When did California’s sewer treatment Plant landed in Delhi’s Okhala?

Earlier this week the Aam Adami Party’s Atishi Marlena have shared a photo of a sewer treatment plant’s image as Delhi’s Okhla, comparing it with the Statue of Unity and  quoted it as Vision and Priority matters, upon her Instagram account. After such an bold stunt she more evenly texted in her post that the world’s largest statue the Statue of Unity in Gujarat cost Rs 3,500 crore and the India’s largest sewer treatment plat have been made in Delhi with just Rs 1,161 crore, preaching that when 50% of the country which is facing water crisis, water related issues need to be addressed before statues.

Before anyone is planning to visit Delhi Okhla, to see this marvellous infrastructure they must know that there is noting such kind of plant in Delhi. The Image have been picked up from internet and is actually located in California. The statue of Unity was construed under the cost of Rs 2,989 crores and not Rs 3,000 crores, moreover the sewer through which Atishi have been misleading the common people have to be constructed under the State as well as the Central government with 85% of central government’s fund. The foundation stone of this was laid on 8th July 2019 by Union Minister for Jal Shakti Gajendra and Delhi chief minister Arvund Kejariwal.

Not for the first time Aam Adami party have tried to fool Indian citizens in previous year 2018, they have shown the foreign  images instead of then yet to be inaugurated signature bridge.

Mob runs riot in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar !

The incident which happened in delhi’s mukherjje nagar seems to be escalating after a video of sikh man fighting the cops has gone viral. In the video it can be seen the sikh man threatening the cops with his sword and then the cops trashing the man and his son on the road and then dragging them into the police station.

On Monday night, around 400 to 500 protesters gathered in front of mukherjee nagar police station and started protesting, demanding to sack all the cops involved in the incident. As reported earlier by Sudarshan News that three policemen have already been suspended for their unprofessional conduct and a formal investigation is going on.

A dozen of people were injured in the incident including the ACP, whom the mob attacked on sunday’s night. The protest which turned violent and resulted in the damage of at least 15 vehicles.

The police has registered a counter FIR against the mob. The Home ministry has has intervened in the matter and sought a report from the police commissioner.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the residence of the driver, Sarabjeet Singh. “The manner in which Singh was beaten was most brutal and barbaric, I condemn this assault,”Kejriwal said.

The Delhi Police unprofessional conduct has led in the escalation of the incident and the political parties are making this a political issue. The policemen should be trained to handle these type of situation and the should be dealt with more professional approach.




Driver fights cops with Sword in Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar!

A video is going viral on internet in which  it can be seen the cops brutally thrashing the man who pulled out a sword on a busy street in Mukherjee Nagar.

The incident was not clear as some videos showed the Gramin Sewa driver chasing policemen with a sword in his hand, while others showed policemen thrashing him with lathis in an attempt to overpower him.

While talking to Sudarshan News a  senior police officer said, an accident between the tempo and a police vehicle occurred on Sunday evening, leading to an argument that soon turned violent. The officer said the tempo driver attacked police personnel on the head with a sword and also drove dangerously. The driver, however, accused the cops of thrashing him and his son mercilessly.

The incident turned political, with BJP MLA from Rajouri Garden Manjinder Singh Sirsa claiming that the policemen insulted the man by attacking his turban. Sirsa, a member of the Shiromani Akali Dal, was protesting outside the Mukherjee Nagar police station until late on Sunday.

Three policemen have been suspended for their unprofessional conduct in handling the matter and further legal action will be taken on the basis of the enquiry which will be conducted by Deputy Commissioner of Police (northwest) Vijayanta Arya and additional DCP and ACP of the district.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Twitted,”Delhi Police brutality in Mukherjee Nagar is highly condemnanble and unjustified. I demand an impartial probe into the whole incident & strict action against the guilty. Protectors of citizens can’t be allowed to turn into uncontrolled violent mobsters.”

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh also hit out at the Delhi Police and asked Home Ministries intervention in the matter. “Shameful incident of @DelhiPolice ruthlessly beating up Sarabjeet Singh & Balwant Singh over a petty issue. Request HM @Amit Shah to ensure justice,” the senior Congress leader said in his tweet.


Kejriwal’s spokesperson pronounced the death sentence to Suresh Chavanike ji. Suresh ji said: “I am reaching 12 o’clock in the afternoon ,do whatever you want….

It seems that Sudarshan’s message of awakening of the devotees of the country has been so alarming on some people that he is so angry towards this work and work that he is not only talking about living his anchor in the business but also talking about his Spokesperson has also declared the chairman and editor of the channel directly from the authorized Verify Twitter handle and sentenced to death.

We are talking about Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, whose spokesman Sudhir Yadav, in a similar way, considered himself a judge, demanded hanging of Sudarshan TV Chairman Mr. Suresh Chavan, and said that he was hanged on the Red Fort. Should give. However, now Suresh ji has responded to the Aam Aadmi Party and has declared that he is reaching Lal Qila on Saturday afternoon at 12 noon.

Mr. Suresh ji has said that Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party spokesman Sudhir Yadav are ready to hang them. Suresh ji said that on Saturday, Chief Minister Kejriwal and his party spokesman Sudhir Yadav also reached the Red Fort at 12 noon and hanged them on Saturday. It is now to see that Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party decide what the statement of their spokesperson Sudhir Yadav is on hanging statements.

Well, we all know that despite the abuse of Sudarshan’s female anchor during the live show, the party did not take any action against its Somnath Bharti, but Arvind Kejriwal defended him in return. Let me tell you that Mr. Suresh ji had a tweet about Bulandshahr Ijtima and had put forward the troubles produced there, after which the so called Urban Naxalite intellectuals and politicians supported the tweet.

But Sudhir Yadav, a common Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson, was so scared that he demanded the hanging of Mr. Suresh ji. Sudhir Yadav is the spokesperson of Kejriwal’s party who tried to give the Hindu-Muslim color to the Lucknow Vivek Tiwari case, after which Vivek Tiwari’s wife had lynched this statement to Kejriwal.