The right hand of Kejriwal,Somnath Bharti was misbehaving like street goons ..He used to abuse vulgarness to Sudarshan News Anchor ..=

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal has done great commendation for women’s honor, women’s dignity. When Arvind Kejriwal gives lectures, it seems as if these women are very big fighters who fight for self-respect but what is the reality of Kejriwal and the leaders of his Aam Aadmi Party, in reality the leaders of Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal What do you think about,

Shame is ashamed of shame by knowing what mentality they have about women.Aam Aadmi Party has shown this poor thinking about women. Arvind Kejriwal is considered to be the right hand man of the legislative assembly from Delhi’s Malviya Nagar assembly constituency. Common MLA Somnath Bharti gave a lot of lip rubbish to Sudarshan TV’s woman anchor during a live show on Sudarshan TV.

This is the same Somnath Bharti, who had cut his seven-month pregnant wife with dogs and today was giving a woman journalist openly abusive on TV. Say that Sudarshan TV’s on the attack of Chilli powder on Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi Secretariat Anchor questioned MLA Somnath Bharti, then Somnath Bharti got paranoid. Rather than answering the question, the Somnath Bharti began to emerge abuse talk .

On being questioned by an anchor on behalf of the public, Somnath Bharti told Sudarshan TV anchor that “shut the buses, sit on the business.” The question arises that Kejriwal’s legislator asks a woman anchor to sit on the business. What is Kejriwal talking about women’s self respect? Today Kejriwal’s special words that the legislator used for the woman journalist show that what the Aam Aadmi Party thinks about women.

See the posters of the Muslim women who are contest election in Pakistan. The rest of the world is far away, Pakistanis themselves are laughing themselves. Know what’s in these electoral posters.

The rest of the world is far away, Pakistanis themselves are laughing themselves. Know what’s in these electoral posters.

See the posters of the Muslim women who are contest election in Pakistan. The rest of the world is far away, Pakistanis themselves are laughing themselves. Know what’s in these electoral posters. 
Such election campaign may not have appeared anywhere. In spite of showing women’s involvement, even though Pakistan has put many women in the ground, but seeing and listening to what is happening is becoming more and more a matter of being even more humiliated. 
Those women who have been claiming to improve the condition of women by taking them out of the field of elections, what is the right of women themselves, they can be seen and understood in their election posters in their country. And surprisingly, nobody is exposed to it but is himself a Pakistani. It is worth noting that the much-awaited Pakistan election is in its last phase in which the political parties of the country have made every possible effort. 
But in the case of women candidates, there is a very strange situation that the picture of women who throw the rhythm in the election field is missing from their own election posters. Cricketer becomes a politician, and a tweet of former Pakistani wife Emraan Khan’s former wife Rehman Khan, who is facing a strong claim in this election, has highlighted the situation of women at the political level of the country. 
Rehman tweeted that the candidate of the Assembly National Assembly, Mamoona Hamid, has been trying his luck from the PP-125 elections in Pakistan but the interesting thing about his campaign is that his own picture on his election poster is missing. Former journalist and social worker Rehman tweeting while posting a poster, “Another Candidate of Candidate, Humana MNA, whose photo has not been posted on the poster. 
Great representation of women. ‘ The case is so far that the names of the women candidates have been given photographs of their husbands, which are being clearly told in the TV debate that their religious feelings forbid women from showing the photo but they are not Can tell about what their same emotions tell women to get into the election grounds ? 
Jawhar Basit, whose men are seen in posters and banners with the name of their Bibi, is a candidate from Pakistan’s National Assembly-184 this time. 
See some special posters –



Rahul Gandhi Has Insulted Women’s Power….”No Less Than A Scandal”

Rahul Gandhi hurted the dignity of women as well as India.

Elections were at their place, the allegations against the parties were in their place, the victory and failure were in their own

place, but the respect and honor of a women was always there in its place.neither there was any rule in India nor any

dynasty,beyond this For the honour of Maharani Padmavati,each and every people even a small children were ready to cut their

head’s or die.Then this time what Rahul Gandhi said, was on what basis? and why did he gave this kind of statement even after

knowing that his mother Sonia Gandhi was one of the most successful political leader and she is also a women.

Will women’s honor be sold for votes now? Political maturity is in its place, but women should have respected in the rituals,

but now such kind of wretched politics just for increasing their vote bank are ready to insult women’s dignity as well as India’s


We are talking about Rahul Gandhi’s support for the Congress party, who is working tirelessly on Gujarat tour to win the

Congressional election for the Gujarat elections. During an election campaign in Gujarat,Rahul Gandhi attacked the PM Modi and

BJP in Vadnagar in a public meeting. The extent has come when Rahul Gandhi crossed the border of irreverence and obscenity

in the face of unnecessary aggression.The statement that he used to define the ideology of the Sangh to be female opponent,

hardly any place in civilized politics from anywhere.

Rahul Gandhi said in a very dirty way how many women are there in RSS? After this he again made the next question that

**** do women ever see in shorts at the branch? I did not see it. ‘ ******* Even after this, many big and senior Congress

leaders were sitting behind Rahul Gandhi.Instead of stopping him, they laughed and indirectly supported Rahul’s very

objectionable statement with their laugh. This is the same Congress which itself owns CBI radar of the insensitivity of Himachal’s

daughter’s cruel rape. It is not only that, the world saw an insensitive statement of Sheila Dixit in the brutal rape of Delhi’s


The main thing is that Rahul Gandhi does not even know that the Sangh’s men are also coming in full pants, though their own

party had raised the question of men’s pants, but this time it may raise voice on women’s clothes.Now according to the present

situation may Rahul Gandhi’s party suffers in Congress Elections.