The wrestler, Shauhraj, Ayazur Rahman used to take the medicine of sex power.

High-profile Aiyazur Rahman of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh has solved the murder of  Kallu massacre. While exposing Ayazur Rahman massacre, the police have said that Ayazur Rahman was murdered by his wife, Hina because Ayazur Rahman harassed him and made physical connection with him by taking sex power pills.

On 9th October in the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, a dreaded man of Ayazur Rahman was found in the house of Bani Singh in the house of a lion. 32-year-old Rehman was known by the name of Kalu Pahlwan because he was a staunch fan of the wrestler and a social worker. The sensation was spread throughout the area from Kalu’s killing and police investigation was continuing. The statement of 25-year-old Hina, the mother of three children, was recorded.

Heena said – ‘That night some friends of Kalu were going to have to talk to him. Since Kalu was a very angry and robust man, he asked me to take children to go to the roof-top room. I went away with children. I did not know who was that friend. When I came down, Kalu’s blatant corpse was lying in that room, and I got scared in panic.

This statement could have sounded well, but before the statement, some statements of some people had been taken along with the inspection of the scene of crime, there was a lot of scope in this statement that there would be doubt. In the statement given to the police, no one had said that his friends had come to meet Kalu that night. Secondly, if the police had gone to the roof and had seen the police, then there was proof that there was a layer of dusty dust that no one had gone there for many days. There were no footprints or footprints on that dust.

Hina’s statement came under suspicion and Hina was interrogated. During the interrogation, Hina repeatedly changed her mind. Now the entire suspicion was on Hina, so police with the help of the women police officers alone, interrogated Hina with difficulty and did not take too long to break Hina. Eventually, Hina confessed to the murder and narrated the whole story. Hina’s story was like this. The Kalu wrestler, considered to be a respected and trembling man in the eyes of the society, was nothing but a tyrant for Hina.

Kalu kept Hina as a household worker, at any time she had made a machine that would fulfill all needs of her and create her children. Within a few years of marriage, Hina had become the mother of three children. The eldest child was 5-6 years old and the youngest one and a half year old. Kalu did not listen to one of Hina on the strength of his strength, and Hina had been beaten badly if anybody objected. Sometimes, with strokes, sometimes with belts and sticks. Hina’s body was kept in scars all the time.

Making physical relation was not a common thing for Kalu, but instead he was coerced and injured Hina, rather than a common husband wife. On one hand, this violent behavior of Kalu was heinously injured, whereas on the other side, she felt ashamed many times because Kalu did not even care about children while having physical relations with her. With shamelessness in front of the eyes of small children, Kalu used to do everything that he did not want to do.

Things had become such that Hina was constantly being victim of rape at the marriage. Hina’s troubles were not short, she was a victim of oppression and broken. For the past few months, Kalu had got a sneak peeing of sexual enhancement drugs. He used this type of medicines and oppressed Hina even more. Whether it is good or not, health is bad or not, without regard to any matter, Kalu has been using Hina for assaulting her satisfaction and she also started to force Hina to have sex with using drugs.

Hina was in a lot of trouble and trouble, so she had a fortune to have a quarrel in the day and drink her at Kalu’s hands. Hina could not understand how she came out of these circumstances because there was no one to hear her in the house. All the Kalu’s anger was frightening with mood and no one could say anything to him. Hina’s screams did not listen to anyone, so Hina had no way to stand up except. On October 9, Kalu also went to the Kasai Mandi in a social event, as usual.

From there Kalu returned home late in the night and ordered to scold him, Hina arranged for food and water. Kalu then removed some medicines from his pocket and ate it. He asked Hina to eat some medicines, but Hina refused to give it. On not accepting Kalu, he beat Hina as a daily routine. Then it happened that used to happen every day but whatever was going to happen, it had never happened before. While being forcibly, Kalu started hitting Hina.

When Hina continued to persist, Kalu removed a sharp knife and put it on Hina’s throat. Kalu raped her by showing fear of killing Hina. ¬†Frightened, she kept looking and tolerating children. Then the calu fell apart and after a while he got an eye.After handling herself, Hina looked towards the children. The children were in sleep. Then Hina wiped tears from her eyes and looked at the knife that Kalu had placed on her throat a while ago. Hina picked up the knife lying on the ground and reconciled her inner strength to Kalu. He stabbed a knife in Kalu’s throat. Kalu’s sleep broke and he spanked, but Hina kept knife with full force with both hands until Kalu died. During this, a child’s sleep was open and he was scared.

Hina paused her and quieted him and made a call. Kalu’s body was lying there. Hina pulled the knife through the neck of the corpse He washed the knife thoroughly and wrapped it in a sieve and looked around looking for a knife. After watching the wardrobe, tablecloth, junk, he looked at the washing machine. By hitting the machine panel, Hina hid the knife in it. After some time, Hina started screaming and crying, so that all the people gathered. The people gathered and then the police were called. After the story came to light, the police filed a case under Section 302 of the marriage of the victim of the Marital Rape and claimed that the murderer was exposed in Kalu Whelan murder case.