India’s official figures include Rohingyas … even now the government will decide too..

Rohingya Akrata, who had infiltrated into India by massacre of Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar, has now been made an official figure in India’s official figures. The way the intellectuals of India stood in support of the Rohingya Andamadis, its effect was also seen. Rohingyas have got the strength in a state of Hindustan that they now decide the government here too. You have joined the voters’ list of Rohingyas in Telangana and they have also been given a voter identity card.

Bharatiya Janata Party has complained to the Election Commission that the names of Rohingya Muslims have been illegally included in the electoral roll in 15 assembly seats in Telangana in Telangana and in this joint conspiracy the MIMIM and Congress along with the TRS The party is also included. Under the leadership of union minister Mukhtar Abbas, the delegation included senior party leaders Arun Singh, Anil Baluni, Om Pathak, P Venkata Raman etc.

BJP delegation handed a memorandum to the commission and investigated the incident and demanded the removal of names illegally included in the voters list. Naqvi said that the names of Rohingya intruders in illegal voting list have been included in many assembly constituencies in Hyderabad area of ​​Telangana. These intruders can not be given citizenship of the country but under the planned conspiracy, they have been given photo voter identity card.

He alleged, “In this planned conspiracy, the AIII is included in the state including the ruling TRS and the Congress.” Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi claimed that the names of people of a particular class were removed from the electoral roll on a large scale under a conspiracy. They alleged that there are many families in which a dozen names have been added to a family.Naqvi said that in such a way the party has urged the Election Commission to investigate it and names of names and the names of Rohingya Muslims being incorrectly removed should be removed from the list.

‘Justice for Pranay’ campaign on social media

Three including Amrutha’s father booked for caste killing of Pranay in Telangana

Amrutha Varshini, wife of Perumalla Pranay Kumar, who was allegedly killed for honour last week, took to Facebook on Monday, launching her fight against injustice.

The page that she titled ‘Justice for Pranay’ was created on Monday afternoon, had about 6,000 people following at around 5 p.m., and by 7 p.m. the supporter’s count exceeded 16,000 ‘likes and follows’.

“Don’t worry Pranay…you are not alone..Not only me u are in the heart of crores of people.. Many people are fighting for justice ” she wrote.

Amrutha, earlier on Sunday, had said she would approach a large number of people to fight against caste.

The diverse page users, from across the State and outside, were seen posting photos, videos and information. Users from several districts posted candlelight procession pictures and rallies against the killing.

Information on creating a twitter trend with a handle #SayNoToCaste starting 6 p.m., against caste feelings was another.Students of the Ambedkar Students’ Association of Hyderabad Central University remembered the leader of Self-Respect Movement Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy on his 140th birth anniversary on Monday, and quoted: “Marriages should culminate on account of the wishes of the couple.”

The page that became ‘instant like and follow’ hours after its creation, also was platform to vent ire against casteism.

Telangana: Man bangs 3-year-old son against auto, wife refuses to complain

In a shocking incident, a man banged his three-year-old child against an auto-rickshaw after a heated argument with his wife

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a man banged his three-year-old child against an auto-rickshaw after a heated argument with his wife. The disturbing incident took place in Hyderabad on Sunday night and was captured on the phone which has been circulated on the social media. 
The accused, identified as Shiva Goud, came home in an inebriated condition and picked a fight with his wife. Two constables, who were nearby, were informed about the scuffle at the street after which they reached the spot. As soon as they tried to take control of the situation, the accused threw his three-year-old child towards an auto-rickshaw.
The child has suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital where he has been put under care and protection of the Child Welfare Department. His condition is said to be out of danger. However, the child’s mother refused to file a complaint against the accused fearing harassment from her husband after which, the police taking suo motu cognizance of the act, filed a case under child abuse against the accused. The video of the incident has drawn flak from all sections of society on the social media.