The court asked the Yogi Sarkar to answer. Why did “Prayagraj” to Allahabad? Judge highly active on this issue

The Sangam Nagar by the Yogi Government is not taking the name of Allahabad, after the name of the name changed, started the Prayagraj. Now the matter has reached the High Court and the Hon’ble Court has also sent a notice to the Yogi Government, taking a quick cognizance on the matter, that why did he change Allahabad’s name to Prayagarh? The Court has directed the Board of Revenue and the Principal Secretary to Governor, besides the Center and the State. The next hearing will be on November 19.

According to the news, the Lucknow bench of the High Court has asked the Center and the state government to appeal the petition challenging the name of Allahabad. While hearing the case, the court has given the two governments one week time and the next date of hearing is fixed November 19. The order was given by the bench of Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan on the PIL filed by HS Pandey. On behalf of the government, Additional Solicitor General Vinod Kumar Shahi has opposed the petition.

It has been stated in this petition that the name of the district has been changed without demanding the objection without adhering to Section 6 (2) of the Revenue Code. Let us say that the Yogis of UP Government are in the discussion about changing this permanent name. Earlier the name of Mughalsarai station was changed to Deendayal Upadhyaya Nagar after which Allahabad was renamed as Prayagraj. After this, the CM Yogi Adityanath, who reached Ayodhya on Diwali, changed the name of Faizabad to Ayodhya.

Once the High Court had given the decision to remove the mosque, then it was said that the Supreme Court which gave tough decisions on the temple of Shriram today .

The Honorable Supreme Court gave the date on the Ayodhya Shriram Temple case. After the High Court’s verdict in 2010, the case of the Ayodhya Shriram temple was moved to the Supreme Court and from 8 years till today, Ramlalla has been sitting in the tent till date and date only. There have been many such occasions when the Honorable Court has readily appeared on many occasions, but the Ayodhya Shriram Temple case has received date and date only.

It was being said that when the hearing began from October 29 then there will be a hearing every day after that but it did not happen and even this time, only date. Although the date has not been received at this time, the Supreme Court has said that the next hearing will be held in January and the date will be told only in January. We are going to tell you a case in which the Supreme Court had said that people’s beliefs should be respected .

That matter was linked to a mosque, but when it comes to Hindu beliefs, there is a change in the honorable court of justice. We are not questioning the Supreme Court here but are comparing two cases and the comparison comes only in the context. Explain that there was a mosque in the Allahabad High Court (Prayagraj) campus. While hearing a PIL, in November 2017, the High Court had ordered the removal of the mosque within three months.

The court said that this land belongs to the High Court. The construction of the mosque is illegal encroachment, so the mosque should be removed from there within three months. After the High Court this case went to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court banned the action of the removal of the mosque with immediate effect. It was argued that the emigration of the mosque would hurt the feelings of Muslim society. The Supreme Court told the High Court that the two parties should resolve the matter with the interaction between each other.

Apart from this, the Supreme Court had told the Yogi Government that he should tell about giving alternative land to build a mosque. The illegal mosque remains in the Allahabad High Court complex till today, because of its removal, the feelings of Muslims will be hurt but the feelings of Hindus on the Ayodhya issue are irrelevant, whether it is crushed or crooked, it seems that the Honorable Supreme Court does not make any difference does matter.