A 28-year-old girl was shocked. She said, “This is mine, I will not give divorce”

In the name of Teen Talaaq and halala, what is the suffering of Muslim women who have to undergo the endless harassment, the example of this is exposed by Khatima of Uttarakhand, where a woman has given her husband the first three divorces, then a 65 year old elderly Stirred up But what the hauler did after this was a surprise. The mauler refused to divorize the woman after the halala that she has started seeking women and will always keep her with him.

According to the news, Khan’s daughter Juhi, Khatima resident of Uttarakhand, was married to Mohammad Khade of Khatima in 2010. After three years of marriage, when Mian-Biwi became immersed, Shauher divorced in an angry manner. They have two sons. Both of them took one child. In the year 2016, both of them regretting and wishing to be one for the sake of their children, but after the divorce, Halala’s ritual came back. On this 28-year-old woman got married to Khatima’s 65-years-old man.

The condition was that after Halala, she will divorce immediately, but now the elderly person is not prepared for it. After the marriage, the elderly refused to divorce the woman. The loser says that the woman is feeling good, so she will not divorce her now. This couples, separated from divorces and halas, added this Saturday to the Chief of the Haq Foundation, Farhat Naqvi and told the full story.When Farhat Naqvi talked to the elderly who said to the elderly, he said that I will not divorce. Farhat Naqvi says that he will solve this matter in any situation.

Brother- in -law did the rape of sister-in-law, came to show sympathy, but he did rape. Know what is the whole matter?

He had come to his sister-in-law’s eyes and he wanted to have a physical relationship with his sister-in-law in any situation.

Brother- in -law did the rape of sister-in-law, came to show sympathy, but he did rape. Know what is the whole matter?

He had come to his sister-in-law’s eyes and he wanted to have a physical relationship with his sister-in-law in any situation. Then one day he wired the entire limit of relationships and forcibly committed the rape incident with his sister-in-law.

But the distress of the poor people did not stop there, but the actual murder of humanity with the relations was now done. After being raped by Dewar, the victim came to show sympathy, and her husband also raped her, and after this her husband also gave her three. This matter of shame in Humyaayat came from Bijnaur in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the news, in a village in the Kiratpur police station area of Bijnaur district of Uttar Pradesh, a woman looking at her alone in the house raped her with cruelty forcibly and with Devdar, Devar ran away. When Devar ran away to meet the woman with sympathy, she came to him and started encouraging him, and after seeing the opportunity, he also lost his cock. At the same time, the woman’s husband came and told the opposite wife that she was wrong and she was thrown out of the house by giving three divorces.

The woman passing through endless pain with her three children, like you did her maternal uncle, and then with her father, the woman approached the police station and complained about the matter. The woman said that her husband had gone to the village only in relation.

He was alone in the house. Taking advantage of this, her brother, Jeth, committed rape. After this, her husband divorced her and drove her out of the house. Surprisingly, on Saturday night, the people of the fraternity decided on both sides and sent it to the maiden and the tehran given to the police was withdrawn on Sunday.Station Inspector Lav Sirohi has confirmed the agreement on both sides. 

“Rahul Gandhi who supports Shariah should marry 4 girls, if he does not, he will reach his house” – Muslim women Challenges Rahul Gandhi

Congress laughs with direct silence of Muslim woman .

In the Rajya Sabha, a Muslim woman has challenged Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who has stood against the three divorce bills, and said that if Rahul Gandhi is a supporter, then she should marry four women.

Dr Sameena, who filed a petition in the Supreme Court to pronounce the marriage of Holi, unconstitutional, says that the leaders of the Maha coalition including Rahul Gandhi are stuck in three divorce bills. If Rahul Gandhi does not cooperate in passing the bill, then it means that he supports Sharia law and polygamy. In such a situation, they should marry four women who are divorced and if Rahul Gandhi does not do this, they will go to their house with Marriage Procession.

In a press conference in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Samina, native of Sambhal, said that she herself is a victim of three divorces on her own twice. He and six other women have filed petitions in the Supreme Court to make polygamous, unmarried and halal unconstitutional. These include Rani Shabnam, resident of Jollygarh village of Bulandshahr and Farjana, resident of Secunderabad. The leaders of All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Deoband supporter and General Secretary are unanimous to stop three divorce bills from being passed in Parliament.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi and SP President Akhilesh Yadav are also among them. Samina said that if Rahul Gandhi is a supporter of Sharia law and polygamy, then four married women who are supposed to be justified as justified should be divorced from the women who are divorced. If he does not do this, he himself will go to his house with a brothel with the divorce victims. Apart from Rahul, Akhilesh Yadav should do the same.

Dr. Samina clarified that he has no relation with any political party, although Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking positive steps for the interests of Muslim women and Muslim women should support Modiji for justice and those who have got three divorce bills They are against all the Shari’ah supporters. 

After getting three divorces from the husband, the father-in-law did not get pregnant then the boy again turned back.

Victims is suffering and moving road to road to get justice

In the name of three divorces and halala, another Muslim woman has already lost her hatred by her father-in-law, but even after this time, this lady is forced to eat every 2 stumble. This shameful case has come to the fore from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim woman becomes a mother after her father’s father-in-law.

The same gentleman who forced the lady for the light, refused to adopt him. Actually, Shaukhar is suspicious that the person who was born from a wife is his father. According to all the media reports, the Muslim woman was married on September 30, 2015, with a transporter living in Sambhal. A few days after the marriage, the woman started harassing her for her dowry. In the meantime, she gave three divorce on the phone to the woman.

Then again, to reconnect, with that father-in-law, he started laughing. After this, the husband was forced to marry again on December 24, 2016, with a father-in-law. The bride of the father-in-law remained all night long.

The father-in-law gave divorce to the woman the next morning in the morning. After this, she started fulfilling the tenure of three months ten days for marriage. But during the time of his stipend, his adolescent forced forcibly relations. She became pregnant. After Eidat, on April 5, 2017, there was a marriage with the first husband.

After this, the real problem of the woman started when her husband came to know that she is pregnant. The victim’s husband brought contraceptive pills to get an abortion. When the woman refused to abortion, the boy beat him. The woman said that ‘My husband had said that this baby would be infamous due to birth.’ Because two people had relations with me at the time of Halala and Idith. In such a situation, who is the eldest of whom is this doubt, remained in the shawl of the poet. The woman alleged that she was not allowed to drink food even after being imprisoned in the house.

The woman says that after the birth of her son, her husband is no longer keeping her together. After this, the lady has met Farhat Naqvi, the president of my rights foundation, and sought justice for herself. 

“If you can not afford your abba car, then you are just worth a job, thirst is extinguished to my whole house”

Know where this humiliated game happened?

Your father has not given me a car, so there is no significance in my life. Now you come with two lakh rupees or a car or you become a toy so that all the family members of my family can play with you. But if she could not afford two lakh rupees and car with the maiden of that woman, then she broke it on her and devastated her life 
Due to not getting the car, the woman’s father-in-law raped her, then her nandoi raped her and said that there are still more people left. But when the woman asked her to stop all this from her, her husband gave three divorces and drove her out of the house.Mamal is from Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. The daughter of Meerut’s Kharkhoda area was married to Rizwan from Pilkhuka, Hapur, on October 4, 2015. 
Due to getting a bike instead of a car at the wedding, Rizwan was upset after the marriage. He started harassing his wife for bringing a car and a cash of Rs 2 lakh in his dowry from his maternal uncle. A year later, the woman gave birth to a daughter, and her husband-in-law did a lot of rage. But the demand for car and cash dowry remained. 
On July 12, Rizwan went to Gurgaam for work. The victim has alleged that during this time, her father-in-law Muhammad had raped her forcibly in the house room. On July 14, her mother-in-law called her daughter’s husband and called him in the room. When Nandie started forcibly with her, he also added her hand and also said that she is pregnant for 3 months, but she did not accept it. He also raped the victim. 
On July 17, the victim’s husband came back, the victim was hungry and thirsty in her room. When the victim told Rizwan that the father-in-law and Nandyi act, the husband beat him fiercely and threw his throat with the intention of killing him. After this, after provoking his mother-in-law, Rizwan gave him three divorces and set him in the car and forcibly left his pocket along with his daughter. 
The victim reached Kharkhand police station along with her family and lodged a case against her in-laws including her father-in-law and Nandoi, including her husband. SSP Rajesh Kumar Pandey said that the police team has been sent in search of the accused. Soon the accused will be put in the jail. 

One of the ”Teen Talaaq ” victims who were rejected by not only the in-laws but also the maternal ones of her. No one is telling that where she goes?

For the three divorced victims, the in-laws’ doors were already closed.

The words of so-called contractors who made big-2 agitation in the name of women’s self-respect were closed when the three divorced victims, who had earlier turned down her in-laws and her maternal grandmother, approached them for justice. 
For the three divorced victims, the in-laws’ doors were already closed. Now my maternal grandmother has turned her back. She is now bending round the police station. He is asking the police to help him but it is surprising that the people who fight so called fight of self-respect are silent on this. A couple of years ago a husband married a married woman in the Gymnagar police station area. 
After this he went to the maiden. Panchayat was convened on dispute Based on the decision in which her husband had agreed to adopt it again. But for the sake of it, the condition was laid, the victim had gone to iddat. If there was a Panchayat then the condition of halala was laid. The victim also did the halala but even after this, her husband was not ready for marriage. On which the Panchayat took place and the husband decided to keep his promise. 
After this he went to the maiden. The Panchayat was convened on dispute, based on the decision that his husband had agreed to adopt it again. But for the sake ofit, the condition was laid, the victim was gone If there was a Panchayat then the condition of halala was laid. The victim also did the halala but even after this, his husband was not ready for marriage. On which the Panchayat took place and the husband decided to keep his promise. 

Seeking a woman from Bareilly… after three divorce law

Due to the involvement of opposition parties, three divorce bills have not been passed from Rajya Sabha.

One of the three miscreants who have ruined the lives of women in Islam has already been divested by the Supreme Court, after which the Modi government passed the law against the three divorces and passed the speech from the Lok Sabha. However, due to the involvement of opposition parties, three divorce bills have not been passed from Rajya Sabha. 
Even after this, the Modi government is committed to completely blocking the three divorces.Now the voice has been raised between the central government’s commitment to preventing three divorces; Against another Islamic myth, this voice has raised the voice of Islam, Nida Khan, the daughter-in-law of the daughter of Bareilly of Hazrat Dargah, who himself has become a victim of this malady. 
Nida Khan, daughter-in-law of Hazrat Khandan, a dargah in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has raised the demand of banning the second marriage from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Nida Khan has also sent a letter to the Chief Minister demanding immediate passage of three divorce laws. 
Nida Khan said that Shaheed has given three divorces in this case, he has also been booked for embryonic killing, on which the police has imposed a charge sheet but even after the charge sheet, Shiran Raza Khan has not been arrested. 
Nida Khan told that the demand for a ban on marrying the Chief Minister has also been raised. There should be a strict law on the marriage of a second wife while the first wife is married. This has been demanded from the Chief Minister. 3 Divorce laws have been implemented as early as possible and demand has been given to women. 
Nida Khan says that if there are three divorces, there should be polygamy or be molested. All this is to ruin the lives of women, so she requests the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji that the law to ban polygamous law Planted.