The deepest conspiracy of the fundamentalists to bring down the image of India in the world. The French connection of the French terrorist attack, the French police arrived in the southern province of Kerala ruled in Jail in connection with Haza Moidin..

While on one hand India has been trying to improve its image abroad and increase its credentials with all its diplomacy, at the same time, some fundamentalist elements of India are becoming a stigma against India. For some time, with the intention of joining ISIS, some religious fanatics who had fled abroad had done India’s roles around the world and were killed in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

But now the connection of terrorist attacks to Europe has begun to connect with India, including the attacks in France that have fought terror, which shook the world and forced such individuals as Donald Trump to speak in this matter.It is worth noting that after all the efforts of the Government of India, India’s relations with France were not only normal but also mellow; the efforts to squeeze into it were politically done through the Rafael Deal, but now more serious A connection has come from Kerala to the terrorist attack in Paris, France’s capital.

According to the news agency, a team of French investigators has reached Kochi in Kerala where he will interrogate two terrorists close to Jail, Jasim and Haza Moeedeen, whom they can get some important clues in the Paris terror attack. This team of French investigators has come to India from a special aircraft where they will submit evidence of Paris’s ISIS attacker investigating the connections of both the terrorists locked in the same ideology of India. In the Paris terror attack in the year 2015, 130 are absolved People were killed

Both of these terrorists were arrested by the NIA in India while their triple connections were found by the terrorists Osman Ghani, a terrorist from the Lashkar-e-Toiba. These terrorists were also operating a terrorist camp in Kanakmal, Kerala, ruled by the Left, There was no news about the administration. Not only that, some of the locals were also opposed to the arrest of their jawans, whereas on one side in Kerala, a Hindu leader A. had been killed Kkin is scheduled Viur both inquiries Kerala in prison ..court  has also given permission for interrogation of these two questions which will be done in the presence of NIA. Right now, for this very important question, permission has been given for 3 days. Currently, in this case, leftists and intellectuals have kept quiet silence.


Hizb Commanders Among 6 Terrorists Killed in Shopian Encounter; Mobile Internet Suspended

After the destructive form of the army against the cowardly criminals killing innocent people, now they are starting to get rid of terrorists and they are getting reasonable answers. The blurts of Kashmir were once again. In the showpiece, the garibs of the army have become silent for eternity, and 6 sadhak terrorists who had remained hostile to the peace and goodwill of India. .. not just Kashmir but has been running wave of joy after the encounter in the country ..

It is known that once again, the army has killed 6 infamous terrorists by attacking the terror bosses. The encounter was a face to face, which was not ready to put arms even after the army’s all-out efforts. All the terrorists were surrounded in the Baghund area of ​​Shopian district of south Kashmir. In this encounter, the army was not only the army but also the CRPF, and the Kashmir Police. Kashmir’s Special Police Force SOG also participated in this Mahabhaion with 34 National Rifles.

At present, the search operation in the area is still going on. The encounter is over. According to information from sources, so far the corpses of 4 militants have been recovered. The remaining 2 bodies are likely to be recovered soon. All the terrorists killed are Hizbul The Mujahideen group, which is currently notorious for flouting the innocent in Kashmir. All these terrorists include Mushtaq, the district commander of Hizb. The army had suffered a slight resistance in the operation but the operation was successful.

In this encounter, a protector of the nation has also been injured, who has been taken to the hospital for treatment. The bravery of the army is being praised on every side. The names of the terrorists killed are Mushtaq Mir, Abbas, Wasim, Umar Majid, Khalid Farooq is being reported while another is likely to be Pakistani.

The Israeli army told the Israeli court that ordered the demolition of the Palestinian village

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure

“Brave” Know what this is the whole case in which a militant village taken on target Even though the so-called secular countries and the Gulf Islamic countries of the world are opposing all Israeli decisions from international fora, but the atal has opened its army openly, and the destruction of the entire village, which has become the lunch pad of the terrorists, Order passed by yourself and handed over to your soldiers.

Like the Israeli army, the morale of the judges there did not yield to the international pressure and he gave full exemption to the actions of his troops, giving full exemption against any kind of campaign against the terrorists. In this order, 180 people have been forcibly taken out of the village, which is being opposed by all the Muslim countries. But by their own court did not forget Israel’s soldiers like this, and he thanked his court in his style.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigador Lieberman praised the judges’ decision on Twitter and called it “brave”. Lieberman said “Khan al-Ahmar will be emptied. I congratulate the Supreme Court judges for his brave decision, no one is above the law, no one can stop us from strengthening our sovereignty, “. Not only that, Israeli soldiers have praised those judges with open holes, who made it clear that there will not be any place for anti-Israel accusations of the courts there.

The echo of this decision has gone to the whole world. Many countries consider this collective collaborative work of the army and judiciary as a better example for other countries to learn. United Nations figures show that Israeli officials have sanctioned only 1.5 percent of all permit requests by Palestinians between 2010 and 2014. In early July, Israeli bulldozers destroyed many tents and other structures in Khan al-Ahmar, collision with local residents.There was rocketing in the conflict, which had been crushed by the Israeli soldiers. 

Not just Modi, almost every Hindu of India is on target of the invaders

Five conspirators arrested before the assassination of Hinduism leader Arjun and Mumumbakai in Tamil Nadu

Five conspirators arrested before the assassination of Hinduism leader Arjun and Mumumbakai in Tamil Nadu Soon the murder was going to happen if the security agencies were not alert.

After the arrest of the conspirators of the assassination of Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, the support of the opposition parties has given rise to somewhere, the snooping of all the sleeves who had already been targeted to those people who were the country’s culture

Goddesses are fighting for the sake of respecting the Gods .. In this order are again caught again. 5 Such conspirators who had taken the aim of fighting Hindutva in South India to Hindutva leaders fighting with missionary and Islamic terror .. After the disclosure, questions have been raised about the security of Hindu-Hindu leaders across the country. In the allegation of conspiracy to plot the killing of the leaders of Hindustan organizations in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. A. has been arrested five people.

Police said that on the basis of intelligence, Special Investigation Team detained four people who came here from Chennai. Another person, who arrived to receive the receipt, has been detained for questioning. Police told that all the people had come here to be in a marriage. However, inquiries revealed that his motive was to kill some Hindu leaders, including Hindu Makkal Kachi leader Arjun Sampath and Mukhambikai Mani, leader of Hindu Munani.

The police said that these people have received five screams. A case has been registered against these people under the Prevention of Illegal Activities Prevention Act and the conspiracy to plot the murder. All these accused have been kept in the Central Jail here, while security has been extended to those Hindu leaders. Terrorism related to these people has not been made,

But the police say that these people were in touch with the faction of the active ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir. Police say that these people wanted to create communal harmony and instability during the holy days of Puwan Ganesh Chaturthi on 13th September. At present, these arrests and so called secular groups and self-proclaimed intellectual classes are silent.

Police are investigating further with intense knowledge but this incident has left the question that why are the conspiracy of killing people against Hindus and Hindus who raise voice of Hindutva in this country, why are they not raised in the intellectual class? 

Priya Prakash, as opposed to Islam, was known by many religious people, police station and sought punishment, now comes the judgment of the Supreme Court

Supreme court new decision on Priya Prakash case

Famous Malayalam actress Priya Prakash had suddenly faced the resentment of all religious people, due to which she had suffered a mental anguish for some time, in a very short time, she became very famous with her eyes’ movements.

A large section of the Muslim community had started taking the court against them from the court to the police station and in no case was demanding punishment for declaring them as anti-Islam. It is known that the Supreme Court’s decision is not less than a boon for the newly-turned actress Priya Prakash, because after the Supreme Court’s decision, the FIR registered in Telangana and Maharashtra against Kerala Actress Priya Prakash Warrier has been canceled.

Priya Prakash, who reached the court under heavy pressure of Muslim organizations, got immediate relief only when the Supreme Court had banned the FIR on February 21 last.

After this, the famous actress Priya Prakash filed a petition in the Supreme Court and demanded the repeal of the cases against her, which was decided in her favor. In this matter, the Bench headed by Chief Justice Chief Justice Deepak Mishra said in one of his orders that the songs of Oru Ovar Love do not hurt the feelings of the Muslim community.

The most relieved thing is that the Supreme Court has ordered that no FIR will be lodged against Priya Prakash in future even with this song. In his petition Priya Prakash had said that some people have filed cases after making false translations of Oru Ovar Love’s song. In his petition, he feared that such cases could be registered in other non-Malayali speaking states too

FIR was lodged against Priya Prakash Warrier in Telangana and Maharashtra. FIIs were accused of hurting feelings of a religious community on filmmakers 

America became aggressive Pauses one penny going to the Palestinians Eyes were seen, so many countries backwards hand .

The Donald Trump Administration, standing open with Israel The anti-terror campaign has not only started on the wider scale of India, but the world is now raging against it.

The world’s largest superpower, while strengthening its relations with Israel, banned international aid given to Palestine, famous for rocketing and terrorist incidents, the rest of the country is not able to venture to protest. Be aware that after becoming Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem, the US has now taken the place to protect it from stones and terrorist incidents. Another major step.

United Nations Relief and Work Agency confirmed on Wednesday for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) that the United States will not pay any money to the Palestinian refugee agency UNWWA.

Some funding agencies are being replaced by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Turkey. On Tuesday, the media citing sources said that the administration of US President Donald Trump had decided to end his financial support for the UNWWA

The agency’s $ 1.2 billion annual budget was $ 350 million per year. UNRWA spokeswoman Christopher Gunnes said, “We have been given to understand that for this year, we should not expect any US funding for this year and we will have zero US finance in our plan assumptions for the next year. Nutrition has been created. “

He said that with the closure of US financing 5.4 million hunger and education has been denied in the Middle East, the US State Department announced that this year has been reduced from $ 125 million planned for the UNWWA to 65 million dollars. Trump said that the Palestinians had felt the lack of desire to negotiate with Israel and despite the financial assistance the United States had no respect. 

The horror of terror now in Philippines .. 25 dead in a blast

The Philippines from the Terrorist Wing After each other, a new country is coming under the grip of terrorist acts and attacks, which are still untouched by the transition that is taking place in its grip.

The horror of terror now in Philippines .. 25 dead in a blast . The Philippines from the Terrorist Wing After each other, a new country is coming under the grip of terrorist acts and attacks, which are still untouched by the transition that is taking place in its grip. The world gradually transmits all the parts of the world. Terror Zeros have now taken a beating in the Philippines. The terrorists of Islamic State in the Philippines have been involved in the massacre even before this. This time their target has been a celebration.

It should be known that while opening a new front, the terrorists again took the lives of many innocents In a bomb blast in Philippines, one person died and 35 people were injured. The police and the army gave this information. During a festival celebrated in the Philippines on Tuesday, a motorcycle in Sultan Kudrat province of Southern Philippines caught the explosion from a country bomb hidden in which one person died and 35 others were injured.

The explosion occurred in front of a hotel on the highway in Isulan. According to the police and the army, terrorism in this area is likely to spread. Police have said that the initial investigation is going on. So far, no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for this blast but it is being said that active religious religious fanatics and frenzied activists have done this incident since last few days. 

29 August – 20 killed Islamic militants, still remained in the pistol.

Major Sudhir Walia finally became immortal The guardian of the country’s unity and integrity is bowing down on the sacrifice day.

Major Sudhir Walia Ashok Chakra Army Medal Bar’s 18th sacrificial day is today on 29th August. Once again, the eyes of the parents of this Veer sacrificial person are humble, whose son receiving Veergati while protecting the country.

His mother Shrimati Rajeshwari and father Shri Rulia Ram Walia will offer floral tributes along with his family. Today, on August 29, 1999, Major Sudhir Walia sacrificed his life while protecting India’s unity, integrity and self respect. Maj Sudhir was a resident of Banuri, Palampur and he also did his primary education in Banuri. After studying in Sainik School, Sujanpur, he joined the army.

At the age of 30, he was martyred while protecting the country. For his sacrifice, he was awarded the Ashok Chakra on 26 January 2000 after Veergati. On August 29, 1999 at 08:30, Major Sudhir Kumar proceeded towards the dense squad of Hafruda forest in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir with a squad of five soldiers. Soon they heard the voices of terrorists but they were not being seen.

Major Sudhir Kumar crawled along with one of his friends and moved towards a higher position. When they reached the hill, they were seen by two armed terrorists standing at just four meters and at a depth of 15 meters below the terrorists, a large and closed location. The officer immediately fired at the nearby sentry and killed him and then attacked another sentry, but he jumped into his hideout.

And attacked the terrorists’ hideout. Major Sudhir Kumar, who was inside the hideout, was stunned by the action of this and Major Sudhir Kumar, who had escaped from there, ran out without any hesitation in an attempt to escape the firing. The officer alone was a masterpiece with him and fired at him from a distance of 2 kilometers and killed four terrorists

In this operation, many bullets were found in their faces, chest and side and due to excessive bleeding they fell on the entrance to that place. Despite being unable to walk due to injuries caused by bullets of bullets, Major Sudhir Kumar, while contacting all the troop commanders and nearby deployed tactics, approached the radio set and directed them to remain unattended and the remaining terrorists could not escape. Be given

After 35 minutes when the firing stopped from both sides, then they were ready to be removed from there. Despite excessive bleeding, he continued to instruct his forces in the field of contact with the radio set. They got the Veergati when they set up their radio sets. Major Sudhir Kumar thus performed supreme sacrifice in line with the highest traditions of the Indian Army while displaying outstanding bravery, courage and unparalleled courage.

Today, the Sudarshan family repeatedly bow, greet and greet on the sacrifice of that mighty hero. Major Sudhir Walia Amar Rahane .. Army of Jai Hind 

“Six big officers of Myanmar army meeting and ordered, do not survive Rohingya alive”

United Nations Another report emerging from which the case of Rohingya terrorists emerged.

“Six big officers of Myanmar army meeting and ordered, do not survive Rohingya alive” – United Nations Another report emerging from which the case of Rohingya terrorists emerged.

Once again, all of them have come out that had been in the dust for some days. Problem of Rohingya has gone from Myanmar to the problem of entire South Asia, and the pressure of the United Nations is to not only tolerate it for the affected countries, but to keep them away from their country and their common people and the integrity of their country. Myanmar Army is fighting against the United States

It is known that all the crimes of the Rohingya terrorists, the murder While ignoring terrorist incidents, human rights had released its report in favor of the murderers of the Buddhists and now a report from the United Nations says that the genocide of Myanmar’s Province and the rest of the region and crimes against humanity In the case of the role of the big military officers of the country should be investigated.

This newly released report is being seen as the United Nations’s strongest condemnation for violence in Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, as well as an indirect message to those countries who are seeking to get rid of the problem of Rohingya .. In these affected countries India is also where millions of Rohingya have formed infiltrations and now they have also been involved in crimes

This report of the United Nations states that in view of the real threat of security, it can be said that the army has adopted constant discrimination strategies. The report has named six senior officials of the Myanmar army and said that they should be prosecuted. Myanmar’s current leader Aung San Suu Kyi has also been criticized by the Malala statement and in the same opinion similar to the opposition of all the Islamic countries, it has been said that she was not able to stop the continued violence in the country.

Not only this, it has also been advised to send the case to International Criminal Court (ICC). Although the Myanmar government seems to be standing fully with its troops and the Myanmar government has been defending itself from the very beginning saying that the target of the operation of the army was illegal intruders and extremists, not civilians. 

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands

Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

The United States, Russia, Israel after France now opened its hands … Most Wanted Destroyed Islamic terrorist Mohammed Ag Alamouner For the end of the world’s united Islamic terrorism.

By showing mercy and compassion in your country, giving refuge to many Syrian and Iraqite people, repeatedly looting their soldiers and civilians in their own attack, France has now made an aggressive attack against Islamic terrorism and all of them To destroy one and the other, they were coming away to hide their country from far away. In the same sequence, the number is now marked by a notorious terrorist of the Zihar group, which was not only the most wanted for France, but also on radar countries like Russia and America.

It was also considered to be a bridge between ISIS and Europe, which was broken by France. Be aware that the fighter fighters on the exact notice of the hideout of the infamous terrorist immediately fluttered and fiercely bombarded the locus. Although there were some people living there who were not terrorists, but the first priority for France was to kill those evil terrorists and give them the complete execution from France.

After the end of this militant Europe has taken a long breath of peace. A top Jihadi leader of the Greater Sahara group, one of his colleagues and two civilian civilians have been killed in the air strikes carried out by France in the North East Mali. The military command center in Paris gave the above information. In a statement issued by the military command, Menaka has been told about an air strike Sunday.

According to the statement, “Commandos deployed on the ground after the airstrike has confirmed the death of Mohammed Ag Alamouner and one of his bodyguards.” According to the statement, another member of the jihadi group and two other civilians were also injured in the attacks, according to the statement. In his statement, the command has expressed his sorrow over civilian casualties. The command is investigating how it has finally come to the heart of civilian civilian attacks.