Why are the people of Lucknow captain Kalanidhi Nathani being victimized for propaganda? While the graph of data and the public’s point of view says something else.

His career has been untested, he has always tried to be the rule of law at the top wherever he lives. Everyone below him, whether the leader, the actor, the bureaucrat or any other .. How could the people who broke the law could come to this point .. initially thought that it is new, will manage it .. But when all efforts fail After all, he started a reverse turn and took the aim of the officer whose police career was not only but his personal life is also immaculate.

Yes, this is going on, the current senior superintendent of Lucknow, Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, should be in every class of the society, while speaking about the crime of attacking the police. Only change. For the past few years, he is being targeted by the group of media under the thoughtful strategy. In this case even if someone has a word but pain is a sign of someone else. Those paints are hiss, whose black adventures have stopped, That pain belongs to him whose illegal business has been stalled.

Those sufferings are those who do not understand themselves above the law. After all, he adopted the rule of offense is best defence and took some of his loyalists along with the attackers to Kalanidhi Nathani.

If only the rising crime, if the SSP of Lucknow was being circumvented on the statute of law, it would have seemed to be somewhere ideological and logical, but when the words of protest were “special of the yogi” or “rule of governance” Words such as “grace” can be added, it is enough to understand itself that all words are inspired by politics that can not bear the pressure of the bureaucracy .

Even a regime wants that the law system in its governed area is maintained and the atmosphere of peace prevails, the officer applying this will not only own the government but also the public will be dear to him, what is bad in it and The government has to estimate the purpose of making this good achievement a bad statement. Now the matter is related to the crime which is related to the crime. In Lucknow, under the leadership of Kalanidhi Nathani 2 incidents were mainly made national news.

The first soldier was robbed by the Pacific by shooting Apple’s manager and killing another Axis bank guard. Both these incidents were properly disclosed and proper action was taken along with the arrest of the culprits at the right time. The party was satisfied with the proceedings of the police, but the non-appeasement of dissent was dissatisfied and she continued her protest. Besides, if seen then Lucknow The trader and the general public continued to breathe in relief and no big crime was allowed to go on.

Yes, many of the big culprits were buried in the meantime, which was not mentioned, perhaps deliberately …

The biggest achievement is taking communal tension in old Lucknow. During the tenure of most of the police captains, there was ever Shia-Sunni tension in old Lucknow, and sometimes Hindu-Muslim clashes. But during the tenure of Shri Kalanidhi Nathani, old Lucknow was relatively quiet and Being cordial, for sure, Kalanidhi ji is eligible for Saharan and hope that these figures will also be watching the rule

The businessman of Lucknow is doing his business today, and he is doing his business today, and besides the government tax, there has been no end to the practice of ‘goultax’ etc. For this, governance and administration is worthy of praise … In many districts of the state, policemen were attacked and the credibility of the police Giri did not allow such a tight administration in Lucknow.

Often many police officers have been seen breaking and tilting under the pressure of a big so-called leader, but the leader of the opposition party, the Opposition in the Lucknow capital, SSP Mr. Kalanidhi ji made all these cases in harmony and his skillful work style. is . It is hoped that they will not be victimized by the trial of a particular class of media and by observing their actions and crime figures, the government and the people will reach any conclusion …

Regardless of the motive behind all these discussions, however, literal and political attacks on the morale of the police fighting together with terror and crime can not be said in terms of security and peace of any country or region.


# Assistant Editor – Rahul Pandey

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After fake notes, now fake business of blood … conspiracy to kill the countrymen with the destruction of the country.

For the financially devastating Hindustan, all of them have heard the business of fake notes, but for the first time, it was revealed that fake currency was being traded along with fake currency notes. According to the news, the STF detonated seven people on Thursday night while busting a gang of black money traders in Lucknow after mixing chemical and water in Lucknow. STF raided Madison and Blood Bank Hospital and BKK Hospital in Madiyan late on late night.

According to the news, eight units of blood have been recovered from them, which are being investigated. By late night, the STF was exploring the details of the blood bank documents and the staff. STF raiding was quite confidential. He did not even inform the local police. The gang’s gangster is Nasim, his nose continued till late night in Faizullahganj and Cantt continued. Tools used for making blood from the gang’s vicious house have also been recovered.

According to the STF, this black business was going on for long in Madiyev. The STF took action after about 15 days to rake the blood bank and collect the evidence. The raids took place last night under the leadership of STF deputy SP Amit Nagar. According to the STF officials, three units of blood was being made from two units in combination with chemical and water. Here the staff of a non-medical degree used to work. There is no deployment of any doctor in the blood bank.

All the young men who have spoken are studied till intermediate. One unit used to charge Rs 3500 for adulterated blood. The gang used to buy blood and wages and rickshaw drivers for 1000-1200 rupees and used to mix chemicals and water. In order to keep their identity confidential, gang people used to buy mobile SIM at fake addresses.

The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state

After lifting the feet of Christian converters in Jaunpur, now the Yogi police in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has fallen prey to conversionists

The roots of religion change being uprooted throughout the state… after Jaunpur, now in custody in Azamgarh Converts being done on the pretext of prayer meeting … Against the conversion machines, Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath ji’s government is seen in an aggressive turning point. After lifting the feet of Christian converters in Jaunpur, now the Yogi police in Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh has fallen prey to conversionists and two people were arrested and sent to jail while failing their conspiracy.

It is to be known that five people who converted from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh have been arrested. Tell them that the game of change of religion by appearing in the Christian prayer meeting by attracting people to Christianity Used to be. In order to organize a prayer meeting in Baatan village of Roanapar police station area of Azamgarh on Sunday, there was a plan to make a change. The police arrived at the notice before

After taking custody of two prominent people, they came to police station and took custody of the victim. After getting the information, SP Rural has handed over investigation of the matter to the CEO Sabhdi. According to SO Ranapar Girijesh Singh Raghuvanshi, a prayer meeting was held on Sunday at the door of Ramchandra Sahni, a resident of Batan village. In addition to Bathan, more than 50 women and men of the village were gathered in Khairighat, Chilbili, Banwe, Bazar, Gosai, Siddhuli, Belkund etc.

Before accepting Christianity here, prayer was to be done. All the people were preparing for prayer. According to SO, the people who had converted to religion had been presenting these people for a long time and showing all kinds of miracles. These people have given these rupees to them in the name of help so that more and more people come in their misdeeds and join their religion.

On dialing the news on Sunday, the dial 100 police reached the immediate spot. The other people were seen slipping around the police. In the spot, two prominent people were detained and police station went to the police station. SP Rural Narendra Singh told that the entire matter was handed over to the CEO Sabdhi. On the report of the investigation, strong action will be taken against the culprits. 

FIR lodged against 271 Christian Matevalambio who had been campaigning against Hindutva

The Yogi Sarkar on demolition of conversion This is the first time on such a large scale operation

The people of religious conversions in Uttar Pradesh are constantly facing public anger and after one and the other place, they are collectively responding to public and law-abiding people who have been victimized by malicious greed against the Hindus. Or have been involved in forcible conversions

In this case recently, a Christian opinion campaigner was arrested in Faizabad district this week, after which there has also been a major action in Jaunpur. It is to be known that following the strict instructions of a court in Jaunpur, Jaunpur Police on Wednesday registered an FIR against 271 people for promoting misgivings about Hinduism and to convince people to embrace Christianity.

This stern stand of the court and this activism of the police has created a scam in all the missionaries who make people Christian and they have started making excuses for their survival. All the alleged priests of the district, only three people have been identified – Durga Prasad Yadav, Kirir Rai and Jitendra Ram. The rest were described as their colleagues. An FIR has been lodged at Chandwak police station. The order on petition filed by Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) worker was ordered.

Complainant’s counsel, Brijesh Singh, who said that he was an HJM activist, had alleged that the accused had gone to visit a church in Baldev village and people in Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Varanasi and Ghazipur districts for the past few years and to participate in prayer Had to be drawn. 

Kejriwal wanted to meet Saharanpur, Ravan, who was tormented by violence, … but power is Yogi of Adityanath

Ravana is behind bars

At the behest of Saharanpur’s notorious Haji Iqbal, the chief of Bhim Army, Chandrasekhar alias Ravan, made a number of unspeakable efforts to end the mutual goodwill of Hindu society under a conspiracy in which it also got partial success, but at present, the Yogi Government has snatched the land for Ravan and one Long is behind the bars of the prison.

Ravana made every effort to dissolve caste poison in society; Surprisingly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wanted to meet the same Ravana, to support him in jail, but perhaps he had forgotten that in Uttar Pradesh Yogi is the government of Adityanath. The Yogi government, while shouting Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, rejected his demand in which he co-authored Rnpur going sought to meet Bhima Aarmi chief.

DM of Saharanpur refused to meet Arvind Kejriwal’s demand and he did not allow him to meet Ravan. In this regard, the DM has said in his letter that in view of law and order, both the senior superintendents of the district jail and the SSP had objected to Kejriwal’s visit. According to the letter issued to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) issued by the administration, the jail superintender has said that no politician under jail rules can get any prisoner from jail.

The jail administration said during the meeting that there may be political things which Kejirwal can later put in front of the media and that can lead to social tensions. SSP said that ethnic tensions are currently underway in Saharanpur and in such a way permission to Kejriwal to meet Ravan will not be appropriate. ASP has also admitted that meeting Kejriwal and Ravan can increase the tension between Rajput and Dalit community.

The administration has said that in a press conference after meeting Azad in jail, Kejriwal can speak on issues that have been discussed. This can increase stress in two communities. Not only this, if Kejriwal meets a prisoner in jail, the opposite effect will be on the prisoners and this will also damage the prison environment. DM has said that after the meeting, Bhima Army and the Aam Aadmi Party can also sloganeering that there is a possibility of increasing tension.

In such a way, they can not be allowed. Let me tell you that CM Kejriwal’s office from Delhi had written a letter to Chief Secretary Anoop Pandey of Uttar Pradesh and demanded that he meet Azad in Saharanpur jail. Their meeting was to be held on August 13 but the Yogi government has cleared that it will not be allowed to happen. 

Whose was the NGO of Deoria, who was crushed, the lives of the innocent … Political gossip after the revelation of the Yogi minister ..Know what the Yogi minister said …

Deoria Shelter Home where the childhood of innocent girls was crushed

Deoria Shelter Home..where the childhood of innocent girls was crushed, where the respect of girls was auctioned, but when it was revealed, it was not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the state of the country.

Opposition and all intellectuals were attacked on the Yogi Government, but Brijesh Pathak, minister of B Yogi, has disclosed this about Deoria Shelter Home, which once again the state’s state has become hot again. Yogi Sarkar’s Law Minister Brajesh Pathak said that this is NGO of the workers of the Samajwadi Party. The same people are doing politics in this case. Brajesh Pathak had come as the chief guest in the release of the book, Ankaha Lucknow, in the book of senior BJP leader Lalji Tandan in Barabanki.

As a special guest in the program, many veterans including book writer and former MP Lalji Tandon, former Lokayukta AK Mehrotra, gathered. Speaking about the Deoria Shelter Home Scandal, Brajesh Pathak said that this incident is very sad, whatever reproach it is done, it is less. But these NGOs belong to the Samajwadi Party workers, so they should not do politics in this matter. Pathak said that since Qin CM Yogi Adityanath took charge of the government in the state, he is constantly worried about such cases.

And he had ordered the closure of this NGO long ago. Brajesh Pathak said that the government refused to fund the NGOs who were running these shelter homes. All the officers were also informed in writing that they should not release any fund to this NGO and close the Shelter Home, but authorities allowed it to run.

That is why the government is taking strict action against everyone and in this case no guilty will be spared. Brajesh Pathak said that this is a very sad case. When this NGO was not worth the job, how it was given the job, the government is serious about this matter but this Shelter Home is already running and our government has been exposed and we are taking action. 

After getting three divorces from the husband, the father-in-law did not get pregnant then the boy again turned back.

Victims is suffering and moving road to road to get justice

In the name of three divorces and halala, another Muslim woman has already lost her hatred by her father-in-law, but even after this time, this lady is forced to eat every 2 stumble. This shameful case has come to the fore from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim woman becomes a mother after her father’s father-in-law.

The same gentleman who forced the lady for the light, refused to adopt him. Actually, Shaukhar is suspicious that the person who was born from a wife is his father. According to all the media reports, the Muslim woman was married on September 30, 2015, with a transporter living in Sambhal. A few days after the marriage, the woman started harassing her for her dowry. In the meantime, she gave three divorce on the phone to the woman.

Then again, to reconnect, with that father-in-law, he started laughing. After this, the husband was forced to marry again on December 24, 2016, with a father-in-law. The bride of the father-in-law remained all night long.

The father-in-law gave divorce to the woman the next morning in the morning. After this, she started fulfilling the tenure of three months ten days for marriage. But during the time of his stipend, his adolescent forced forcibly relations. She became pregnant. After Eidat, on April 5, 2017, there was a marriage with the first husband.

After this, the real problem of the woman started when her husband came to know that she is pregnant. The victim’s husband brought contraceptive pills to get an abortion. When the woman refused to abortion, the boy beat him. The woman said that ‘My husband had said that this baby would be infamous due to birth.’ Because two people had relations with me at the time of Halala and Idith. In such a situation, who is the eldest of whom is this doubt, remained in the shawl of the poet. The woman alleged that she was not allowed to drink food even after being imprisoned in the house.

The woman says that after the birth of her son, her husband is no longer keeping her together. After this, the lady has met Farhat Naqvi, the president of my rights foundation, and sought justice for herself. 

Akhilesh had made a DJ, then the Yogi used to flower flowers on the caves. Shiv devotees said, “After many days we feel that we also exist”

Yogi Sarkar is giving every facility to the Kanvadis ..

With hopes and hopes, the people of Uttar Pradesh chose Yogi Adityanath ji as the Chief Minister, after assuming the car, Yogis are not leaving the people to fulfill those hopes, aspirations. The look of this was seen when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji himself flown flowers on choppers from helicopters himself.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath won the hearts of the Kanvars by removing the ban on DJ in Kawand Yatra, but he also extended the honor of Shishabhaktas and Amjivan with the help of helicopter flowing with reverence towards the Kaunvad Yatra. When Yogi Ji was doing flowers on the Kawwadis, there was a fragrance of serving flowers from the top of the flower, and in every shouting, the echo of the Yogi was fulfilled and the echo of fulfilling the resolution was heard.

When lakhs of devotees announced the ‘Yogi again’ between the bomb blasts, a dream would have been realistic. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath inspected the Kawad track road from Ghaziabad to Muzaffarnagar with a helicopter. In order to see this spectacular sight, the place has already begun for hours. Yogi Adityanath, who arrived from Noakhali from Lucknow, first met with the officials and reviewed development issues. At about four o’clock in the afternoon after the meeting, the Chief Minister left the helicopter from Noida.

He was accompanied by ADG Prashant Kumar of Meerut Zone and other officials. He got this spectacular sight from Ghaziabad to Muzaffarnagar, with helicopter, and floral flame with helicopter on the caves instead of place. During this time millions of people looked at their helicopter. From Meerut to Purkaji area of Muzaffarnagar, helicopter made two rounds. During the flight several times helicopters came down and if the yogi zindabad slogans started, the four directions got echoed.

During this, the Chief Minister greeted him on the highway by handing himself over to the cavalry, and the Kawwadis also shook their hands and conveyed their feelings. Speaking of a bomb blast, the Chief Minister, who was performing floral showers on the Shiva-devotee’s queens, was very excited. During this, the police and administrative officials who were traveling on the road also looked strange and glowing on the face, and the sight was very handsome when the necklaces were throbbing on the tune of naive, then history was happening for the first time.

When a Chief Minister was doing floral showers on the colonies. Kawwadis, with this love of Yogi Raj, said that all the people who used to cling to the Kandh Yatra came to the Chief Minister but Yogi Adityanath is the first Chief Minister who has increased the value with taking this journey seriously. The colonists say that as the thought was, the same was found. If Yogi ji has increased our values, then we will not leave any stone unturned in enhancing their values, because the yogi can get such a first Chief Minister Jalabhishek.

Those who promise and fulfill it also. If the yogi were not a GCM, neither DJ would be able to play in Kaunvad’s journey nor would we be able to burn the God of this faith.  

After the very beginning, now that his brother’s number … groans in the reign of a criminal criminal Yogi

The Yogi Sarkar has snatched the land from Mafia atik ..

Since coming to power, the Yogi government is now going to snatch the land to the enemy mafia, aggressive action against infamous criminals. The Ahik Ahmad, who, after getting political protection, was synonymous with fear in the society for decades, but at the moment is behind the bars of the prison. Now the Yogi Sarkar has started a major action against that very Ahmad.

Taking cognizance of Atiq Ahmed, seizing of his illegal properties has begun. After that there has been a rift in the entire gang, including former MP Atiq Ahmad and his absconded brother Ashraf, behind bars. With the district administration on the Dream City of Bahubali Atik Ahmed, IG STF started the surrender by the district, whose report will soon be handed over to the government.

Please tell that the administration of Aitik Ahmed’s Dream Project located in Carreli, Allahabad city is preparing for big action on Alina City’s land more than five hundred bighas. It is important that the asiq is alleged to have been illegally restored on Alina City, whose yogi started investigating again after the formation of the government. The staff of ADA including DM SSP, team of STF IG Lucknow district administration, visited the spot and inspected it. During this time, all the officers kept away from the media. In fact, Bahubali Atiq Ahmed has been locked up in Deoria jail since last year.

But his brother former MLA Ashraf is absconding. Yogi Sarkar’s eyes were seen on Atiq Ahmed’s Dream City project, which has stirred a lot in the camp since then. According to the experts, the town of Bahubali Atik Ahmed’s dream city was to be ready in three phases, in which Alena City First, Alena City Seconds and Ahmed City would be named. In fact, on Sunday, under the leadership of IG STF Amitabh Yash, the local team, including the local team of STF, the captain, the Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar met

In which information about the action taken against the other geographical mafia in the district including Atik was summoned.

During the meeting, the media was kept away. During the meeting, the whole team headed by IG STF Amitabh Yash, traveled towards Alina City. The STF team arrived with the force of several police stations including the SSP DM. After that, there was a stir in the neighborhood of Atik

Regarding Alina City, the administration adopted a strict attitude and started the siege. According to the information, sewer line roads and pillars were planted by private builders on the land of Alena City.

On whose complaint the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to take action on all the illegal land of Atik. According to the police sources, it is occupied by about 500 to 800 beggars for Alena City and a large part of this land is included in the land of the Gram Sabha,

Simultaneously, the land of farmers with hundreds of bigha land is of SC ST, which was forcibly occupied. According to the information, despite the complaint of Atiq Ahmed, despite no complaints of farmers and backward castes, no action was taken and Akiq Ahmed’s occupation remained intact. Explain that the land on which the city was to be inhabited, the whole land comes in green zone and the Yogi Government has made the mind of the astrologer to smell the land. 

The daughter of the Indian soldier was picked up by the poor … preparing to give a gift to ISIS .. I have reached here Dada

Family of soldiers sitting on a hunger strike …

Shivpal Singh, a resident of Kannauj who is posted as Subedar in the Indian Army and staying away from home, lives in the service of Bharatmata. But look at the mischief of religious fanatic fanatics .. The daughter of Ankita Singh, who is protecting Hindustan by playing on her life, was kidnapped by the religious leaders and her companions. It is feared that Batki’s daughter Ankita Singh has been sold to ISIS.

The incident is from Kannauj of Uttar Pradesh. On 25th May, Ankita Singh, 19, daughter of Fauji Shivpal Singh, was standing outside her house in her town Saurik, when some people forcibly took them on a truck. No one could find that till now. However, in the report lodged in the case, the main accused, Ghimam Mian, along with truck driver and another was caught by the police. They had accepted the kidnapping of the girl. Even after this, he got bail and easily lost the truck.

But the daughter of the military could not be found. It is the law or the negligence of the guardians of the law that the daughter of the Indian jawan could not be recovered, but the kidnapped kidnappers found it. There can not be any shame for the country that the army of Indian army is doing the protection of this country but its family itself is not safe. Fauji Shivpal Singh, who is saving Bharatmata’s ashes, rescues Hindustan but can not save his daughter.

Army Shivpal Singh, who is still posted on his post, has been kidnapped for more than 70 days, but has not been able to know yet. After this the military’s family sat on hunger strike. As explained by the way, his hunger strike was over the next day, but the question is, when will the recovery of the daughter of the country’s protector and finally, how did Akrata get bail for the kidnapping of the daughter of a soldier? It is also hard to imagine what that military might be going on today.

Sudarshan appeals to Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Kannauj Police and Uttar Pradesh, to rescue the daughter of the country’s protector from the possession of the forces early and protect the military family. To be done