The police in Chowk in the Rajasthan Police was Noor Mohammed. But the duty of the tainted and stigmatized duty..

Noor Mohammed had the responsibility to protect the law, to prevent illegal acts, but Noor Mohammed did not take care of the uniform and honor of the uniform, and he himself completely blamed the law. The case is in Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, where the girder play on Luranjanar, reached the Biradhwal Chowk in charge of Rajyasar police station, Noor Mohammed Deepawali. Someone made the video of the shaqadar viral on the social media, then he reached the police’s top officials.

After this, the officers immediately suspended the gaming ASI to save the dignity of the uniform and started investigating the matter. According to the information, Biradhwal Chauki in charge, Noor Mohammad, went on a day-long trip to Diwali and went to Laranjan and was sitting there near the gamblers playing gamblers and recovering 100 rupees per booth from the jurors. In the meantime someone uploaded their video to social media.

After this, the police officers got information about this, they sent the order to suspend the ASI Noor Mohammed to the Rajasar police station. According to police sources, ASI Noor Mohammad was transferred from Bikaner about 3 months ago to the post of in-charge of Rajdhikar police station’s Biradhwal post. Even before this, ASI spent most of its duty in Laranasi and Mahajan areas. This led to a collision with the neighbors of their area, and they reached the Deepawali and reached to Loonkaransar.