A 28-year-old girl was shocked. She said, “This is mine, I will not give divorce”

In the name of Teen Talaaq and halala, what is the suffering of Muslim women who have to undergo the endless harassment, the example of this is exposed by Khatima of Uttarakhand, where a woman has given her husband the first three divorces, then a 65 year old elderly Stirred up But what the hauler did after this was a surprise. The mauler refused to divorize the woman after the halala that she has started seeking women and will always keep her with him.

According to the news, Khan’s daughter Juhi, Khatima resident of Uttarakhand, was married to Mohammad Khade of Khatima in 2010. After three years of marriage, when Mian-Biwi became immersed, Shauher divorced in an angry manner. They have two sons. Both of them took one child. In the year 2016, both of them regretting and wishing to be one for the sake of their children, but after the divorce, Halala’s ritual came back. On this 28-year-old woman got married to Khatima’s 65-years-old man.

The condition was that after Halala, she will divorce immediately, but now the elderly person is not prepared for it. After the marriage, the elderly refused to divorce the woman. The loser says that the woman is feeling good, so she will not divorce her now. This couples, separated from divorces and halas, added this Saturday to the Chief of the Haq Foundation, Farhat Naqvi and told the full story.When Farhat Naqvi talked to the elderly who said to the elderly, he said that I will not divorce. Farhat Naqvi says that he will solve this matter in any situation.