On Twitter, he was giving Sushma Swaraj and Modi to the Gandi Gandi abusers. Know that his name has been taken by UP Police

The news of Sushma Swaraj being trolled over Twitter for the past several days has been the media headlines

The news of Sushma Swaraj being trolled over Twitter for the past several days has been the media headlines. Some people continued to break on this, while some of them took this special show in prime time. But now when the issue is looted, Do not know why those reports were suddenly reinforced and used to be played, the laws and laws of so-called secularism 
 It is to be known that in a new case, making unwarranted comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on social media was a huge burden to the youth of a distorted mindset. 
Police of south Tola police station of Mau district of Uttar Pradesh arrested on Tuesday evening, filed a lawsuit against Azimabad Mullah resident Shafiq Ahmed for using obscene words for Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister on Twitter.
After this arrest, there has been a clear message to many people who have made the social media abusive and vulgar with their objections, which are stigmatizing this important platform with their profanity and showing openly their radical thinking and distorted mentality … 
In fact, the Mau resident, Shafiq Ahmed, on Twitter, tagged Anupam Kher and Sushma Swaraj on May 28, accusing the Prime Minister and the External Affairs of making a lot of crap and scandal and increasing the price of petrol and making the country a beggar. 
Tomorrow, the tweet has become viral when the Foreign Minister blocked Sonam Mahajan on Twitter, while quoting the link of the tweet, Twitter said that there are no action on such kind of dirty-slanging villagers and civilized Those who raise questions in a manner are called trolls. 
After this the Mau police took this case seriously and filed the case under IT Act 67 and arrested the accused youth.
After that, Twitter users also admired his stubborn step by the soft police that such abusive language can not be accepted at all in democracy, it is all right to criticize the dissent, but no violence of any type is violated. While doing stringent legislation with such people, he should be taught the lesson which he learned in his childhood from his parents and teachers. Were. If you are doing any wrong thing in this way on social media, then be careful now.