Not just Modi, almost every Hindu of India is on target of the invaders

Five conspirators arrested before the assassination of Hinduism leader Arjun and Mumumbakai in Tamil Nadu

Five conspirators arrested before the assassination of Hinduism leader Arjun and Mumumbakai in Tamil Nadu Soon the murder was going to happen if the security agencies were not alert.

After the arrest of the conspirators of the assassination of Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, the support of the opposition parties has given rise to somewhere, the snooping of all the sleeves who had already been targeted to those people who were the country’s culture

Goddesses are fighting for the sake of respecting the Gods .. In this order are again caught again. 5 Such conspirators who had taken the aim of fighting Hindutva in South India to Hindutva leaders fighting with missionary and Islamic terror .. After the disclosure, questions have been raised about the security of Hindu-Hindu leaders across the country. In the allegation of conspiracy to plot the killing of the leaders of Hindustan organizations in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. A. has been arrested five people.

Police said that on the basis of intelligence, Special Investigation Team detained four people who came here from Chennai. Another person, who arrived to receive the receipt, has been detained for questioning. Police told that all the people had come here to be in a marriage. However, inquiries revealed that his motive was to kill some Hindu leaders, including Hindu Makkal Kachi leader Arjun Sampath and Mukhambikai Mani, leader of Hindu Munani.

The police said that these people have received five screams. A case has been registered against these people under the Prevention of Illegal Activities Prevention Act and the conspiracy to plot the murder. All these accused have been kept in the Central Jail here, while security has been extended to those Hindu leaders. Terrorism related to these people has not been made,

But the police say that these people were in touch with the faction of the active ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir. Police say that these people wanted to create communal harmony and instability during the holy days of Puwan Ganesh Chaturthi on 13th September. At present, these arrests and so called secular groups and self-proclaimed intellectual classes are silent.

Police are investigating further with intense knowledge but this incident has left the question that why are the conspiracy of killing people against Hindus and Hindus who raise voice of Hindutva in this country, why are they not raised in the intellectual class? 

Imam was burnt alive in front of the mosque. No one else to burn … The sensation spread through the incident of burning the imam .

Once again, sensation has spread in all parts of the country when an Imam was burnt outside the mosque.

As long as someone could understand it, he got burnt to the Imam and went to the hospital. His death. The most sensational aspect in this case is that the attacker is not a man but a woman and he also came in the burqi Imam also talked for a while .. This shows that Imam was already familiar with women.

It may be known that sensation spread across the country at the time when an unknown Burqada woman in the Chennai city of Tamil Nadu killed the Imam by burning it with some flammable material. The police have not been able to recognize the woman till now. The incident occurred in office in front of the large mosque built in Triplicion area of Chennai. Police said that, when the Imam was praying on Monday evening at eight o’clock. Then there were five women, one of whom threw some liquid and set fire on the Imam.

After this the woman fled from there. In critical condition, the Imam was taken to the hospital. Where he died. The deceased’s name is Syed Fajruddin and his age was almost 60 years. They were imams of the large mosque. At around 8 o’clock in the night, the accused woman along with five women reached the office of Fajruddin, wearing a burqa. When other women were talking to Fajruddin, the accused woman threw a chemical on them and set on fire. After that he started running from there. During this, the friend of Imam tried to capture him, but he escaped.

Fazruddin was taken to a medical college hospital where he died after a few hours. The police said that after the prayers, Imam used to meet people every day in his office located on the High Road of Tripiliken. On Monday it was also meeting people like everyday. Only a substance was thrown at them and set on fire.

According to the police, the substance which was thrown over the imam was neither petrol nor kerosene. The doctor has not been able to find out even now. After this, the sample from Imam’s clothes and the spot has been sent to Forensic Lab for the test.