MP Bhola Singh exposed the false claims of the police and the tweet of  Bulandshahr Police , while he said … how to occupy the whole city for 3 days.

After the Gokshi in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, the round of allegations of corruption have begun. Bhola Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Bulandshahr has made a big statement in the midst of a political assault on the Bulandshahr family. BJP MP Bhola Singh has blamed the Bulandshahr administration directly on the permission of the Tablalii Ijtima program for Islamic programs in Bulandshahar.

Let us tell you that after the incident of Gokshi in the Satya police station area of ​​Bulandshahr, other than Tabloli Ijtima, violence erupted, in which the death of Gauhbutt Sumit and Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh died. It is known that Bulandshahr police claim that Ijtima has been successful and there is no problem with this, but Bhola Singh has rejected these claims of Bulandshahar police in a conversation with Sudarshan’s representative.

MP Bhola Singh has said that people have suffered a lot due to Ijtima, schools have been closed for three days, and people have to remain closed in the house. The BJP MP said that Ijtima’s permit for special place It is given, not for the whole city, but due to Ijtima, the entire Bulandshahar jam. On the question of Sudarshan, Bhola Singh said that since Ejitha’s preparations have begun, this is the second incident of Gokshi since then.

Five days ago, Khurja had a gokshi, after which it was again gokshi and Bulandshahr came under the grip of violence. BJP MP Bhola Singh, while blaming the responsible Bulandshahr administration of the whole case, said that if the administration did not know how many people would be involved in Ijtima then why did they give permission? He said that I myself was locked in my house for three days because people raised trains in the streets and jammed it completely.

Regarding the violence in Bulandshahr and any relation between Ijtima and MP, MP said that since the preparations of Ijtima began, people’s animals began to be stolen. If any buffalo was stolen then someone’s cow He said that it should also be investigated that after all, who killed the animals during the Ijtima and why and why such a large number of Gokshi were done that violence in Bulandshahr was spreading.