The party who advocated for the assassination of the soldiers, the country’s opponents, and the honorable authorities of the Pakistan-destroying terrorists had never even given the death of Nathuram Godse to his family.

Of course, you may have seen or seen videos of terrorists on YouTube on some patriotic TV channels, YouTube or on Facebook etc. There will also be some frenzied people supporting Pakistan against India’s policeman and against the police and the army, against India.

But at the same time, on TV, only a large number of prominent leaders of the party would have seen not only defend those anti-India slogans but also saw some parties lobbying for honoring the body of the dead terrorists, Explains the fundamental principle of India’s secularism.

Although not in any country fighting terror, there is no such way in the way that the great powers of Russia and the US leave the fighter aircraft in the terrorized areas of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, without worrying that there are those evil terrorists and the enemies of humanity. Whether the funeral will be done properly or not?

But the politics of India is a little different .. but not for everyone .. There is no concession with Nathuram Godse. Today, the party sitting in the opposition, which was full of noise at the time of power.

Nathuram Godse was hanged on November 15, 1949 with another Narayan Apte. Nathuram Godse’s body was not given to the family by the government. While the same parties whose governments were still there, they lobbying not only openly the dead bodies of Kashmir’s destroyers, but also give them their respect to the people, but they believe in implementing it, whereas only the anti-India slogans and the army But stone pelting ┬áis done.

But perhaps for those parties, secular India means just this and that’s enough, the people have been careful and understanding. The interesting thing about this case is that there is no address for the three accused walked. These were Gangadhar Dandavate, Gangadhar Jadav and Surya Dev Sharma. They were absconding and till date no one knows what happened to them.

It can be remembered today that for the alleged student of Najib, the efforts made by the same party, who were once asking the CBI and the Delhi Police for constant insistence, find out where Najib is. But at that time, where these three important people of the trial went away, whether life survived or not, no one knows nor was anyone allowed to know.

Regardless, even the Indian court also punished the PAC personnel in the Hashimpura case more than 31 years old, but the government’s cry continued to cry for no proof of any other case, and some people continued to be deprived of justice. It was on January 30, 1948. Godse and Apte were sentenced to death in the murder case. Savarkar was .

After the appeal in the High Court, the sentence of two accused Paruchar and Kishtiah was waived while the rest of the sentence was upheld. Godse and Apte were scheduled to hang on November 15, 1949. After this the option of the Supreme Court would have survived. But there was no Supreme Court in the country. In those days, after appealing to the High Court, the case went to the Privy Council located in England. But Nathuram Godse did not want any Englishman to determine his life. He did not want his life to be decided from foreign soil.

Nathuram told Devdas Gandhi, I am Nathuram Vinayak Godse. Today you have lost your father. I am sorry for you because of you. I have great grief over the misery that has caused you and your family. Please believe me, I have not done this work due to personal rivalry, neither do I have any malice to you nor any bad price.

Nathuram had said in his last speech that ‘My first obligation is for Hindutva and Hindus, being a patriot and a world citizen. Freedom of 30 crore Hindus and protection of interests will be the defense of the whole of India, where every fifth person in the world lives. This thinking made me close to the ideology and program of the Hindu organization. In my view this ideology can give independence to India and keep it up.Nathu said that he was inspired by Gandhi but he played an important role in the partition of the country and supported the Muslims and in return, he did not know how many Hindu gift climbed.