Buddhists murderer Rohingyas  shows rigidity said … – “We do not leave Delhi”

Rohingya invaders who have infiltrated Hindustan by killing Buddhists and Hindus in Myanmar have announced that they will not return to Delhi after any circumstances. The murderers of Buddhists and Hindus are stuck in the same way as Rohingya stone that they will remain here and will not leave Delhi. Rohingya Muslims living in Delhi say that they would prefer to die instead of going back.

Let us know that for the first time, Delhi Police has distributed National Verification Form in Rohingya Camps. He is also taking biometric information of the people living here. The Rohingya Muslims are afraid that this move by the police is that somewhere they should be sent back by them. Although verification forms have been filled in the past, but some new sections have been added in this form, due to which the Rohingyas have fear.

Let us know that the first two boxes of the new form have been written in one of the d ‘Ami maan tu bangli bangali’ and the second is written, ‘Akerin ami mianasamar Bengali.’ This means that ‘I am Bengali in Myanmar’. It is feared that due to this selection, the entire battle of their identity will be in danger.Let us know that on the cover of verification of Rohingyas, it has been written that it has been issued by the Embassy of Myanmar.

Police told that the relevant orders have been received from the Home Ministry. Rohingyas living in camps say that, “Police chiefs told us that they would come for our biometric details. He said with great humility that at the moment it will not be used to send us back, but we are not accepting our mind and we will not go back to Delhi in any situation.