The face of the Hindu organization opponents exposed by the statement of the wife of the inspector Subodh.

In the violence after cow smuggling in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar, the wife of the bloody inspector of Uttar Pradesh police Subodh has revealed a sensational disclosure. This disclosure of Inspector Subodh’s wife is exposing the face to the Hindu organization opponents who were trying to impose their anti-Hindu agenda on the pretext of Bulandshahr violence. Inspector Subodh Kumar’s wife has said that her husband was running a campaign against cow smuggling , which led to she was receiving bullying threats.

Let the family of police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh meet CM Yogi Adityanath after reaching the Chief Minister’s residence in Lucknow on Thursday. In conversation with CM Yogi, Subodh Kumar Singh’s wife Rajni told him that, after registering a complaint against cow smuggling, they used to receive threatening calls. Rajni told that three accused of cow smuggling were also arrested by the Sana police stationIn a meeting with the Chief Minister Yogi in the media later, in a video circulated in Rajya, Rajni is saying that my husband used to call the police station (Sayana) and I used to go there, the last time I went there, the charges of cow smuggling. Three people were arrested in A senior officer present in the meeting said that the Inspector’s wife told about the threats to the husband from the Chief Minister. It has also said that they used to record threatening calls.

In the meeting, Rajni told that, since his death, his mobile is missing, with which all the recording has gone. He said that the mobile carrying man knew that he had a threatening mobile phone record. They also said that Inspector used to download all the records of Subodh Mobile in the laptop, but for the last one month they were not doing it. This statement of Inspector Subodh’s wife clearly points out that the inspector was on the target of Subodh cow smuggler.

Supply of beef from the western UP from Bulandshahr was done. The cow slaughters were going to supply the beef to the police

Even after the Gokshi in Bulandshahar, Gotaskar has not been able to take action against his opponents and is continuously carrying out the Cow smuggling . It has been learned that Gau protector used to supply beef from Bulandshahr in whole western UP. On the night of Wudhawar, the police raided car smugglers with car rider on the muddy route. A Gotaskar was arrested by the police while two escaped. In the search, the car has recovered the goat from the luxury car. One of the absconding smugglers lives in Anupshahr of Bulandshahar.

According to the news received, SI Sanjeev Kumar and Zahid Hussain started the vehicle checking near Moti Nagar on the closed path on the information of informant under the leadership of Inspector Kotwali Dharampal Singh. Meanwhile, the car appeared on the side of Bulandshahr. When the team tried to stop the car, the youngsters sitting in it sat on the team. During the counter-firing, two youths escaped with the advantage of the spot, while the police arrested Lalpur Kaneta Road police station Hasanpur district Amroha, resident of Amir Son Mustafa.

Police recovered cattle cutting equipment, two knives, about 3.5 gun gole meat, cattle hides and remains, one tamanche 315 bore and one alive and one khota cartridge. SP Yamuna Prasad told that a Gosal has been caught but has escaped there, efforts are being made to search them. The case has been registered against them by the police on the basis of murderous assault, amrs act and animal cruelty act and criminal law amending act. These people were harvesting cattle by cutting cattle from Bulandshahar.

Some people became frenetic while returning from Ijtima .. Trying to burn the train, the train driver ran away and saved his life. The question is, what education did you get there?

Recently, the religious program concluded in Bulandshahr, Ijtima was said that this program is organized for the purpose of peace, is organized for peace message. But the people who returned after joining Ijtima and spread the hysteria in Meerut, the question posed by the fact that what would have been taught to these people in Ijtima, or what did these people learn?

Let me tell you that while returning from Ijtima, some people became frenzied and tried to burn the train. The situation became such that the train driver had to escape and escape his life. According to the news, tribes returning from Ijtima in Bulandshahr tried to hand over the engine of Bulandshahr Special Train near Chandasara village in Meerut between Meerut-Hapur railway route. To protest, the loco beat the pilot. Loko Pilat saved his life after entering the guard compartment

The employees and police of the railway arrived at the spot to understand and calm the people. In order to facilitate the returning tribes from Ijtima organized in Bulandshahr, the Railways had run the Bulandshahr Special Train. The train left for Bulandshahar at 6.30 pm for Meerut. OHE (overhead electric wire) broke down at about 10 km from Kharkhoda, towards two kilometers of Meerut. Stopping the wire, the engine broke the pontoon, causing the train to stand.

After this the passengers in the train jerked. The crowd went to the loco pilot and asked to run the train immediately. Loco pilot told the compulsion to break the wire, after which the castes got ruckled. Loco pilot Dalchand Meena of the train told that he tried to convince the people, but they were getting excited and the scuffle started. They got bogged down on the engine and got bogged down. After this the crowd started attacking the engine and trying to set fire.

Loco pilot told that after scaring the menace of life, he ran from there and saved the life by entering the guard’s compartment. After this the climbers climbed the engine and tried to set fire. Pilots and guards gave information from the wireless to higher officials. After that the police, GRP, RPF and railway employees reached the spot, while the employees and officers of the railway’s electric department arrived on the spot and prevented the tribes from severely frantic popping up.


After the announcement of hanging of Mr. Suresh Chavankeji by the AAP spokesperson, the countrywide stir … can be seen to see this hanging on the Red Fort on Saturday, the huge public rally

After the announcement of the execution of Sudarshan TV chairman Mr Suresh Chavan, the close aide of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Sudhir Yadav, the execution of Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji on the Red Fort has crashed across the country. All Hindu and social organizations across the country have opened a front against the Aam Aadmi Party in support of Shri Suresh Chavanke.

Please tell you that Suresh Chavan has also announced that he will reach Lal Qila at 12 o’clock on Saturday so that Kejriwal, you party and his spokesperson can hang him. After news of Shri Suresh Chavanke ji reaching the Red Fort for hanging on Saturday, it is feared that a large number of people can roam on the Red Fort on Saturday. Hindu organizations say that they are completely with Mr. Suresh Chavanke ji and on Saturday it will also reach the Red Fort.

Hindustan organizations say that after becoming a negative image in the eyes of the public, Kejriwal and his party spokeswoman are giving this kind of statement under the policy of appeasement of the particular community in desperation. He said that your spokesman Sudhir Yadav feels that Delhi is not democratic, but the Mughlia government spokesman himself can declare hanging and murder for anyone.

Let me tell that Mr. Suresh ji had a tweet about Bulandshahr Ijtima and had put forward the problems raised there, after which General Aam Aadmi Party spokesman Sudhir Yadav demanded the execution of Mr. Suresh ji. Please tell us that neither Sudheer Yadav nor any Aam Aadmi Party nor Arvind Kejriwal has taken back the statement of hanging Mr Suresh, who proves that with the consent of Kejriwal and his party you did not speak to him This statement was given.\


“You are not just mine but my father also has the same right” … 

For his father-in-law, his daughter-in-law is like a daughter-in-law daughter, but the father-in-law of both of them wanted to erase their lust. The husband of both Muslim sisters also told him that as much as I am entitled to, the same thing is also for Abbu. But when both of them did not accept the sisters, they were given three divorces and after this, the pressure of halala with father-in-law was made. After this, both the sisters demanded action against the police for lodging the complaint.

The matter is from the village of Bulandshahr Kotwali country in Uttar Pradesh. The father of the victims told in Tahtir in Kotwali country that their two daughters had been married with two brothers and sisters living in the Dhamada haunted area. The allegation is that after the marriage, the father-in-law started keeping a false proposition on both the daughters. Along with tampering, he also tried to misbehave with both the daughters. On the protest of daughters, they beat them with their wives and sons and got them out of the house.

It is alleged that on October 20, two sons-in-law came to her house and divorced both the daughters. The accused also beat up both the women and went away threatening. He said that in the past, both the son-in-law returned home and pressurized him to make hilal with his father, telling him to marry again. Both daughters refused to laugh with father-in-law.

On the evening of November 19, an accused son-in-law entered the house and attempted forcibly physical relations with his daughter. On denial, the accused attacked his daughter and escaped with a child from the house. After leaving the boy, the accused son-in-law returned home and beat his daughter with obscenity. The victim filed a report from the countryside and demanded action against the accused.

MP Bhola Singh exposed the false claims of the police and the tweet of  Bulandshahr Police , while he said … how to occupy the whole city for 3 days.

After the Gokshi in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, the round of allegations of corruption have begun. Bhola Singh, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Bulandshahr has made a big statement in the midst of a political assault on the Bulandshahr family. BJP MP Bhola Singh has blamed the Bulandshahr administration directly on the permission of the Tablalii Ijtima program for Islamic programs in Bulandshahar.

Let us tell you that after the incident of Gokshi in the Satya police station area of ​​Bulandshahr, other than Tabloli Ijtima, violence erupted, in which the death of Gauhbutt Sumit and Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh died. It is known that Bulandshahr police claim that Ijtima has been successful and there is no problem with this, but Bhola Singh has rejected these claims of Bulandshahar police in a conversation with Sudarshan’s representative.

MP Bhola Singh has said that people have suffered a lot due to Ijtima, schools have been closed for three days, and people have to remain closed in the house. The BJP MP said that Ijtima’s permit for special place It is given, not for the whole city, but due to Ijtima, the entire Bulandshahar jam. On the question of Sudarshan, Bhola Singh said that since Ejitha’s preparations have begun, this is the second incident of Gokshi since then.

Five days ago, Khurja had a gokshi, after which it was again gokshi and Bulandshahr came under the grip of violence. BJP MP Bhola Singh, while blaming the responsible Bulandshahr administration of the whole case, said that if the administration did not know how many people would be involved in Ijtima then why did they give permission? He said that I myself was locked in my house for three days because people raised trains in the streets and jammed it completely.

Regarding the violence in Bulandshahr and any relation between Ijtima and MP, MP said that since the preparations of Ijtima began, people’s animals began to be stolen. If any buffalo was stolen then someone’s cow He said that it should also be investigated that after all, who killed the animals during the Ijtima and why and why such a large number of Gokshi were done that violence in Bulandshahr was spreading.