He became a Muslim by becoming a member of the BJP and this was the reason why this decree came from the mosque.

Zahir Qureshi was a Muslim and even after being a Muslim, he was a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. To become a Muslim’s member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the radical maulanis of the mosque did not come to the notice of the mosque and a decree was issued against the BJP leader Zaheer Qureshi on behalf of the mosque. For the Zahir Qureshi, this decree issued by the mosque has said that he can not enter the mosque.

The case is from Vadodara of Gujarat, where a board is hanging at the gate of a mosque. They have not been allowed to enter the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Muslim leader Zaheer Qureshi. Police said that it is not clear at this moment that who has installed this board. This board was located at the gate of the mosque located in Yakutpura area of ​​Vadodara. It says that Zahir Qureshi, the minority leader of BJP state unit, is not allowed to enter the mosque as per the trustee’s order.

Police commissioner Anupam Singh Gehlot says that the police is investigating the matter that who has put this board here. Qureshi said that some people did not like to take part in one of their meetings with BJP’s Muslim leaders in Delhi. This meeting was called to resolve the Babri dispute. Following the incident, the trustees of Masjid issued a statement. He said that he will continue his efforts for social brotherhood and such orders do not make any difference to him.

Arun Jaitley to Opposition -‘Crude oil price rise cannot be controlled by television bytes, tweets’:

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his “reluctant allies” for their commitment to fight fuel price rise in the country. The challenges posed by the rise in international price of crude oil cannot be countered with tweets or television bytes, Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post titled ‘The Oil Prices and the Hypocrisy of the Opposition’.

Attacking the Opposition for making maximum of the situation, Jaitley said, government’s critics rejoiced the political consequences of such as price rise, “which is evident from their comments,” he said. The Finance Minister was critical of media for not highlighting fuel price cuts and accused the Opposition of doing a “volte face” and dubbing the move as bad economics.

Rahul Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring fuel under the ambit of Goods and Service Tax (GST). Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accused the government of defrauding the people by slashing excise duty by Rs 2.50-per-litre after increasing the same by Rs 10-per-litre.

Former Finance Minister and Congress leader tweeted “an oil revenue-dependent government has belatedly realised the unbearable burden on the people and indulged in tokenism.”

Even Gandhi, whose party “inflicted double-digit inflation during the past five years of UPA-II” gave television bytes and tweeted “advocating price reduction,” Jaitley said.

The Central government shaved Rs 2.50 off Value Added Tax (VAT) on petrol and diesel on Friday and urged the states to follow suit in order to give substantial relief to the consumers. Most of the BJP-ruled states complied with Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh announcing cuts ranging from Rs 1.50 to 2.50, after which the effective price in the states came down upto Rs 5-per-litre.

States not ruled by BJP such as Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal, refused to affect a price cut, provoking sharp criticism from several BJP leaders and the  Jaitley. “The States benefit from higher oil prices. The Centre’s collection remains the same. Thus, the capacity of the States to give a Rs.2.5 benefit is within their capacity,” FM said, adding that a number of non-BJP non-NDA states have refused to cut the prices.

Jaitley lamented that the price of crude oil in international markets increased due to several factors one of which was oil producing nations capping the their production leading to demand supply mismatch. Furthermore, the crises in Venezuela and Libya along with US sanctions on Iran have aggravated the problem, Jaitley added.

Jaitley accused the Opposition of mere lip-service and optics on issues by giving news bytes and releasing tweets and looking the other way when it comes to performance.

SC expresses concern, questions Centre, Gujarat government over lions’ death in Gir forest

The apex court said it is an extremely serious issue and the government must find out the reason for the deaths of the lions and the animals must be protected.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday expressed concern over the death of lions in Gir forest of Gujarat and questioned the Centre and the state government.The apex court said it is an extremely serious issue and the government must find out the reason for the deaths of the lions and the animals must be protected.

Replying to the SC, the Centre sought time to look into the matter and come back with a reply. The Gujarat government also assured that all necessary action will be taken soon.At least 23 lions have died in the last 18 days in Gir Sanctuary since September 12, an official said.

Eleven lions had died in the forest due to reasons such as infighting and infections between September 12 and 19, while 10 more died between September 20 and 30 after they were shifted to a rescue centre.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani termed the deaths as “very unfortunate”. “It was a very unfortunate incident. 20-22 lions inhibiting in one forest range have died due to infection. To make sure that other lions are alright, we have called in doctors from Delhi and Pune to examine them,” said Rupani in Porbandar. “We are also probing whether the officers who have the responsibility of that range have shown carelessness,” he said.

The forest department had said on Monday that four of the dead lions were found to have a virus infection, while another six were infected with a Protozoa-class organism carried by ticks. All these lions lived in Sarasiya area of the Dalkhania range of Gir Sanctury, officials said.The department launched a screening operation in the range to identify sick lions following the death of 11 lions between September 11 and 19. However, 12 sick lions, which were caught and shifted to a rescue centre, have died since then.

The virus found in the carcasses of these animals has not yet been idenitifed, as per the officials.

At Least 10 Feared Trapped as 4-Storey Govt Building Collapses in Ahmedabad

 At least 10 people are feared trapped inside a four-storeyed building after it collapsed on Sunday in Odhav area of Ahmedabad in the western state of Gujarat. Two people have been rescued from inside the collapsed building.

The rescue operations have been pressed to evacuate the people from the debris of the collapsed building.

The building houses a total of 32 flats, according to Additional Chief Fire Officer Rajesh Bhatt. Earlier a notice was issued to the residents of the building and it was evacuated as per direction, added Bhatt. It remains to be ascertained how the people entered the premises on Sunday again, added Bhatt further.

“10 people are feared trapped. Two people have been rescued from under the debris. There were total 32 flats in the building, notice was given and it was vacated. It will later be ascertained how did they enter again today. Rescue operations underway,” Rajesh Bhatt, Additional Chief Fire Officer.

After the incident, two teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have left from Gandhinagar for Ahmedabad.

Reacting to the incident, Gujarat Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja said, “Teams of the municipal corporation, state government, NDRF and fire brigade are carrying out rescue operations. Five NDRF teams are deployed. Required machinery will be deployed immediately.” 

Rahul Gandhi Has Insulted Women’s Power….”No Less Than A Scandal”

Rahul Gandhi hurted the dignity of women as well as India.

Elections were at their place, the allegations against the parties were in their place, the victory and failure were in their own

place, but the respect and honor of a women was always there in its place.neither there was any rule in India nor any

dynasty,beyond this For the honour of Maharani Padmavati,each and every people even a small children were ready to cut their

head’s or die.Then this time what Rahul Gandhi said, was on what basis? and why did he gave this kind of statement even after

knowing that his mother Sonia Gandhi was one of the most successful political leader and she is also a women.

Will women’s honor be sold for votes now? Political maturity is in its place, but women should have respected in the rituals,

but now such kind of wretched politics just for increasing their vote bank are ready to insult women’s dignity as well as India’s


We are talking about Rahul Gandhi’s support for the Congress party, who is working tirelessly on Gujarat tour to win the

Congressional election for the Gujarat elections. During an election campaign in Gujarat,Rahul Gandhi attacked the PM Modi and

BJP in Vadnagar in a public meeting. The extent has come when Rahul Gandhi crossed the border of irreverence and obscenity

in the face of unnecessary aggression.The statement that he used to define the ideology of the Sangh to be female opponent,

hardly any place in civilized politics from anywhere.

Rahul Gandhi said in a very dirty way how many women are there in RSS? After this he again made the next question that

**** do women ever see in shorts at the branch? I did not see it. ‘ ******* Even after this, many big and senior Congress

leaders were sitting behind Rahul Gandhi.Instead of stopping him, they laughed and indirectly supported Rahul’s very

objectionable statement with their laugh. This is the same Congress which itself owns CBI radar of the insensitivity of Himachal’s

daughter’s cruel rape. It is not only that, the world saw an insensitive statement of Sheila Dixit in the brutal rape of Delhi’s


The main thing is that Rahul Gandhi does not even know that the Sangh’s men are also coming in full pants, though their own

party had raised the question of men’s pants, but this time it may raise voice on women’s clothes.Now according to the present

situation may Rahul Gandhi’s party suffers in Congress Elections.