Targeting Hindus in Unnao Incident and more in a row founded “FALSE”

Another incident have been pop but last Thursday, targeting Hindus in the major context, on Thursday  a news of Muslims  forced to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and beaten for not doing, so was completely founded to be fake. The was served like this, some madarsa boys who were playing cricket were beaten by Hindu boys after they asked them to chant ‘Jai shree Ram’ . But the according to the UP Police no religious angle was founded that heat up the incident. The reason of fight was due to cricket,in a press conference by ADG (LO) P V Ramaswamy and IG (LO) Praveen Kumar, they denied that anybody was forced to chant any religious slogan , and said that it was a fight between two groups that turened violent due to a Cricket Match and also added that such kind of fake news were also founded to spread in cities like kanpur, Aligarh, to create communal tensions, in all the news Hindu were founded innocent.

Local police have registered a case under section 323,353,504 and 506 of the IPC, also in various cities recently there have been incidents of violence after Friday prayers by Muslim mobs protesting “mob lynchings” that were put by Muslims that have been forced to chant “Jai Shree Ram”, though such claims have been founded  either false or unverified.

Is Being Hindu In Bangladesh A Biggest Crime? The Situation Of Chief Justice, Raising this Question To Hindu’s.

The situation of Hindu’s in Bangladesh,showing soon Hindu’s existence will be vanished.

What will happen to the condition of Hindu minority in Bangladesh,when the Hindu chief justice has been detained. It may be noted that in June, a seven-member bench headed by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha had upheld the decision of the country’s high court.Who canceled 16 amendments,which meant that the country’s parliament no longer had the power to oppose the Supreme Court judges.Sheikh Hasina’s government was completely in shock.This decision of Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha was historic;but this dicision was like a thorn on which the government has detained him in his own country.. Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha has not appeared in front of the media nor has anyone seen him for a long time. When a media house talked to him after a lot of struggle, his voice was shaky, so it was clear that he was afraid of anything, fear of something.While negotiating, he did not cheat the government but he told that he had applied visa to visit the US. The question is whether the Hindus of Bangladesh are at risk because when the Chief Justice of the country can be detained, then this can be judged from what will happen to democracy?

Let me tell you that the 16th Amendment was passed by the Bangladesh Parliament three years ago, through the two-thirds majority of the members “empowering the opposition to oppose the top court judges for incompetence or misconduct”, however, last year High Court of Bangladesh declared the amendment “illegal”.
The High Court said in its judgment, “Parliamentary system is an accident in history to remove judges, although it is prevalent in some countries of the world.” The High Court said that due to the 16th amendment, people will “suffer”.

Here,we are presenting some reports which reveals the fact how the population of H   Is Being Hindu In Bangladesh A Biggest Crime?  

       The Situation Of Chief Justice Raising The Biggest Question To Hindu’s In Bangladeshindu community is decreasing day by day.The media speaking on Rohingya will not show this topic because he looks at this subject with religious glasses, nor will they see a case of internment of the Chief Justice, nor will they see the dwindling population of Hindus, the figure below:-

YEAR                      PERCENTAGE (%)

1901-                          33.00

1911-                         31.50

1921-                        30.60 

1931-                          29.40

1941-                          28.00

1951-                        22.05 

1961-                       18.50 

1974-                       13.50

1981-                       12.13

1991-                       10.51

2001-                        9.20

2011-                        8.96

So these percentages shows the declining situation of Hindu community which is still so complex.In regular basis Hindu’s are being killed there,but all these critical issues are being suppressed and hidden by the Government of Bangladesh.And our media does not want to raise this issue because this will not favour the superiority of secularism.

But we always take stand for the truth and and will always support the fact which have the true facts.