British police arrested a minor girl Actually, he was a terrorist who had to lay down at least 100 corpses

Britain’s police put their country’s interests at the top

The biggest example of how panic is taking every country and every class in its transit, its greatest example came when there was a case in Britain which was also unexpected for anyone

What has happened this time is enough to tell that if it is not controlled at the earliest then it will ruin the world. These were neither unemployed nor poor. They were from a big house but they also got rid of the horror of terror ..

It is understood that the British Police has arrested three people, including a teenager, in connection with the terrorist activities.

London’s Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday that a 16-year-old girl and two women aged 26 and 53 were arrested for suspected money laundering activities. For quite a long time, the police’s anti-terror squad was looking for them. After a well-organized raid and accurate information, the police finally raided the police in many parts of Britain and on Tuesday three suspects were detained from two separate places in West London.

On the basis of the inputs received from these terrorists, the police are still looking for similar sleeper cells and continuous raids of the police are continuing for their arrest. The special thing is that one of the conspirators who formed such a long terrorist plot British Muslims who had accepted Islam sometime ago. On the target of these terrorists, there were various places in London including the trading center located at Oxford Street and the Madame Tussauds museum which attacked a large number of massacres.

Lewis Ludlow has admitted to the relationship with the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group in London’s Old Bailey Court and preparing to enter the van in important institutions in the British capital. This note was later recovered by the anti-terrorism authorities in a turbid condition. He chose Oxford Street as the “right target” and wrote, “Hopefully in the attack, about 100 people die.” 

The first statement came from the famous lawyer Farah Faiz after coming to the asylum of Satya Sanatan

Know what is said by Farah Faiz

Farhad Faiz has finally accepted Satya Sanan as the Supreme Court advocate against the Supreme Court’s advocate and the three divorces, who have been badly beaten by Maulana in front of the live camera and now the path of Hindutva has gone. After answering the Maulana in his language, Farah Faiz, who came to the national level, has now become a Hindu and the new name has become Lakshmi.

After coming back to his house, there are many more such cases which are likely to come up because he himself called the former Kshatriyya, which can become inspiration for many others. It is known that Farah Faiz, which has become a new symbol of women power, has now begun to fight against Laxmi and Deobandi ulama. Farah Faiz At present, Lakshmi, along with Islamic scholars, maulanas and clerics, is said to be the fatwas to issue the fatwa to the Deobandi scholars.

Shortly after this, the Deobandi Ulemas took a stand against Farah and demanded action against the government with Lakhmai’s apology. This grandfather of Deobandi Ulemao could not suppress Farah in any situation, and after this, Farah has also openly opted against the Ulemas. He made sharp comments about ulema and Darul Uloom Deoband

According to media reports, taking objection to the name of the Shariyat court, it is difficult not to work, but to name it. Darulkja’s name has been advised to be a Midiensation Center. Darulkja is a social organization and no social organization has the right to establish a court in front of the organization’s name. According to Farah alias Lakshmi, Muslim society is ready to accept the law being made by the government. Society has no objection,

But the contractor and fundamentalists of society do not want the Muslim community to be free from their clutches. The thinking of the Muslims should not be developed so that they can work in the development of the country. 

“Sister-in-law,, I’ll kill you with acid, even if I am your cowardly”. What dreaded Rizwana?

Why are those people talking about all human rights and women’s power and respect?

The problem was with Rizwana. Today, if anyone is with Rizwana, then that is the courage of Rizwana, his courage and the law of India .. why are those people talking about all human rights and women’s power and respect?

Rizwana has not only lobbied herself but she has to face the threat of death. Someone is telling him an opponent of religion, then a woman standing in front of Sharia, but she is firmly in her place. She hopes from the police, she is hopeful from the Constitution and she is hopeful that the government and the Yogi .

Be aware that this is not someone else who oppresses Rizwana, but herself is the people of her in-laws’ house. There was pressure on Rizwana to get rid of Deor. These pressures were made by her husband and brother-in-law. But protesting against this, she was threatened with assault, marrying acid, and killing her, and Rizwana’s full laws included in this threat.

Now in this case, the police has registered a report against all the in-laws, including the accused, Shauhar.This incident is in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. Rizwana resident of Mohalla Garhi Thakuran, here, had said in the police, that on December 2, 2015, her nahad nahal happened with Shadab son Aas Mohammad, resident of Mussoorie. In dowry these dowry greedy people were given many things, but after so many, the people of the in-laws party were not happy with Dana Dahej. He was demanding two lakh rupees cash.

When the demand for dowry was not met, the husband snatched both of his children in June and thrown him out of the house by giving him three divorces. On August 18, he had complained to the SSP against the action of the executioner, such a shohar. On learning about the complaint, Shaadab took him home with him. Told that the in laws did not object to staying in the house without a halala. Made pressure to stir with Deor.

According to media reports, they threatened to burn them with acid by burning acid on them. Due to threats from the in-laws she came to the maiden. SO Anandvir Singh said that the victim has been lodged against the husband Shahadab, Saas Munni, Jeth Jan Mohammad, Umri, Shehzad, Dwar Parvez, on the Tahrir. 

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands

Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands … Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

By showing mercy and compassion in your country, giving refuge to many Syrian and Iraqite people, repeatedly looting their soldiers and civilians in their own attack, France has now made an aggressive attack against Islamic terrorism and all of them To destroy one and the other, they were coming away to hide their country from far away. In the same sequence, the number is now marked by a notorious terrorist of the Zihar group, which was not only the most wanted for France, but also on radar countries like Russia and America.

It was also considered to be a bridge between ISIS and Europe, which was broken by France. Be aware that the fighter fighters on the exact notice of the hideout of the infamous terrorist immediately fluttered and fiercely bombarded the locus. Although there were some people living there who were not terrorists, but the first priority for France was to kill those evil terrorists and give them the complete execution from France.

After the end of this militant Europe has taken a long breath of peace. A top Jihadi leader of the Greater Sahara group, one of his colleagues and two civilian civilians have been killed in the air strikes carried out by France in the North East Mali. The military command center in Paris gave the above information. In a statement issued by the military command, Menaka has been told about an air strike Sunday.

According to the statement, “Commandos deployed on the ground after the airstrike has confirmed the death of Mohammed Ag Alamouner and one of his bodyguards.” According to the statement, another member of the jihadi group and two other civilians were also injured in the attacks, according to the statement. In his statement, the command has expressed his sorrow over civilian casualties. The command is investigating how it has finally come to the heart of civilian civilian attacks. 

hen blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim

“The attacker had shouted ‘Alla Hu Akbar’. ISIS said- “Our man was”

Then blood-fed France Knock the knife to mother and daughter The British media claim – “The attacker had shouted ‘Alla Hu Akbar’. ISIS said- “Our man was”

Once again it has spread throughout France.

France, which is once regarded as one of the world’s finest beauties and tourists by constant terrorist attacks, is now slowly becoming a dangerous place.

Where ever the truck attack, sometimes a bomb blast, and sometimes a knife, the general public, the foreign tourists who are coming away, are beginning to live in fear. Overall, it would not be wrong to say that France has begun to lose its image for which he was famous all over the world. This is the same French that had once opened up its borders due to the war in Syria and Iraq, so many people took shelter in it, and many of them later showed their very ugly form.

It is known that once again the sensation was spread in France when its bloody capital Paris. It is known that the French capital Paris is the news of the Knife Attack. According to the New Agency AFP and Guardian News, another person, along with mother daughter, has also died in this attack and two other people have been badly injured.

According to information provided by French TV channel BFM-TV, an individual with weapons, attacked the people passing through the knife. This event has happened in Traps of Western Paris. This channel has been told that the police has killed the attacker. The activism of the police is also worthy of praise here because according to the transparency, the intent of the attacker was to kill many people

After this attack, ISIS has claimed that the attacker was his only man, whose inquiries etc. did not give any information about the attack on the side of the police in the beginning. The police had just tweeted that an operation was being run on the side of the police in the security of Trapses. According to information provided by the TV channel, the attacker took shelter in a house before attacking people.

Assuming the claim of British media and some of the protesters, the attacker attacked Alamah-Hu-Akbar with the people crying. He was in a corridor and was shouting that if people tried to enter here, then he would blow everyone down in the blast. After this attack, high alert has been issued throughout Europe and so many people are sympathetic. 

Rahul Gandhi, what is the name of ISIS, a group of terrorists full of doctors, engineers, PHDs?

The country raised a big and strong question

Rahul Gandhi, what is the name of ISIS, a group of terrorists full of doctors, engineers, PHDs? The country raised a big and strong question

Congressional ideology telling why ISIS was born and how it was born.

In that group there are more than one educated and terrorists of high houses. John jihadist in London somewhere, somewhere Baghdadi ..

With the ability to build bombs and missiles, as well as a group of capable terrorists capable of running airplanes, tanks etc. if any development or unemployment etc., for the birth of ISIS, it is hardly possible for some knowledge It will be worth the tone. Know that now the world has seen that the Congressman’s assessment of the Islamic terror ideology ISIS born in danger for the world

Describing this, Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi, while giving the example of the terrorist organization Islamic State, said that by keeping a large number of people out of the development process, there could be a terrorist organization anywhere in the world. These ideologies are quite different from the reports of the intelligent intelligence agencies of America, Russia, etc., who believe that the Islamic rule in the whole world is the terrorists who are indiscriminately killing the Shariah law.

It is known that Rahul Gandhi has expressed this ideology giving speech at Buckiras Summer School in Hamburg, Germany. In this case, he directly inducted the Bharatiya Janata Party and said that the BJP government of the Center has excluded tribals, dalits and minorities from the process of development and “it can be a dangerous thing”

“He said,” It is very dangerous to keep people out in the 21st century. If you do not give any vision to people in the 21st Century, then someone will give it and this is the real threat to keep a large number of people out of the development process. 

The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.

Mandsaur’s innocent rapist Asif and Irfan will swing till death on hanging

The court imposed the seal on the demand of nationalists.Mandsaur’s innocent rapist Asif and Irfan will swing till death on hanging

Every nationalist had raised the demand for justice in this rape.

This voice was raised by Sudarshan News at that time when the so-called secular society was silent and in the case some names were seen as culprits,, who, according to them, did not fit in the rules of secularism fabricated by their own.

But ultimately the voice of the public went up to the court and all the evidence and witnesses were also seen which are necessary according to the law. After all, the decision came in which everyone was waiting. It is known that the most shocking of the Indian who shook India was Mandsaur In the case of gang rape of a seven-year-old girl, the court has convicted both the accused under the Rap and Poxo Act. After this, as soon as the court gave death to both of them, a wave of happiness spread among the people and everyone said that this was what they wanted

At the moment, the two have been sentenced to death by the court. In the court of Judge Nisha Gupta, both the accused were presented. Since this incident of rape, the anger of the people had broken in the country and people protested at the place of place and had also pleaded for justice. In this case, the Madhya Pradesh Police is also eligible to be appreciated, who submitted all the evidence which was necessary for the execution of these mischief.

Both the accused were penalized in the Mandsaur Rape Scandal, along with life imprisonment and other services. After kidnapping a seven-year-old girl from Malsar School in Mandsaur, the youths named Asif and Irfan had executed the girl child rape. At the same time, after death, the child was fighting in the hospital for many days from life and death.

After the whole incident came to light, the anger of the people was fierce. Districts of Malwa including Nimach, Mandsaur were closed. The police had arrested the accused within two days of the incident and introduced the challan only after the child’s statement was made. 

For the first time China’s streets landed against the government, Muslims there … gruesome clashes with police of China

Do you know what happened in China that got crushed?

For the first time, the Muslims of China have thrown the rhythm against China, breaking the Chinese government’s gurus. This is for the first time when going against the order of the government, the Muslims of the country have come down on the road to show power to the eyes.

The Chinese communist party itself is surprised by this attitude of the Muslims of China, and is giving the order to take strict measures to stop them, after which the situation has become confrontational.

After being constantly persecuted by the new rules, the Communist and Islamic ideology of the Left Front came to the fore. In the Xinjiang province, Muslims have constantly fed themselves with the new rules and have vowed to fight against the government in one way.

It is worth noting that before this, the Communist government has taken many controversial steps against Islam in China. This time the new controversy arose when Chinese officials recently gave a government order to demolish a new mosque built by Muslims. Against this government’s decision, thousands of Muslims in the northwestern province of China immediately Come on in protest.

Heavy police force was set up to stop them, there was a tremendous clash with the police of protesters, where people were wounded on both sides. After the Uighar in China, the people of Muslim community were the highest. People from the Muslim community were sitting outside the mosque from noon to late night and Chinese officials were demanding that the move be withdrawn. 

After the Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh, now open Shiraya court in Kanpur … not opposed, but the cases started to be registered at its reception

This Sharia court had opposed all the social organizations.

The Shariah court, which has been the biggest protest by the Sharia court for a long time, has begun. The earliest centers of these Sharia courts have been built in the Kanpur area, where Sharia court was first opened in Kannauj, after which Kanpur has also happened. This is the same work. Surprisingly, instead of being opposed by the so-called calm society, it has started to be supported.

It is known that after the opening of the Sharia court in Kannauj, Shariah is now the second place in the court, Kanpur. Here too, another Sharia court, which is being recorded instead of coming in the opposition, is a case of shock. Surprisingly, when it opened, five cases were registered. Here are the people who have filed these cases, who were considered peace loving communities and used to tell themselves about the laws of India and the path shown by the Constitution.

The details of the opening of this court were also given, on which the district and state administration is still in a state of uncertainty and is awaiting any direction from above. The name of this court of Kanpur is “Mohakma Sharia Darul Kaja Khawatin Court” .. The very beginning of the opening of the Sharia court was done by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, which had no effect on the widespread protests by nationalist people. .

However, the so-called secular society is silent in this matter and the intellectual class is also refusing to say anything. A large section of news media also seems to play the principles of self-centered secularism. 

Justice for the first time in the world and for a goat being sought in the world .First time victim came to top on Twitter #JusticeForGoat

The voice of justice raised against a rapist.

This is not only India, but also the first example of the world when the general public has decided to give justice to a goat and has also played a trendsetter for him who has been on top of Twitter at this time. A pregnant goat, hunted by a harpoon named Haroon, was raped until Ve died. In this case when the so-called secular society adopted the rules of secularism, while maintaining silence as Haroon’s name came, then the general public took charge and initiated the trend called #JusticeForGoat, which is currently at the top.   
Many people who roamed on the incidents of mobs lynching etc. have also gone from Dubai. Even though the society is disturbed by this misdeed, but the rape of the arrested rapists There is no wrinkle on the face even in the face, and everyone looks very happy even in the custody of the police and shamelessly flirted.
Among those who demand justice for the rape victim goat, many celebrities are also included. The film actor Koina Mitra has warned them by putting photographs of goats and keeping them alert.