Nitin Gadkari trying and blessings of mother Ganga . Dabar sent water through water Transport from the Kashi to Kolkata instead of the railway route .. Says that – “It is easy and cheap”

It was a long time for Independence, but there was lack of strength or lack of vision, which came true in the form of Nitin Gadkari. Earlier, Pepsi had sent all its produce through the Ganges route and now the well-known company Dabur has also become a victim of Gadkari’s efforts and she has successfully sent all the everyday things used in daily life from Varanasi to Kolkata.

Also, thanking the Government’s move, also said that sending the goods through the water route rather than the railways or the airways is not only convenient but also suitable for saving. It is known that one of India’s well-known and highly acclaimed companies, Dabar, a daily consumer goods company, told last Thursday that it has sent the first consignment of its goods from Kashi to Metropolitan Kolkata.

After the tireless efforts of Gadkari, the Modi government had dedicated this water route to the country on the Ganga river in Varanasi in the presence of Modi, Yogi and Gadkari on Monday. In the initial phase, this new route will have a smooth transit of 2000 tons of ships. On this matter, Dabur India Limited Executive Director (Operations Department) has told the media that “We are excited to be part of this project. This will not only reduce the cost but also get the goods too fast.

The company sending the product claims that it is the first FMG (everyday consumer goods) company to send commercial goods from inland waterways. The first consignment of goods on this route was sent by PepsiCo India. The cargo loaded in the container from Pepsi reached Kolkata and the multi-modal terminal built in Varanasi on November 12. Dabur India has said that in its container on Vatican, Varanasi has filled the juice prepared with fruit juices.

The correctness of the mother Ganga will be 80% till March … After the claim of Nitin Gadkari, Harish

Between the many debates about the cleansing of the Patna Pure Ganga, the Union Minister, Shri Nitin has claimed that 70 to 80 per cent of Ganga will be cleared till March of this year. In the Modi government, Union Road Transport, Highway, Shipping, Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation Minister Nitin Gadkari said that the Prime Minister of Nation to cleanse the Ganga is the dream of Mr. Narendra Modi. Before becoming Prime Minister of Varanasi, the Prime Minister had said that I have called the mother Ganga.

They have resolved to purify the Ganga. I believe that till March 2019, the Ganges will be purified from 70 to 80 percent. Gadkari said, it has been decided to leave water from barrage for the uninterrupted Ganga. It has been decided that after the march from Gangotri to Gangasagar, the water level of Ganga will be kept at least two meters. Ganga has been fined Rs. 10 thousand crore for cleaning and eight in Varanasi and 268 projects in the country. Some time ago, in 80 places, the water was tested for Ganga, it contained 55 water purifiers.

Shri Nitin Gadkari claimed that when the five years of PM’s tenure will be completed, he will make beautiful roads of Uttar Pradesh with two lakh crore rupees. Chief Minister Yogi assured Adityanath that it is intended to start a water carrier from Ethanal which is ready in the state’s sugar mills. Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari said that water transport in Ganga was started in 1986. Until Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, no work was done.

With the help of World Bank, with the help of 5400 crores, multi-modal hub is being developed in Varanasi, Ghazipur, Haldia. When I used to say that the cruise will run in the Ganges. People used to laugh when the cargo ships were run. PM Modi has brought 16 containers for the first time after Independence. Transport of 8 million tonnes of cargo will be done soon after the water route. Within two years, 270 lakh tonnes of goods will come from water transport. 10 rupees from the road, six rupees from the rail, if the goods from the water route, one rupee will be charged.

Shri Gadkari said that Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maury is going to start the waterway till the Prayagraj soon. Four ports are making in Allahabad Caterpillar (Roro service) will start here in Aquarius. Through this, Allahabad will be able to reach Varanasi in the hour of hours. Five and Seven Star Cruise will run in the Ganges. He assured the Fisheries MP Ram Charan Nishad that the fish in the Ganges will also have fish.

Nishad society will be able to fish. Varanasi’s economy will be strengthened by increasing tourism opportunities. The airport was named after Lal Bahadur Shastri but the road was not good for going to the city. Now the construction of the forelane between Babtpur and the city will also facilitate tourists as well as local people. Shri Gadkari said at the inauguration of the first Inland Shipping Terminal of the country in Varanasi.

With the efforts of Shri Nitin Gadkari, the most efficient minister of the Government of India, the waterway starts in India  , Business stuff will come from Kolkata to Kashi

Shri Nitin Gadkari, who is said to be the most efficient, industrious and honest Central Minister in the Modi Government, has done such a thing which so far was not considered impossible in India. Nitin Gadkari’s project was termed as impossible by many experts, but Nitin Gadkari, who has become disillusioned towards his goal and his love for the people, has made this impossible possible.

Let us tell you that Shri Nitin Gadkariji is going to give a special gift to Babar Banshwar, Banaras, when a cargo ship arrives in Varanasi for the first time after independence carriage of goods from inland waterways. Explain that after the arrival of the Modi government at the center, it was said that from Varanasi to Haldia, the commercial transport service in Ganga was started. Although many experts termed this promise impossible.

But under the leadership of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, this impossible task is going to be transformed into reality. For the first time on November 12, the MV RN Tagore vessel, which runs from Calcutta via the National Waterway (NW1), Varanasi-Haldia waterway, will reach Varanasi with 16 containers filled with food items and snacks. On this occasion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate a multilateral terminal at Ramnagar in Varanasi and return to Varanasi by taking the fertilizer manufactured by IFFCO.

Union minister Nitin Gadkari, in a tweet, said in the tweet, “This may be India’s biggest news this week. For the first time after Independence a container is coming on inland ship. The PepsiCo company is carrying Kolkataan to Varanasi from its 16 containers via the ship, MV RN Tagore, on the river Ganga. This is a huge achievement.

Gadkari further wrote in the tweet that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will receive the first ship, which travels on an inland waterway, on November 12 at the multilateral terminal on the National Waterway (NW-1), Ganga coast of Varanasi, and this terminal will be dedicated to the nation.

In addition to this terminal, PM Modi will also release the people of Kashi to the National Highway and Varanasi Ring Road, built from Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport to Varanasi, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, in a tweet written in the record time, from Babatpur Airport, Varanasi National Highway and Varanasi will also devote ring road.

Let us tell you that Varanasi is being developed as a cargo hub in Ganga on the water transport scheme starting from Varanasi to Haldia. For which the multilateral terminal in Ramnagar is ready, which has now been expanded as a cargo hub. In addition to cargo in this terminal, cold storage, beverage houses and packing will be facilitated. As a result, the product from the corner of the country will reach Kashi with rail, road and waterways..


Rakesh was running away from the plight of 50 thousand criminals, but before he died

Rakesh did what the police could not even do for many years

Rakesh was running away from the plight of 50 thousand criminals, but before he died, Rakesh did what the police could not even do for many years.

The sound of bullets pouted in the streets of Varanasi

Whenever Rakesh used to talk of Rakesh’s words then the nobles could not have thought of hitting him like that, but when Rakesh chose the right path and brought himself into the business area, then Rais took advantage of his freedom and he reached it. It was Rakesh’s killing.

Although Rakesh has been killed by the noble bullet but before he dies, Rakesh has done that which was not enough for Varanasi and the districts of nearby districts too. It is known that due to criminal charges, Mahadev Shiva’s city has also become synonymous with terror. The 50,000 infamous rogue, Rais Banarasi, was killed in a gangway on Friday. He along with his partner had gone to kill former historiographer and current businessman Rakesh Agrawari, living in Pataleeshwar street in Dashashmandh police station area,

Rakesh Agrahari was running away from the lakki shot by the injured Rakesh, he shot the bullets on him and after falling away, he fell down near a mosque, due to which his life also flew to Pakkharu. Before his death, Rakesh killed his killer. This incident is at 5.25 pm. Rakesh, a resident of Pataleeshwar, was talking to someone on the street in the street near his house. During this, two miscreants reached the foot. The faces of both were covered with cloth. The miscreants shot three to Rakesh

Rakesh got a bullet on the right and a stomach near the chest. Rakesh Agarhari also gave a cross-firing to the discussions. The fury of the bullets led to a ruckus in the street. In the meantime, the miscreants escaped through the streets. Rakesh’s life came out and the police got information that someone was shot to the lame Hafiz mosque. When he came to Kabir Chowra Hospital with the blood, he had also died.

It was later found out that he was a victim of rowdy rape banarasi who was injured by Rakesh’s bullet, for which Varanasi police had been searching for a long time. 

Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, started the cruise service on the waves of the Mother Ganga

Hindu holy shrines in Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Mother Ganges, have been since the Vedic period

The world’s “Alaknanda-Kashi Cruise” yogi’s launch A large proportion of the changing aspect of Kashi. For the people of Varanasi, the city of Mahadeo Shiva’s city Kashi and Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency, this is one such thing that is making them look like the advanced countries of the world. Hindu holy shrines in Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Mother Ganges, have been since the Vedic period, due to which they have always been regarded as the revered center of Hindu society

By making himself a candidate from the same place, Modi tried to give a message of unity to the Hindu society which has also been successful for a great extent. Now the same Kashi is becoming the witness of a new type of beginning in which Varanasi’s philosophy is not only through the road but also through the water route. It is to be known that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath has introduced multi-dimensional “prime minister” start-up The world-class “Alaknanda-Kashi Cruise” built under “India-A”

With the launch of this special religious water travel service in the Ganga river, there will be an opportunity to make wonderful shades of the ghats of indigenous foreign tourists and devotees of ancient holy city. In this public offering, almost all the respected saints and people of Varanasi along with senior citizens of the political field are present. All senior administrative officials also became part of this big event

After the inauguration, the Yogi rode cruise alongside the officials and along with the officials and the ministerial colleagues went to the village Domari for the adoption of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, across the Ganga. He participated in Jan Chowpal, organized in the village. In this village located in the Ramnagar area of Varanasi, next year 21-23 January, preparations for preparation of helipad in the wake of the proposed Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan is ready.

People are excited about the cruise service. From the waves of the country-foreign devotees and tourists, the Ganga can admire the Chhaya in addition to the wonders of the other dharnas other than ‘Marna-e-Banaras’, held on the world famous evening’s “Ganga Arti” and Ashi Ghat of historical Dashashmeshh Ghat. There are facilities for performing rituals and parties at the cruise. There is also arrangement for crucifixion to be performed.

Congress Shashi Tharoor said, “Hindu Pakistan” and “Hindu Taliban” .. What kind of the same conclave of the same Congress in the city of Mahadev? Confused public

On the other hand, the Congress party in Varanasi is looking colorful in the colors of saffron and Hindutva

On one hand, where Congress party has opened in the central executive and has come in support of Muslims, and Shashi Tharoor has been fielded with words like Hindu Taliban, Hindu Pakistan … Not so much by Rahul Gandhi himself through an Urdu newspaper Yes, Congress is a party of Muslims. On the other hand, the Congress party in Varanasi is looking colorful in the colors of saffron and Hindutva 
And they are appearing in the Hindu saints’ artis etc. Seeing this two nature, the common masses are getting trapped once, what is the real nature of the real form. It should be known that Mahadev Shiva On the second day of the story of Mahant Dr. Ram Kamal Das Vedanti ji Maharaj at Ram Janaki Temple located at Kashiriganj, Nagari Kashi, senior Congress leader and former Minister of State Ajay Rai and all the Congress invited 
After the story, all the people of Mahant ji did aarti with Ajay Rai. Many people are angry with the stand of the Congress against Hindu saints, such as the terrible inhuman treatment done with Sadhvi Pradnya, Swami Aseemanand etc and it is considered right after the order of the court .. But here, It is natural to think once in a while. 
Not only that, after the fact that the great heart of the giant heart gave a correct and meaningful form to the tradition of Hindutva, the leader of the Congress came to the congress and contested Narendra Modi in the last elections and defeated the BJP to accept the asylum till Mukhtar Ansari All the Congressies, including Ajay Rai, are welcomed by wearing garland and scarf. The program mainly included Ajay Rai, Prajnath Sharma, Raghavendra Choubey Ajay Jaiswal, Arun Soni, Shalni Yadav, Ritu Pandey, Meera Tiwari, Om Shukla Papu Modnawal, Chanchal Sharma etc.