She was the modern staff of the private sector. She lived in a city like Delhi and hated those who talked about Hindu-Muslim .. Then one day she got it Asgar Hussain .

He lived in the capital of the country of Delhi and believed in modern ideology. He said that Hindus do not mean Muslim for him but he hates those who talk of Hindu-Muslim. Three years ago, her friendship was with Asghar Hussain and she had physical relations with Asghar. After this, Asghar got 10 lakh rupees to blackmail him with his wife and talked about getting his porn video.

Finally, after getting disturbed, the victim reached Dwarka South police station and complained against the accused. While taking action, the police arrested Asghar Hussain, but his wife escaped. According to the news, the victim lives in Delhi’s Dwarka area and works as a consultant in a finance company. Through social media, the victim was met with the 48-year-old Asghar Hussain, in the year 2013. He told himself the director of the multinational company. After this, the two started the meeting.

The accused told the victim to get a job on a better package in her company. The victim came in his hoax. One day the accused called him to his house, where he proposed marriage to her before telling her as a lover. The victim came in his hoax. After this the accused often had physical relations with her. Whenever he spoke about marriage he would have avoided it. One day the victim reached the house without informing the accused, where it was found that she is already married.

Not only this, his wife has information about him. When he got the information about the betrayal, he stopped meeting him. Asghar and his wife threatened by approaching him that he has his pornographic video, if he made a complaint then he would be viral. The victim was scared, taking advantage of that, both of them blackmailed him. In the last nearly 3 years, both of them recovered around 10 lakh rupees from the victim.

When the victim did not have anything to give, then she was forced to complain in the police. As soon as the complaint was received, the police took the action and arrested the accused. Right there, he is looking for his wife.