Even in Delhi, same type of  attack like  France and Britain … Nuruddin went to truncate  many people and vehicles .

Do terrorist groups now want to massacre in Delhi like France and Britain? You may have heard many times that in the cities of France, terrorists have crushed people with trains and killed people. In 2014, 11 people, including Allah Hu Akbar were crushed to death in France, and there were three consecutive such incidents after one by one. Apart from this, many times in France, terrorists have killed people by crushing trains, while in Britain, terror groups have been killing people.

The bus driver Nuruddin in Vivek Bihar of the country’s capital, Delhi has raised many questions like how many vehicles and people were injured, in which two people died. The biggest question is whether or not it was a terrorist incident? Like the French and the UK, in the new style, the intransments now want to swing Hindustan? In the case of crushing several vehicles standing on the red light of Vivek Vihar, the police has arrested the accused bus driver from the Delhi-UP border.

He was identified as Ali No. 5, Hamdard Nagar, Aligarh resident Nooruddin (33). Senior police officials of Shahdara district told that the matter was being scrutinized after questioning the driver. The mechanical inspection of the bus will also be done. After this further action will be taken. Let the driver of the Chartered bus hit three buses, two auto and two bikes and a car on Ram Prastha’s red light at Vivek Vihar Road No-56, last day.

Satish Kumar and Rupinder Kumar, two employees working in DTC in the accident, died while four others were injured. 50-year-old Satish Kumar and 38-year-old Rupendra Kumar died while Poonam, Gautam, Narendra and Vinod were injured. Our question is because Nuruddin had stumbled a bus full of schoolchildren who were saved. Then crushing the auto and the BK rider, the UP roadways got busted and dropped off from the bus and fled to Aligarh, from which the Delhi Police grabbed him. Nuruddin was resident  in Ghaziabad’s Khoda.

But a big question arises on the Delhi Police that even after such a big incident, he was booked under Section 304 and Unrecognized and 279, while the police found him caught on surveillance. While on a tablet accidentally shot by a UP police constable, he was put under 302 for murder and immediate dismissal, while Nuruddin’s crime is more than that, and at some point it seems a terrorist attack somewhere because it Terrorist attacks have been carried out in foreign countries.