November 26 – sacrifice day, revolutionary Ashok Nandy .. This revolutionary of the Alipur bombardment today gave up the body but still not given place in history.

These were the knights of India with whom the British government did not do justice first, and then more injustice was done by those fake cartoons of India whose responsibility was to write the sacred history of India who sacrificed their blood, Together, these countries become independent. But the simulated historians, riding on the same tune that India has got the freedom without any shadows, have made such countless heroes No place in the micro history ..

One of those most known and unknown heroes is the revolutionary Ashok Nandi, who has immortalized us today.Justice is often called blind, because when he decides, only he sees the law, not the person; But in the English rule, sometimes the judges used to behave like blind people. The revolutionary Ashok Nandy had to pay the consequences of his life. Ashok Nandy was a youth revolutionary. He was thin and very beautiful in seeing ..

But in his heart, the fire of burning the country was burning. That is why he joined the revolutionary party and started making bombs. Once the police raided the bomb factory, they were caught. He was lodged in jail and was sued under ‘Alipur bomb blast’. The British police were present in many slaves of India. They helped in the capture of this hero … keeping revolutionary caution did not make all the material of the bomb in one place. Apart from the explosion, there were many other types of threats.

From where Ashok Nandi was caught, only a part of the bomb was made. On this basis the lawyers argued and proved it innocent. But in the second case, he was sentenced to seven years in the Andaman Jail. The families of Ashok appealed against this in the High Court. Therefore, sending him to Andaman was postponed; But in prison he was kept in inhuman conditions. With this, T.B. Suffer from In the High Court, the famous patriot lawyer of Kolkata, Shri Chittaranjan Das fought the case of Ashok Nandy.

Chitranjan Das ji’s qualification was a dread throughout the country. He urged the judge to bail out Ashok Nandy and said that he has been proved innocent in a lawsuit. The second is being considered in the High Court. Then his health is also very bad. Therefore, he should leave the jail on bail. But the judge did not listen to these arguments. He turned down the appeal and said that the accused has been kept in the airy room of Dum Dumali Hospital. He is also being treated. He will not get such good facilities in his house as well.

Therefore, he can not be left on bail. Now Shri Chittaranjan Das suggested to Ashok Nandy’s father that he should go to the governor of Bengal and talk about his point. If they want, Ashok can be surety. Would have done anything out of desperation; Ashok’s father went to the governor and prayed for the prayer. His heart was not as harsh as the judge. He accepted the prayer, now in front of the court even had the compulsion to leave him. On November 26, 1909, the judge declared Ashok Nandi innocent and signed the release papers;

But when the police and Ashok’s relatives came to jail after taking liberation papers, they came to know that he has been released from this life and has not been there since no one comes back. Thus, the harsh procedure of the court forced a 19-year-old, tuberculosis patient, young revolutionist to die within the prison. Today, the great warrior Ashok Nandi, who has raised a big question on the popular song without shield, repeatedly summarized Sudarshan’s family on his sacrifice day and repeats his promise of eternal life for his success.