7 years ago he had fled from Bengal, along with Shahabuddin in the affair of love …

Fire extinguished the lust of not only the whole family but also the friend Humanity was also crushed with relationships …

A sensational incident has emerged among the incidents of rape in the country that has not only humiliated but also humorous people. He left Bengal, ran away with Shahbuddin and came to Rewadi as soon as he got married, but what happened after that was very frightening.

Not only with the women, Shahabuddin’s family members have forcibly formed a relationship but handed them over to Sahabuddin’s friends and Shahabuddin has put a finger in his grandchildren and blamed him. The case belongs to Haryana’s Rewari. According to the information, a woman from Bengal origin in Rewari complained to the Rewari City Police, alleging serious allegations against her husband, Shahabuddin, son of Kinori, that she had married nearly seven years ago. He had three children during this time.

On the complaint of the woman, the Rewari police filed the case under different sections and after passing the medical treatment of the woman, the case was sent to the police. The woman told the police that Karib was sexually assaulted by her Jeth alim three years ago. When the woman told her husband the incident, she tried to bite her wife only. The woman saved her life by going to the house of Sarpanch Mahmud’s brother.

A few days later when he was not at home and after some time came, his innocent daughter was bleeding badly with the genitalia. She saw her husband, sister-in-law, running away from home at that time. The woman asked her because of her innocence, she said that her father had only committed dirty with her and she made a bad move with him. The woman has alleged that she did not file a complaint in the police at that time due to fear. A few days later, due to her husband’s earning, Gurujram took the world in a glazed world. Together with a friend in Gurujram, husband did wrong work with his wife.

Both of them made the toy to make money for the woman. The woman says that her fence, she invited her father from Bengal and went to Bengal Maida. A few days later, the husband went to Bengal and brought the wife away from the seduction. After coming from Bengal, both of them lived in Dungarpur village. Then the husband and wife went to Rewari. In Rewari, you sold the wife to another friend. Husband came to his village Caracas. A few days later a man took him to the car, where four people were already present in a room

All the women’s fate looted According to the woman, eight people on that day made her a victim of her lust. After the rape, the husband’s friend asked for rape of four thousand rupees and the friend also raped him. When the woman opposed it, the answer was found that your husband was bought by giving money. According to the victim, her husband and her friend have done wrong business with him.

Rewari police took it seriously as soon as it received the complaint and filed a case in the city police station under the threat of threatening to kill the FIR FIR gang, Poxo act, life, but ASI Sushila also made the victim medical. Due to the matter being connected to Mewat, SP Rewari has sent the case to the police for investigation. It is surprising that since the woman complained to the police, the victim was missing, who is trying to find the police.

Nandh police, to register a gangrap victim, went on to the village only after registering the case, but the police did not get the woman. Nongh police returned the baron. SHO Anil Kumar said that the police will soon register the statement of the woman and arrest the accused