While crying, she was telling the police … trapped in the love of Shakir’s love, I was distributed to father-in-law and  Brother in Law..

A sensational phenomenon has emerged from Ramnagar in Nainital district of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, knowing that shyness will also be ashamed of shame. A woman has proposed to make an entourage on her father-in-law and sister-in-law. Not only that, he has said that mother-in-law and Jethani have given abortion after taking pregnancy. Police have registered a case in various sections including the allegation of misbehaving on the husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, Brother in Law and Sister- in -law.

According to the news, a woman resident of Mohalla Khatadi of Ramnagar told that the young man Sharik, who lived in the neighborhood, misbehaved with him in a love jaw. He complained to the police, after complaining to the police, Sharik married him on May 20, 2018. The woman has alleged that after this father-in-law Shamsher Ali and Jeth Monis have also pressurized her to make physical relation. The woman says that after this she was assaulted and the father-in-law raped her.

The woman said that her husband Sharik, Saas Jainat and Jethani Arashi beat him and gave him intoxication and signed him in plain paper. Due to pregnancy, her medicines were taken, which led to her abortion. The woman said that after this husband Sharik left her maternal uncle. On October 16, her husband came and took her, and she was repeated with the same story. SSI Kashmir Singh said that on the basis of Tahrir, all the accused have been booked for rape, beatings, abusive abuse.

Obaidullah Khan, officer of disciplined force like ITBP, posed the photo by sitting on someone else in his chair

Just a few days ago, after the submission of Radhe Maa by an SHO of Delhi Police, her whole staff was taken with strict action against her.

Obaidullah Khan, officer of disciplined force like ITBP, posed the photo by sitting on someone else in his chair. The ITBP (Bharat Tibetan Border Police) force, which is counted among India’s most disciplined forces, has become a viral photo of the deputy commandant, Obaidullah Khan, posted in Uttarakhand of ITBP and has questioned the discipline of ITBP. Have done

A person sitting on the plate chair of the ITBP deputy commandant, Obaidullah Khan, who claims to be the spiritual master of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, while an RTI has come to the office of Mr. Modi ji that the answer has come, that he has no impetuous Guru is ..

Just a few days ago, after the submission of Radhe Maa by an SHO of Delhi Police, her whole staff was taken with strict action against her. This incident is also being recurring. The first deputy chair deputy in the photo The Commandant seems to be the only ITBP logo behind it.

According to the sources, according to information received from the sources, after the appointment of Pulkit Mishra, the Deputy Commandant Obaidullah Khan may have the same thing as setting up a relationship with his promotions or senior officials. This picture is being viral now in two stories in ITBP Brings

First of all, with the desire to die on the country of selfishness or greed, some of the officials, who intend to fall to the extent of the greed of the soldiers standing on the Chinese border and the greed of the second promotion.

In a state where the order came into effect that every school should speak mantra before eating …

The public congratulated these orders and gave thanks to the Chief Minister.

This will be said to fill the foundation with reading. When you wish to remember the Goddess Deities in the child’s mind and motivate them to do a good work, when the children will be born with the children in the mind, then it will definitely be said that society is moving forward towards Ramrajya. 
This discussion is being carried out by Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat, who is moving forward towards the Vedic period which is progressing rapidly towards the Vedic period and a big point is going to be achieved. For the Government schools of Uttarakhand, the state government has made a new announcement! Uttarakhand Education Department is now preparing to chant mantras before eating food in 18000 schools of the state. 
 In 18,000 government schools in the state, 12 lakh children will pronounce the mantra before lunch, this mantra will be in Sanskrit and it will be written on the walls of the kitchen kitchens. In this regard, during the review meeting in the first week of July, Uttarakhand’s Education Minister Arvind Pandey and other officials suggested this and said that before eating food in the school, there should be chant of the food mantra. 
School Education Director RK Kunwar said that during the review meeting, the education minister and all the officials have suggested that the chant of the food mantra should be preceded by noon lunch. We are preparing to send instructions to all the schools in this regard. However, this mantra will be painted on the wall of the school’s kitchen, but it is not mandatory to do so 
It is on the school administration and the children that they want to write spell on the wall or not! Uttarakhand BJP president Ajay Bhatt said that many schools start with Saraswati Vandana, with this initiative, we want to make students aware that their tradition and culture is what? I do not feel anything wrong in this and nothing is objectionable in this! At present, there is considerable enthusiasm in the general public about this decision and with the children, their parents also expressed happiness over this decision.