No GST on Petroleum Products for now.

The center has ruled out the inclusion of petroleum products in GST for now, it was being reported by many news channels that the petroleum products can be included in GST but now the Government has dismissed any possibility at least for now.

The Aviation Sector has been asking for petroleum products to be included in GST so that a uniform price for aviation fuel can be achieved but after the government rejecting the proposal the aviation sector is not happy over the decision.

When GST was introduced, the states and the center had decided to pool their powers. Now GST council holds the power for implementation and review of decisions regarding GST.

The panel headed by the Union finance minister now decides the rates and the indirect tax regime, leaving only a few items with the state FM.

If petroleum products are included in GST, the move will only benefit the companies not the general public and that may be the reason the government is not keen on the inclusion, as government believes that the taxes on ATF are passed on the public.