In the Bulandshahr, lakhs of people gathered in the same district to raid the house of Alauddin in the same district, surrounded the police, terribly rocking. Sub inspector injured.

On one hand, the tent and preparations were going on, the talk of peace, peace, and so on was on the other side, surrounded by Alauddin’s house, the electricity department had already rained down the stone and after that the sub inspector was attacked by stones At this time, in the case of police, strict action has been taken so far so many stone laborers have been arrested, whose numbers are being told around 19.

This form of Alauddin is not matching in any way that is being told in the loudspeaker in the tent. Nowadays, Alauddin’s grandfather was such a place where he would burn the electricity free and whatever he would stop, he would be stoned with stones. .. He did this and also the first target was to the employees of the power department and then to the police. On Monday night, electric thieves fired on the police in Sikanderabad.

The policeman used to carry stones to the stones. In the firing, a child was also injured, while a Druga was severely injured in stone pelting. He has been admitted to Government Hospital. Actually, on Monday morning the team of the Electricity Department went on an intent to stop electricity theft in a locality of Secunderabad. The team went to catch electric thieves too. When the electricity was stolen in the area, people dominated the power department and beat them and beat them. Also tear off government documents.

After this, personnel of Gisli department came to the SDO office and protested. They demanded the officials to arrest the guilty after writing an FIR against the accused. The police could come in contact with the staff. After this many police stations were summoned and called on the spot. After seeing the police, an unknown person fired on the police. This resulted in the shooting of a minor girl in the area and she was injured.

Even after this the accused did not believe and started pelting stones on the police team. In a stone pavement, a dentist was injured. The injured policeman has been sent to the hospital for treatment. After this, the police team searched the accused and searched the accused in the presence of the magistrate and detained 17 people. SP City Pravin Ranjan Singh says that both injured and minor girls are injured in stone pelting .No one’s condition is serious. Police have detained 19 people. A huge police force has been deployed to create law and order. Action is being taken against the accused.a

Congratulations to SDM Anjum B. Khan, who chose his life partner in Lucknow, Pankaj Singh.

In Yogiraj ruled Lucknow, there was an atmosphere of celebration and celebration when PCS officer Anjum B had vowed to live with his old love and birth and came to Pankaj Singh legally by choosing his life partner and then merged the court. On the occasion, all the administrative officials of Lucknow were also present who blessed this new couple couple with good wishes and happiness.

The native residents of Pilibhit, Anjum Khan and Pankaj Singh, both used to prepare for competitive examinations simultaneously, and from there, love flourished between the two, which has now been transformed into the bondage of sacred marriage of birth transmigration. Anjum’s husband Pankaj Singh is currently a professor in a college in Lucknow while Anjum has been posted on the post of SDM in the administration of the PCS. Anjum is also in charge of the Lucknow Collectorate at the present time.On this occasion, Anjum was very happy in the bride’s favor and Pankaj vowed to support her till she was born. Not only in Lucknow but also in the whole country, marriage is a matter of good wishes and discussion.

Some people who had imported Italy to convert to Hinduism – a big attack on the Congress with the Yogi missionaries

Shri Yogi Adityanath, the current Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party, called the Hindu Hooda Emperor, once again spoken about the conversion of Chhattisgarh to the land and the attacks against its responsible people.

Raising a vocal voice against the active missionaries in Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday alleged that anti-national activities of conversion of imported merchants from Italy and conversion through their own in Chhattisgarh during the Congress rule were at the peak. This speech of Yogi Adityanath was going on in the Jashpur district of the Sarguja area of ​​Chhattisgarh in which he said that till 2003, there was a Congress government in the state.

Directly, Yogi Adityanath was indirectly targeting the former Congress President Sonia Gandhi. While constructing a bridge of praise of Raman Singh, Yogi Adityanath alleged that Chhattisgarh was made in 2000, but the Congress had ‘misrule’ for the first three years. There were no roads in this mischief. There was no electricity There was no system of education and health too. G. Adityanath said that Lama Purushottam Lord Shri Ram had spent most of his time in punishment.

During this time, there was fearlessness among the people of this region, which there would be no chaos here. He said that he thought that in this work his associates were not the army of Ayodhya and Janakpur, but it was tribal and forest dwellers here. Together, these people made the journey of Lord Ram alive. He said that Congress had power in Chhattisgarh in the first three years. Then there were neither roads nor electricity, education and health facilities.

The Aslam itself was driven by the bike itself by showing humanity to the devout police who had reached the hospital. But a stunned charge on the same police..

There is a continuation of baseless allegations on the police of Uttar Pradesh who are famous for their fairness and dutiful and judicial image in the present time. Sometimes the allegation of Bijnor’s soldier Kamal Shukla is found to be false, sometimes Chadausi’s Chauki Incharge Harpal Singh is baseless allegations. Sometimes the allegations of Jaunpur’s Shanti Mithalesh Kumar are baseless allegations, and Bareily Police is sometimes set up in a frenetic courtroom.

But in the midst of it, if the police of some of the targets are on target, it is the police of Aligarh who refused to bow down under any pressure from any criminal in any form. Aligarh Police’s fair working style did not come to the attention of many, and they never wanted to do unnecessary politburo, but they wanted to backfire them with false reports or allegations. But the people knew all the truth and the Aligarh police continued to do their work.

It is known that Aligarh police, who have given fear to the society by killing the sadhu’s assassins directly in the encounter, has repeatedly shown the human nature and after seeing the police during the checking, a person running away after being unbalanced, all the work He took him to the hospital and immediately made the medical arrangements. But Aslam had been ill for a long time and the police and the doctors had to face Aslam even after all the efforts. Less addressed could not be.

The condition of Aslam was informed by the police at the time of the incident and after the postmortem, the body of Aslam was handed over to him. Even till all things were going well and the common man was the leniency of the Civil Lines Police Station in Aligarh. Humanity was appreciating .. But controversy arose due to a conspiracy conspiracy in this case suddenly. Some people began to make allegations that the police slapped Aslam, causing her to die.

It is a ridiculous charge to slap the life of that Aslam which was running a bike and was passing many shocks and pits on the way. It is not enough to slap the police, remove anyone, abuse others etc. There are no proofs. The verbal accusers are almost the same people who were invading some time ago against the team that killed the killers of Saint.

But here is the character of praise, the functioning of Aligarh Police is still on the jurisdiction even after so many baseless allegations and many attempts are being made for the crime free Aligarh. At present, those accused or those who are attacking, have no solid evidence of any kind that confirms a little bit of allegations against the Civil Lines Police, But protecting the society is awake by night and making such allegations against the police force fighting with terror also can not be considered suitable for the construction of a healthy society somewhere.

Sadly, on the demand of the population control law, the daily deterioration of the day, the health of Narasimhananda Saraswati ji

Sadly, on the demand of the population control law, the daily deterioration of the day, the health of Narasimhananda Saraswati ji. As well as the spread of public anger in the Hindu society

The last option of protecting Hindus by telling the population control law, with the logical data of the earliest, for the purpose of implementing it on the lines of China, the continuous hunger strike on the demand of the government, Narasimhaananda Saraswati ji’s 11 days passed But after this, the anger is spreading among his supporters after the government and administration have not improved their level at any level.And they say that the saints will be held responsible for any kind of untimely affair with Narasimhananda and will be given a proper answer to it …

Goddess Kali’s Siddha Peeth is the 11th anniversary of the death anniversary of the Constitution of the country’s national convenor, Yatishi Narasimhannand Saraswati ji Maharaj, Mahant of the Dasana Devi Temple, and the national convenor of the All India Saint Council, Ghaziabad. Today, suddenly, after a noon, his condition worsens. But not on the ears of any of the people of Shashan and administration, because of not crawling on their ears, not only their supporters but their fierce Hindutva V due to being spread outrage in many Hindu organizations which can take as another long run.

Mahant Yati Narasimhaanand ji himself believes that he is sitting on the demand of the most important law for the country, and this constitutional demand is not in any way wrong. His supporters also say that the demand of Mahant ji is in the interest of religion and country There is a demand that is the most effective in the country. All Hindus of the country are fully supportive of Swamiji’s displeasure. Tomorrow, demonstrations were performed at Jagor and Saharanpur, Nagpur, Rudrapur etc. Memorandum to Shaoos Tomorrow, a special memorandum will be given to Prasan and there will be performances.

Overall, this resentment is now coming out of Ghaziabad district at the regional level, which can lead to the formation of national movement due to political neglect. It is worth mentioning here that Mahant Yati Narasimhaanand ji has already got all the diseases They are battling and due to such a long hunger they are getting worse due to their physical condition, which can ever reach a fatal situation. The growing resentment in variation and are losing faith in the people on the other side of government.

In the past, a saint, Jnanesaruppa Sanand, was sitting on hunger strike, which had no effect on the government and he had sat his life in the sad days of 111 days in which there was a lot of darkness from the central government. Once again Almost the same situation seems to be rebuilt, which is not going to be noticed by any high official, which is not going to go ahead, not just the district administration, but the state government and the central government. That can be a big reason

Seeing the police, the cow slaughtered the women ahead of the house, but finally the justice came. Everyone said- “Well Done ” Ayodhya Police”

This is the same pain, problem and condition that is being fought in Kashmir, our commander’s Brave Army. Even there the terrorists’ supporters of terrorists and terrorists sometimes come in prostitution, they sometimes make women ahead when they face defeat in front of them.

Criminals who do not dare to fight directly with the security forces of India, soldiers and police, have made women before this, their shield of hide, but they deserve to be applauded by our police and army personnel who are also in these odd circumstances. The new case has come to the faces of the traitors and their supporters facing this. In Uttar Pradesh’s earlier Faizabad and present Ayodhya district, where there is a maniac As soon as the police raided, they made the women forward and ran away with their own ropes …

But the police also followed the law with patience and fulfilled the ban on cow katan by arresting three women’s butchers. It is mentioned that Inspector Ranjan Manoj Kumar, on the information of cow smuggling in Bada Bhawan  Kasai Tola of Ayodhya district, Led by the police, the police raided.

The cabs kept the house locked from inside to confront the police, to confront the women. Even then the police remained firmly deployed and dispute between the police, the angry Soha Rohnah, neither Manoj Kumar Singh and Satichora Chaki Incharge Ram Naresh Verma called the women police and arrested three women, Rajia Khana and the officer, and Sabeha, for the dissolution of peace and sent to jail. And all the men were successful in the butcher’s escape.

The police say that the runaway casuines will be taken as soon as possible and full compliance with the law will be done in the area. This work of the Police is also highly appreciated in the local public. But this incident underlines all the opposite instances in which our young men and policemen protect the society.

Why are the people of Lucknow captain Kalanidhi Nathani being victimized for propaganda? While the graph of data and the public’s point of view says something else.

His career has been untested, he has always tried to be the rule of law at the top wherever he lives. Everyone below him, whether the leader, the actor, the bureaucrat or any other .. How could the people who broke the law could come to this point .. initially thought that it is new, will manage it .. But when all efforts fail After all, he started a reverse turn and took the aim of the officer whose police career was not only but his personal life is also immaculate.

Yes, this is going on, the current senior superintendent of Lucknow, Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, should be in every class of the society, while speaking about the crime of attacking the police. Only change. For the past few years, he is being targeted by the group of media under the thoughtful strategy. In this case even if someone has a word but pain is a sign of someone else. Those paints are hiss, whose black adventures have stopped, That pain belongs to him whose illegal business has been stalled.

Those sufferings are those who do not understand themselves above the law. After all, he adopted the rule of offense is best defence and took some of his loyalists along with the attackers to Kalanidhi Nathani.

If only the rising crime, if the SSP of Lucknow was being circumvented on the statute of law, it would have seemed to be somewhere ideological and logical, but when the words of protest were “special of the yogi” or “rule of governance” Words such as “grace” can be added, it is enough to understand itself that all words are inspired by politics that can not bear the pressure of the bureaucracy .

Even a regime wants that the law system in its governed area is maintained and the atmosphere of peace prevails, the officer applying this will not only own the government but also the public will be dear to him, what is bad in it and The government has to estimate the purpose of making this good achievement a bad statement. Now the matter is related to the crime which is related to the crime. In Lucknow, under the leadership of Kalanidhi Nathani 2 incidents were mainly made national news.

The first soldier was robbed by the Pacific by shooting Apple’s manager and killing another Axis bank guard. Both these incidents were properly disclosed and proper action was taken along with the arrest of the culprits at the right time. The party was satisfied with the proceedings of the police, but the non-appeasement of dissent was dissatisfied and she continued her protest. Besides, if seen then Lucknow The trader and the general public continued to breathe in relief and no big crime was allowed to go on.

Yes, many of the big culprits were buried in the meantime, which was not mentioned, perhaps deliberately …

The biggest achievement is taking communal tension in old Lucknow. During the tenure of most of the police captains, there was ever Shia-Sunni tension in old Lucknow, and sometimes Hindu-Muslim clashes. But during the tenure of Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, old Lucknow was relatively quiet and Being cordial, for sure, Kalanidhi ji is eligible for Saharan and hope that these figures will also be watching the rule

The businessman of Lucknow is doing his business today, and he is doing his business today, and besides the government tax, there has been no end to the practice of ‘goultax’ etc. For this, governance and administration is worthy of praise … In many districts of the state, policemen were attacked and the credibility of the police Giri did not allow such a tight administration in Lucknow.

Often many police officers have been seen breaking and tilting under the pressure of a big so-called leader, but the leader of the opposition party, the Opposition in the Lucknow capital, SSP Mr. Kalanidhi ji made all these cases in harmony and his skillful work style. is . It is hoped that they will not be victimized by the trial of a particular class of media and by observing their actions and crime figures, the government and the people will reach any conclusion …

Regardless of the motive behind all these discussions, however, literal and political attacks on the morale of the police fighting together with terror and crime can not be said in terms of security and peace of any country or region.


# Assistant Editor – Rahul Pandey

Mobile – 9598805228

After fake notes, now fake business of blood … conspiracy to kill the countrymen with the destruction of the country.

For the financially devastating Hindustan, all of them have heard the business of fake notes, but for the first time, it was revealed that fake currency was being traded along with fake currency notes. According to the news, the STF detonated seven people on Thursday night while busting a gang of black money traders in Lucknow after mixing chemical and water in Lucknow. STF raided Madison and Blood Bank Hospital and BKK Hospital in Madiyan late on late night.

According to the news, eight units of blood have been recovered from them, which are being investigated. By late night, the STF was exploring the details of the blood bank documents and the staff. STF raiding was quite confidential. He did not even inform the local police. The gang’s gangster is Nasim, his nose continued till late night in Faizullahganj and Cantt continued. Tools used for making blood from the gang’s vicious house have also been recovered.

According to the STF, this black business was going on for long in Madiyev. The STF took action after about 15 days to rake the blood bank and collect the evidence. The raids took place last night under the leadership of STF deputy SP Amit Nagar. According to the STF officials, three units of blood was being made from two units in combination with chemical and water. Here the staff of a non-medical degree used to work. There is no deployment of any doctor in the blood bank.

All the young men who have spoken are studied till intermediate. One unit used to charge Rs 3500 for adulterated blood. The gang used to buy blood and wages and rickshaw drivers for 1000-1200 rupees and used to mix chemicals and water. In order to keep their identity confidential, gang people used to buy mobile SIM at fake addresses.

Deadly attack on devotees of Mother in Gonda, then slogans of Zindabad Pakistan in Bahraich.

The holy festival of Mother Adashakti at the end of Navaratri, during the immersion of the idol worshipers, the Yogi festivals made a fierce fight in the Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh. Two districts near the capital, Lucknow, Bahraich and Gonda Durga were burnt in tears of tension after the statue during immersion. In the Khaira market of Bahraich on Monday, the people of the particular community made slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and also made the video of sloganeering even viral.

On the other hand, three cases were filed in Colonjonj Kotwali in Gonda in connection with the furor over the Durga immersion immersion. According to Kotwal VP Shrivastav, there are 18 nominations in one case and the other six are unknown. Demolition and arson incident took place on Sunday too. It is important that the chaotic elements started pelting on the idol immersion procession that came out of the Khaera market in the Bondi police station area. Seeing the people of both communities came face to face. The people of Muslim community broke into many shops.

The CD, on the information, reached the spot with ASP Force on the people assured the action. After this, people have been able to calm the issue and immerse the Durga statues. Moving away somewhat, sculptures were stopped again. In the evening, Durga statues of Patti, Ramgarhi and Barriya villages were leaving the Khaira market for immersion. At the same time, the stone-pelting began after the people of Muslim community got assassinated. As long as people could understand something, dozens of people were injured in stone pelting.

Apart from this, there is a debate on the road during the Durga statue procession in Colanganj tahsil area on the second day of Vijayadashmi in Gonda district. In the meanwhile, the people of Muslim community blocked the Bahraich Hajurpur road while opposing it. BJP MLA Bawne Singh and Pratik Bhushan Singh tried to explain but did not believe in frenzy. Later, police of several police stations reached the spot on the spot. DM-SP was trying to explain the lags, in the meanwhile, stone pelting began at 12:00 PM. During this, DM Capt Prabhanshu Shrivastav was injured, after which the police used force too.








































The challenge of religious fanatics to the goddess devotees in Yogi power … gruesome stones and fire in Kashmiri style

After the end of Navaratri, the holy festival of Mother Adashakti, during the immersion of Mother’s statue, Yogi Adityanath ruled Uttar Pradesh got the horror of religious fanatics. On many occasions across the state, the frenzied attacked the devotees of Mata Durga during the immersion, arson, violence and assault.

Even in Sultanpur, a case of arson and stone pelting occurred in the fire that took place in Durga statue immersion, where frenzy ransacked in many trains and looted itself in many shops of arson. The case belongs to the Kurorhad police station of the district. People from Nevari village, Dhodhwa and Chak Mardani villages were going out of Dewagram to immerse them with the Navy intersection. Meanwhile, the people of Nevari village asked for a way to overcome Dhodhava people, but the potters stopped the way.

When the devotees of the mother demanded to open the path, the frenzy of the Nevari village was fierce. After this people of Chak Mardani village also came to support the people of Nevari village and attacked the devotees of the mother, started stoneing in the Kashmiri style and the matter got furious. Some of the cars were destroyed by frenzied where many houses were handed over to the fire.

It was told that chaos increased to such an extent that lots of shops were looted. Due to the police’s absence, lots of people were injured and dozen people were injured. When the police and officers of several police stations reached the spot, the situation was over and control was over. Officials started immersion of the statue. Given the tension, heavy police force had to be deployed in the area.