The children were feeding beef in mid day meal , while the local Hindus used to say that there is no religion of the teacher, about teacher Nasiruddin.

The shameful and sensational case of cruelty of religious ignorance and hatred of Hindus has come out from the Darang district of Assam, where the principal teacher of the school has arrested the school for making beef during the midday meal in a primary school. According to the information received, the principal teacher of the South Duliyapar Primary School of the minority-dominated Dalagao area arrested Naseeruddin Ahmed for cooking beef in the school’s kitchen.

Ahmed was arrested on the basis of the FIR lodged by the District Primary Education Officer (DEOO). Ahmed is accused of spreading hatred among people of different religions. The DEO said that Ahmed has been suspended from immediate effect due to work against school rules and destruction of social fabrication. He informed that in the preliminary investigation, it has been revealed that beef was cooked at school, it is a direct violation of school rules.

For this reason, we had no choice but to suspend Ahmed. He said that due to this the communal environment was threatened due to the deterioration of the education department was informed to the police. In the official suspension, the DEEO said that after getting the community complaint, initial investigation found that Ahmed did the job of making obnoxious food ie beef in school and this meant that children were deprived of mid-day meals. The headmaster is also accused of using children to make beef.