Delhi women commission’s commendable activism to stop the closure of Delhi-based women of exploitation ..

Swati Maliwal wrote letter to West Bengal Police Whereas Delhi has become the center of women exploitation with business Delhi Women’s Commission President .

Swati Maliwal has long sought to fight a decisive battle against this center of women’s exploitation, for a long time to stop the body trade in the GB Road, a busy area in the heart of Delhi

Swathi Maliwal, who has been trying all his time since his past, has now written a letter to the West Bengal Police for the purpose of giving a cognizance. It is known that on the days of the Women Commission, anybody helps some women who are ill-treated, who are mostly coming from the Bengal region. Delhi Women’s Commission President Swati Maliwal has written a letter to the West Bengal Police and asked for information in the case filed against him on the GB Road.

Shortly before, the Delhi Women’s Commission received a notice from Diamond Harbor Police Station in the twenty-four South Parganas district of West Bengal, which was told that a minor girl from West Bengal was smuggled to Kotha number 56 and 58 of GB Road in Delhi. Was. In this case, the West Bengal Police had raided the GB road and arrested two people. The girl recovered from there reveals the shocking disclosure that whenever any raid was done on GB Road, local police had already informed..

The West Bengal Police wrote to the police and the district administration to close the case number 56 and 58 in this case. After getting information from the West Bengal Police in this matter, the Delhi Women Commission issued notice to the District Magistrate of Madhya Pradesh demanding the details of the action taken against him on the complaint of West Bengal Police. In his reply, the District Magistrate of the Central District told that he has not received the copy of the FIR and the FIR related to this matter from the West Bengal Police.

Delhi Women’s Commission has sought information from the West Bengal Police for the copy of the FIR and the current status of the case. In this case, 24 South Parganas district Superintendent of Police has written a letter asking for information and asked them to give the information till 07.09.2018.

Swati Maliwal, president of Delhi Women’s Commission said, “Where on the GB Road in Delhi, there has been a trail of smuggling of children. There are physical and sexual exploitation of minor girls.

Delhi Women’s Commission is working hard to stop the closure of the blocks located on GB Road and to end the dark traps of smuggling. “These efforts of Swati Malliwal are currently being appreciated by the common people and the rights of the Naraias All organizations fighting for honor have described it as a worthy initiative.