“Love jihad will run to stop love revolution” campaign … BJP MLA’s euphoria

In order to prevent the spread of fast spreading love jihad, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sanjay Gupta has announced to run the campaign from Laksar assembly seat in Uttarakhand. BJP MLA Sanjay Gupta has said that he is going to launch ‘Love Revolution’ campaign soon in his assembly.

If Sanjay Gupta believes that in this campaign, he will resort to 500 young people who love Muslim girls and want to marry him. The Bharatiya Janata Party MLA said that his ‘Love Revolution’ campaign will be against ‘Love Jihad’, in which Muslim youths marry Hindu girls. Love Jihad will get answers from their ‘Love Revolution’ campaign. The BJP MLA said that many parents came to her and she complained that her daughters Prey has been a victim of jihad.

After such complaints came, they decided that they would now make ‘Love Revolution’. Not only that, he said that the leader of the Muslim community has a touch of love jihad. The Chief Minister of the BJP MLA’s Love Kranti campaign has also supported the Chief Minister, Shri Trivendra Singh Yadav. Chief Minister Rawat says that in the society, a young man from a community, with young people of other communities, makes love relations with pseudonym and then marries. These relations can not be justified.

CM said that due to love jihad many times the law system is threatened. CM Rawat said that wrong traditions such as love jihad can not be allowed. The statement of MLA Sanjay Gupta can not be held wrong in any way.