Modi’s parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, started the cruise service on the waves of the Mother Ganga

Hindu holy shrines in Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Mother Ganges, have been since the Vedic period

The world’s “Alaknanda-Kashi Cruise” yogi’s launch A large proportion of the changing aspect of Kashi. For the people of Varanasi, the city of Mahadeo Shiva’s city Kashi and Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency, this is one such thing that is making them look like the advanced countries of the world. Hindu holy shrines in Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Mother Ganges, have been since the Vedic period, due to which they have always been regarded as the revered center of Hindu society

By making himself a candidate from the same place, Modi tried to give a message of unity to the Hindu society which has also been successful for a great extent. Now the same Kashi is becoming the witness of a new type of beginning in which Varanasi’s philosophy is not only through the road but also through the water route. It is to be known that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath has introduced multi-dimensional “prime minister” start-up The world-class “Alaknanda-Kashi Cruise” built under “India-A”

With the launch of this special religious water travel service in the Ganga river, there will be an opportunity to make wonderful shades of the ghats of indigenous foreign tourists and devotees of ancient holy city. In this public offering, almost all the respected saints and people of Varanasi along with senior citizens of the political field are present. All senior administrative officials also became part of this big event

After the inauguration, the Yogi rode cruise alongside the officials and along with the officials and the ministerial colleagues went to the village Domari for the adoption of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, across the Ganga. He participated in Jan Chowpal, organized in the village. In this village located in the Ramnagar area of Varanasi, next year 21-23 January, preparations for preparation of helipad in the wake of the proposed Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan is ready.

People are excited about the cruise service. From the waves of the country-foreign devotees and tourists, the Ganga can admire the Chhaya in addition to the wonders of the other dharnas other than ‘Marna-e-Banaras’, held on the world famous evening’s “Ganga Arti” and Ashi Ghat of historical Dashashmeshh Ghat. There are facilities for performing rituals and parties at the cruise. There is also arrangement for crucifixion to be performed.

Yogi is not less than any stigma for governing this act of BJPPaired against women police officer in Banda.

Know which incident is similar to a stigma for Yogiraj?

Sometimes the story of army’s brave officer was very famous when they trampled their own army. This type of incident in football matches is called a suicide goal when a player shot from the foot goes to his own goal

And in cricket it is called hit wicket when a batsman spins his stumps cuffs with his own bat. There has been a similar resemblance to some similar incidents in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh, where a woman police officer with first showed indecency on Facebook, then there was a sloganeering against the police officers. There was no one else doing this, but the BJP workers themselves.

It is known that for Yogi Adityanath’s government, the biggest challenge in the present time is the legislation of believing in the people of the state that the law is doing its work and the sister daughters of the state are completely safe in the rule of law.

But at that time, there is a lot of disturbing and irony for any rule when its own workers stand against the administration administered by their own party and start speaking words like dictatorship which are often called opposition groups. .. At that time, the entire Banda saw the strange situation when the party workers present in the government were shouting slogans against the administration.

It is known that after a long time after all the efforts of some local leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which came to power in UP, proved to be an attack on the morale of the administration of the state and the Opposition parties were given an opportunity to attack themselves. . This incident happened on Thursday when a long and successful term of about 13 months was completed after completion of the Banda district, the BJP leader himself on Facebook against Shalini, the transferred SP (SP) for Mirzapur, has done extremely condemnable and indecent remarks.

In such a case, the proceedings were both probable and necessary, after which the police took the local BJP leader into custody under the IT Act and arrested him on Wednesday night. But after that suddenly hundreds of BJP leaders and workers came to the spot and they started sloganeering against the police.

The work of S.P. Shalini will be treated as untested in Banda district as there was no such incident in her, which forced the police department to go back on any backfoot.

The person who used to make these malicious remarks on the SP Shalini was the Brijesh Tripathi, the Mahu Mandal President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and used them for social media’s Facebook Platform. Recently, Modi called upon the general public to use social media to experiment with constructive works, but himself, by his own workers, these acts would be deemed to be his wires.

Between them all, when BJP leader Tripathi was taken to the district hospital for medical check-up etc. on Thursday morning, the BJP workers also reached the number of hundreds and they surrounded the hospital. Later, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (CO), Raghavendra Singh took the accused to Kotwali Sadar, in his official Jeep. In this gahmagami of around four hours, CO Raghavendra Singh told in the evening that all the streams lodged on the accused, Brijesh Tripathi,

Therefore, the private money has been filled up and released from Kotwali. But by then the matter had given a lot of ruckus to the BJP. However, in this matter, BJP leaders say that the BJP leader Tripathi has been beaten badly by the custody, it is not clear even now. The Facebook account at that time itself was running the BJP leader himself, or else but such behavior with a woman officer can not be considered less than a blot for any rule. 

Then there was a victim of Mob Lynching, the UP Police … the Sepoy Maunpal was injured in attack by attackers from Tausif’s house.

This is a direct challenge to the power and governance in which the police have gone to the target.

Then there was a victim of Mob Lynching, the UP Police … the Sepoy Maunpal was injured in attack by attackers from Tausif’s house.

Witness of this attack made in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

Once again the guerrillas have targeted the jambaz khaki people and has given their introduction to misery. This is a direct challenge to the power and governance in which the police have gone to the target.

It would not be wrong to say Mob Lynching in any form where the people of the entire house attack the two policemen and release the culprit as well as injure the policemen. Recently, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed two such misogyny against Varanasi police, but now a new front has been opened in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

In Khatauli of Muzaffarnagar, there was a stir when the Cheetah Police patrolled the area and chased them following an accused who wanted theft in Gokshi and cattle theft. The relatives of the accused attacked the police and rescued the accused and a constable of the police was also injured in the attack that escaped from the spot. As soon as the information reached, the heavy police force reached the spot and searched for houses in search of the desired and absconding. Received heavy amount of meat and animals from the accused’s house.

The police has put the team in search of the accused and arrested soon and has been told to send the jail. Actually Khatauli belongs to Mohalla Lal Mohammad of Kotwali area. Here, in the last several months Shahzad’s son Tausif was absconding and absconding in the cases of robbery and robbery. Today, two soldiers of Khatauli police were patrolling the Cheetah bikes, when the sepoys came to the front and saw Shahjad, the criminals who were trying to catch him, he went to the house, which his family attacked the police personnel. Got redeemed ..

All the attackers were absconding in this tragedy during which a Sepoy Monnapal was also injured. On receiving the information of the attack on the police, the Inspector reached the spot with the heavy force and conducted a search operation of the accused house. During the search of the police, the remains of animals and livestock in large quantity were also scorched from the house of the absconding accused. In this case, the Muzaffarnagar police have registered a case in quick succession and started looking for the accused and soon it seems that police arrest the arrest of all the accused. 

There was a meeting of thousands of secular people in Lucknow, in which the message of unity was given. Do you know Sevai distributed or temple offerings ?

Lucknow, which was formerly known as Laxmanpuri, is now raising a controversy

By tomorrow, the city of Tahajib and Adab declared by the name of Lucknow suddenly came and became the center of controversy. Those Lakshman Bhai’s are the symbol of the biggest sacrifice in the world so far, some Laxman is not even going to want to see some people. Although these people consider themselves as a symbol of brotherhood and in the name of brotherhood, many people around the world proudly call themselves as peacemakers and are happy in their own right.. 
 Lucknow, which was formerly known as Laxmanpuri, is now raising a controversy on the proposal to set up Lord Laxman’s idol in front of the mound in the Lucknow area, which is known for his brotherhood slogan In this case religious fanaticism has started to appear and efforts have been made to directly make Hindus and Hindutva directly responsible. Talking of reducing this, a secular party was organized.
This program was organized by the human fraternity, the Awami Movement and the Muslim Welfare Society. The organizers of the program and the groups called the human fraternity did.
In this case, some people have raised the question that why only the sevai was kept in the name of food. The temple offerings could also be held here.
People like Rafat Fatima, Nahid Akeel, Chameli Gautam, Pushpa Singh, Mohammed Nasser, Samaksa, Sayyad Vasi, Nadeem and Sajanjan Yogi in Lucknow, together with “Vaishnoi” program to raise the flag of peace and harmony and sloganeering for secularism, Was organized, In this, many secular Hindus took part in the rally and got frozen. Those joining the Sevai program said that for the Ganga-Jamuni Tahajib, Adab and Profit, there is a Hindu-Muslim noise appearing in the whole of the famous Lucknow.
Keeping the distance from Prasad, this program, which kept Sevai in priority, was organized in Lucknow’s Indira Nagar area, which was named ‘Sabkahee Vaidevi’ program. In this, some secular people of all the religions were involved, and they enjoyed the love of vermicelli with each other.
Not only that, there was a lot of humor and humiliation. Although such incidents were not seen anywhere on the expiry of Kashmiri Hindu.

The leader said, “I do not mean anything to Ram” .The same leader had just seen a few days ago iftar party

The secular politics of the country, which has often been suppressing Hindu beliefs of Hindus,

The leader said, “I do not mean anything to Ram” .. The same leader had just seen a few days ago iftar party-

 The secular politics of the country, which has often been suppressing Hindu beliefs of Hindus, once again raised questions about Sanatan’s Adorable Lord Shri Ram and challenged the faith of Hindus.

This same politics had once called ShriRam Setu as fictional, now it has been once again denied that the existence of Shriram has been said and it is said that he neither considers  ShriRam nor ShriRam temple.

It is noteworthy that while the majority of the people of the country are mobilizing for the creation of a grand Sri Ram Mandir at Shriram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, only the secular politicians of the country have stood up against ShriRam  Mandir.

The point of note is that this politician had recently shown in the Iftar party. They believe in Iftar but not in Ram and it is a politician, after being expelled from JDU, his new party, Loktantrik Janata Dal

Sharad Yadav has said that he has no reverence in the Ram Janmabhoomi. He worshiped a man alive.

The LJD leader also attacked the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Sharad Yadav said that the work of Yogi is to be played in the bell, then play it, there is no point in it from the Constitution.-

UP CM Plans To Revive The Memory Of LOrd Rama At Ayodhya

Ayodhya will enlighten once again same as the way when Lord Ram after wining over sin came back to his birth place

Ayodhya,the birth place of ‘Lord Ram’ who is known as the god of truth,who always taught and enlighted the path of honesty.

He fought against the most powerful,the most intelligent and the biggest devotee of lord shiva “Raavan”
and waved the flag.In the rememberance of Lord Ram and to enhance this diwali the statue of Lord Ram is to be build in ayodhya
which can be seen from whole Ayodhya and even Indian compatriot can visit to this religious tourism place.

To showcase “Navya Ayodhya”, the one of the greatest thought and idea
planned by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath.He plan to built a ‘grand statue of Lord Rama’
at the Bank of River Saryu.It is believed that this is the place where Lord Rama took the water mausoleum.

The presentation for this plan was made by the Pricipal Secretary,Tourism,Awanish Kumar Awasthi.

It is being said that the height of the statue will 108m.
The plan also include the better development of Ram Katha gallery,a multi purpose auditorium
and various public utility service.
For the success of the idea and for the integrated development of Ayodhya,
the Detailed Project Report (DPR) of rs 195.89 crore was sent by the state government
to the tourism ministry at the centre.The ministry also provided the fund of rs.133.70 crore to the state,stated by the press communique released from the Raj Bhavan.
The proposal was presented to governor Ram Naik as part of the state tourism department’s initiatives
to promote religious tourism.
It is being said that after granting permission from ‘National Green Tribunal’ the process of the construction of statue
will start at saryughat.

The presentation by the Awanish Kumar Awasthi also included information on programmes
for diwali celebrations in Ayodhya on october 18.Everything was scheduled.It is
being said that governor Naik,CM Yogi Adityanath,Union Minister kJ Alphons and Culture Minister
Mahesh Sharma will be present on that day.
The programme list for october 18 are:a heritage walk through ayodhya,a shobha yatra to revive
the memory of the arrival of lord ram to Ayodya and a symbolic”Rajyabhishek” and it is palnned
to enlighten 1.71 lac of earthen lamps at Ram ki Paidi.Both the CM and Governor will perform “aarti”
at the new ghat of the saryu river.many artist from thailand and indonasia will be on the stage of raamleela.

This is a major and impressive step taken by the UP CM to revive the memory and struggle of The lord Rama
which touches the heart of the people and to give the holy feeling on one of our religious festival diwali
related to Lord Rama.

For the development of Ayodya, the Governor and the CM will take various major steps and start
various projects.