Anita was a very educated girl ..She taught a lot of moral education in the school  … so she dont mind any one views

Anita wrote a lot of education and was posted as a mercurial teacher in a government school and believed in humanity rather than religion. Then one day, in his life, the entry of a person named Nisar Ahmed, who got his name and his identity hidden by becoming a Hindu. Anita fell in love with her and both of them got married. After marriage, Anita came to know that her husband is not a Hindu but a Muslim and then one day Anita’s body was found.

The case is from Bishanpur of Gumla district of Jharkhand. According to the news, Nishar Ahmed, a resident of Uttar Pradesh, Azamgarh, who was trying to commit suicide by raping his wife, has been arrested by Bishnpur Police and sent to jail after presenting it in court. Anita Kumari, daughter of Nandlal Uraon resident of Chhipri village of Bishnapur block, married Nissar in her love affair and got married. Anita was a mercurial teacher in the village’s government school.

The police had recovered the body of Anita, hanging on the 10th of December 2016, hanging in the Karanj tree, located only a short distance from behind the house. In connection with the incident, the mother of the deceased, Mary Devi, lodged a nominated FIR by accusing Anita of suicide on her son-in-law Nisar Ahmed in Bishnpur police station. It is being told that Nisar had concealed his identity and married  to Anita by telling him as a Hindu.

There are two children from these two too. Mary, the mother of the deceased, told that Nissar had married Anita by telling her as a Hindu. Later, after seeing Nisar’s base card and voter ID, it was revealed that he is a Muslim and belongs to UP. Later Nissar used to assert Anita with a variety of charges and used to beat Anita and incite her to commit suicide. Anita’s ATM card also kept near Nissar. Whatever salary was given to Anita in the month Nissar only used to spend it. Nissar married Anita, three girls, and got married.