Shri Suresh Chavanke ji, who arrived in the US to attend the World Hindu Congress World’s legendary Hindu celebrities will share the platform …

At 1 pm local time, Mr. Chavanke ji reached the US

Chairman of the Sudarshan TV and President of Nation Building Shri Suresh Chavanke ji has reached America to participate in the World Hindu Congress.

. It is worth mentioning that the second World Hindu Convention is being planned for the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s historic speech in the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. The Vishwa Hindu Congress will be organized from September 7 to September 9 in which more than 250 speakers from 80 countries and more than 2500 delegates will participate. In this conference, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will be the keynote speaker and Vice-President of India Shri Venkaiah Naidu will also be included

On reaching America, Sudarshan TV Chairman Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji was received a grand reception. Indian American people welcomed Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji wearing saffron patches and flowers. Let us tell you that after joining the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, which lasted for 3 days, Mr. Suresh Chavanke will meet Indian American people in 7 other cities of America and call for “Bharat Bachao Yatra” for the demand of “Population control law” in India. In the second phase will start the worldwide campaign.

Upon reaching the US, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji said that he is very pleased and proud to meet the Indian people coming to America. He said that American Indians are also concerned about the growing Islamic fundamentalism in India and they have endorsed the demand of population control legislation. Joint organizers of the Vishwa Hindu Congress told that the conference will be inaugurated by the Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu.

The Vishwa Hindu Congress Conference is a global platform where sharing ideas related to Hindus is developed in many areas, ethical, academic, economic and political understanding and expansion. In this conference, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji has been invited by the organizers as the keynote speaker and will preside over the Media Conclave during the conference of Mr. Chavanke. 

The voice of growing Islamization in India will loom in America …

Shri Suresh Chavanke will address Indians in many cities of America.

Shri Suresh Chavanke will address Indians in many cities of America. India’s Bachao Yatra started worldwide campaign … In the year 1893, during the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand’s speech in the World Parliament of the United States of America, Mr. Sudesh Chavankeji, Chairman of Sudarshan TV and head of the National Organization for the Cooperation to join the Vishwa Hindu Congress as a Speaker for the World Hindu Congress

Let me tell you that RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat will be the key speaker of the Vishwa Hindu Congress, and in this program, more than 250 speakers from 80 countries and more than 2500 representatives will be included in the program including Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu. The World Hindu Congress being held in Chicago, USA, will be held from September 7 to September 9. Apart from Jee Vishwa Hindu Congress, Shri Suresh Chavan will meet Indian American people and address the meetings under “Bharat Bachao Yatra” in 7 other cities of America.

Before leaving for the US, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji told that he would make the Hindu nationalists living in America aware of the threats arising from growing Islamic extremism in India. Shri Suresh Chavanke ji said that he has programs in 7 big cities of America and his goal is to get support from Indian American people for support for “Population control law” in India so that Hindustan is to become Syria, Libya Prevented

He said that increasing Islamic fundamentalism is not only a threat to Hindustan but also for the world. Mr. Suresh Chavan said that his visit to the US is the beginning of a globalization of India’s Save Tour and after the US, it will also raise support for the population control law in India, even from Indians living in other countries around the world. Let us tell you that Islamic fundamentalists are not only in India but also in the US.

A simple example is in the city of Chicago where the World Hindu Congress is being organized. In Chicago city there is a road named Mahatma Gandhi Road, but gradually there the Muslim population grew, including Pakistani Muslims and they occupied Mahatma Gandhi over the vast majority of the road. Today’s situation is that as far as the Hindu population is high, the name of the road is Mahatma Gandhi Road but from where the Muslim population starts, the same road has been named Muhammad Ali Jinnah Road.

This proves that Islamic fundamentalism is also increasing in the United States, and this is the reason US President Donald Trump is also vocal against rising Islamic fundamentalists. 

After the arrest of #HydrabadAzadNhi, Shri Suresh Chavanke ji started the Dharna at Hyderabad airport only ..

Arrest due to joining the tri-color festival at the festival of Independence

On the Independence Day of Independence Day, joining the tri-color of Independence Day, Mr. Suresh Chavanke, Chairman of Sudarshan TV, has been arrested by the Telangana Police at Hyderabad airport.

To say that today we are celebrating the festival of freedom and the country is giving salute to Tirangarh, but Shri Suresh Chavanke, who has gone to hoist the tricolor in Hyderabad, is in the custody of the police and he is not allowed to join the tri-color tour. After his arrest, Shri Suresh ji declared the war on R.R. and he has been sitting on the airport only.

After the arrest, Shri Suresh Chavankeji has said that Hyderabad is getting infected by jihadist elements, Rohingya Akranta, Bangladeshi intruders are destroying Hyderabad as cancer, but the Telangana government is involved in the tri-color journey rather than saving Hyderabad from these invasions. Which is proving to be the ideology of the Telangana Government. He said that Hyderabad is a place of Hindustan where the tri-color can not travel, but jihadi elements can do anything

Please tell that even earlier Shri Suresh Chavankeji had gone on Maharat Yatra for the demand of population control law, at which time the Hyderabad Police had stopped Shri Chavanke ji from entering into Hyderabad, after which he was on the road Had sat on the fence. Later, the government was inclined towards Sri Lankan resolution of Suresh ji and he had done a program in Hyderabad. Now once again the Hyderabad Police of Telangana are doing the same work. 

The nation getting infected … 2 ISIS terrorists arrested in Hyderabad. On August 15 there is the program of Suresh Chavanke ji

The terrorists were going to execute the big event …

Sometimes Rohingya is a Bangladeshi intruder. There is also a class in the Hindustan which stands in support of these havoc hollowing the country. This is the reason that these jihadi frenzied invasions are growing steadily and they are infecting Hindus. Meanwhile, on Sunday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested two suspected terrorists operating from Hyderabad, ISIS.

Let us know that on August 15 in Hyderabad, there is also the program of Sudarshan TV Chairman Shri Suresh Chavankeji. In this way, arrests of two ISIS terrorists in Hyderabad raises big questions because after the information about the program of Mr. Suresh ji, it was tweeted with Owaisi’s Twitter Twitter handle that Suresh ji was not allowed to come to Hyderabad.

According to the information, one of the arrested terrorists has been identified as 24-year-old Mohammad Abdullah Basit, who is a computer diploma holder. At the same time, the name of the other is being described as Abdul Kadir, 19. Both are residents of Hyderabad. According to the NIA, bombs were recovered from Bashat near the place. The accused was about to make a bomb and carry out the terror strike in the country.

The senior officer of the NIA said that the accused were involved in terrorist activities. According to the information, Basit was ready to go to the ISI base in 2016, but this plan could not succeed. The investigating agency had received information that Abdullah Basit and Adnan Hassan are constantly in touch with each other.

And are plotting to carry out the terror strike at the behest of ISIS. Explain that Adnan Hassan was arrested in 2016 for the recruitment and training of Indian Muslim youths for ISIS. Since then, the case is going on till now. 

BJP raised the demand of NRC in Delhi .. Bid- “Ration cards are being made by illegal intruders” stamped on Sudarshan’s claims

NRC seeking full country after Assam NRC ..

After the release of NRC draft in Assam, where the country’s politics is overheated and due to the policies of appeasement, all political parties including Congress and Trinamool are protesting against the NRC in support of the Bangladeshi intruders.

Meanwhile, there is a demand for enforcing the NRC in the national capital of Delhi and it has been said that many Bangladeshi dwellers are living illegally in Delhi and they have a base card and ration card, and the demand has been raised by the BJP. It is known that Sudarshan has always been telling not only to his audience but to the whole country that the Bangladeshi intruders are infecting the national capital and he also has a ration card. Now BJP has stamped on Sudarshan’s claims.

Opposition leader Vijendra Gupta in Delhi Assembly on Monday accused the Arvind Kejriwal government of being a serious threat to illegal Bangladeshi indigenous India, while the Aam Aadmi Party is pursuing a stand against the Center on NRC issue and He is opposing the National Citizen Register which is mess with the security of the country. Vijendra Gupta said that he has demanded discussion on this issue in the assembly under the Dhamnaracharan proposal.

They want the government to pass an offer on this issue. They check illegal ration cards and start the process of expelling illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators from Delhi. Let us know that a five-day session of Delhi Assembly has started from Monday. These issues are being considered to be a confrontation between the government and the opposition. Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly, Vijender Gupta said that the Delhi Police sent 945 illegal Bangladeshi nationals out of the country this year

Recently, an illegal Bangladeshi citizen caught in the state of Uttar Pradesh admitted that there was a connection with one of the terrorist organizations. The Bangladeshi infiltrators also accepted that they used to do ration cards of Bangladeshi intruders, form Aadhar card . When all the government agencies are saying that the most important destination of Bangladesh’s infiltrators in India is Delhi and West Bengal, how can the Kejriwal government refuse this?

He said that the support of the Aam Aadmi Party is with the infiltrators, hence its leaders are opposing the NRC. He said that a large part of Delhi’s crime is an intruder coming from Bangladesh. Delhi Police figures prove this, even then the government is defending illegal Bangladeshi intruders. He said that on average, hundreds of Bangladeshi people are coming to Delhi everyday, that should be tried to stop and the Kejriwal government should also issue an NRC draft in Delhi. 

Suresh ji calls from the vast masses of Bathinda – “Meet every person’s representative in your area and ask for the guarantee of national integrity” Population control law “

Shri Suresh Chavankeji, President of the National Organization of the Nation Building, called the voice of the people

Suresh ji calls from the vast masses of Bathinda – “Meet every person’s representative in your area and ask for the guarantee of national integrity” Population control law “
It was a grand event organized by the public  . In this, Shri Suresh Chavankeji, President of the National Organization of the Nation Building, called the voice of the people, was the chief guest who, in addressing the vast masses, to pass the population control law in the upcoming Parliament session, together with close relatives and people representatives in one voice Asked to raise voice .. 
The country needs two children’s law to control population. Because the fast growing population is becoming a hindrance in the development of here. Resources such as farming land, roads, and water are getting less. If the population continues to grow with this speed, then one day and a horrifying situation will become, which will not be easy to deal with. This problem is the biggest challenge facing the country. To control this, two children’s law should be enforced. 
This was the objective of the journey of the Indian National Bodies, which started from Kashmir through the National President of the National Organization of the Nation Building, and ended in Delhi with the aim of alerting the people towards the growing population in the society, whose positive effect. It is also visible and the public has accepted its ill effects. 
While introducing his lecture by bowing down to the holy land of Gurus, Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji pointed out the population control law as India’s biggest requirement, and when it passed, its focus was on pointing the society towards its misery. According to Sharu Suresh Chawanke ji, the biggest problem today in India is increasing population. 
If no law is now made, then the country’s population will cross 200 crore in the next ten years. It is therefore necessary that strict laws should be made on this. Today we all talk of equality in this country, but some people talk of equality for their benefit. Whenever we talk about the implementation of two of our two laws, some people oppose it. Now the time has come to answer those people. When population control law can be applicable in China, Japan, the US and other countries, why not India in India? 
Speaking further, Shri Suresh Chavankeji told the people of Bathinda that the proportion of the population of Hindus in India is declining, it is a matter of concern. At the time of independence in the country, the number of Hindus was around 90 percent of the total population. Which has now dropped to 71 percent. India is a democratic and secular country because of its abundance. 
If the population of Hindus decreases in the country, then there will be no democracy in the country or there will be no secularism. History has been witnessed that whenever the number of tolerant population decreased and intolerant people has increased in a country, then the country also includes Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Like Iran, Iraq and Pakistan, it has been destroyed and ruined. Unemployment is increasing due to this growing population. There is a hindrance in development. For this, harsh population control laws should be implemented. Which are equally applicable to all.