the news, the number of miscreants came in the car, and the number of miscreants that came to attack Fareed’s house in Tumathethera, while four people were reported, while the number of miscreants rider on the bike was told three. All the miscreants entered the fields of sugarcane after being surrounded by people. People surrounded the fields. Police of many police stations surrounded the PAC fields. Still the miscreants managed to escape But in a confrontation, a badman was killed while the other was captured 

What happened that Abbas first divorced his wife 3 and later reached the police station and said, “Sir, let me get back my wife ”

Know a case in which a Nambari and ten Numbers were played.

He thought that he would cry and he would plead … begging for mercy and would ask for shelter. But that happened all the way back to what he thought.

This whole case happened with a number of numerals and ten nambari in which the woman was heavily beaten twenty, on her husband, who was constantly persecuting him after the marriage, and beat him with threats to leave the house three days after the divorce. Was there. This is the case of Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh. In a village of Nakud area of Saharanpur district, a woman from the district of Yamunanagar was married to Abbas about 10 years ago.

After the marriage, the woman’s mother was also made. After becoming a mother, the behavior of the Shauhah changed suddenly for his Bibi and he began to start harassing him. After that, in the day husband and wife came into the fight and gradually started fighting between the two. The woman has alleged that Abbas had earlier told her divorce.

After which she also wrote a letter and divorced Abbas. According to media reports, after the divorce, the woman got married with her lover of village Lakhnawat in Saharanpur and went to Lucknow with her. This boyfriend was a very old companion who came to work in his bad times. After this sudden appearance of BB, suddenly, the old Shaher Abbas made a plea to bring Tahrir to Jathalana in the police station

The police started investigating the case. In police interrogation, the woman told that her husband Abbas used to beat him. He wanted to get rid of her. So she divorced her husband and got married with the boyfriend Naseem and is living with her lover. 

Kejriwal wanted to meet Saharanpur, Ravan, who was tormented by violence, … but power is Yogi of Adityanath

Ravana is behind bars

At the behest of Saharanpur’s notorious Haji Iqbal, the chief of Bhim Army, Chandrasekhar alias Ravan, made a number of unspeakable efforts to end the mutual goodwill of Hindu society under a conspiracy in which it also got partial success, but at present, the Yogi Government has snatched the land for Ravan and one Long is behind the bars of the prison.

Ravana made every effort to dissolve caste poison in society; Surprisingly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wanted to meet the same Ravana, to support him in jail, but perhaps he had forgotten that in Uttar Pradesh Yogi is the government of Adityanath. The Yogi government, while shouting Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, rejected his demand in which he co-authored Rnpur going sought to meet Bhima Aarmi chief.

DM of Saharanpur refused to meet Arvind Kejriwal’s demand and he did not allow him to meet Ravan. In this regard, the DM has said in his letter that in view of law and order, both the senior superintendents of the district jail and the SSP had objected to Kejriwal’s visit. According to the letter issued to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) issued by the administration, the jail superintender has said that no politician under jail rules can get any prisoner from jail.

The jail administration said during the meeting that there may be political things which Kejirwal can later put in front of the media and that can lead to social tensions. SSP said that ethnic tensions are currently underway in Saharanpur and in such a way permission to Kejriwal to meet Ravan will not be appropriate. ASP has also admitted that meeting Kejriwal and Ravan can increase the tension between Rajput and Dalit community.

The administration has said that in a press conference after meeting Azad in jail, Kejriwal can speak on issues that have been discussed. This can increase stress in two communities. Not only this, if Kejriwal meets a prisoner in jail, the opposite effect will be on the prisoners and this will also damage the prison environment. DM has said that after the meeting, Bhima Army and the Aam Aadmi Party can also sloganeering that there is a possibility of increasing tension.

In such a way, they can not be allowed. Let me tell you that CM Kejriwal’s office from Delhi had written a letter to Chief Secretary Anoop Pandey of Uttar Pradesh and demanded that he meet Azad in Saharanpur jail. Their meeting was to be held on August 13 but the Yogi government has cleared that it will not be allowed to happen.